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Turn sound on 🔊 🎶 floetry & @raheem_devaughn
emotional release: there’s a reason why in a real session (not the gram) i only play music 🎶 with no words 😶, unless i’m doing an energy session, for words can evoke an emotional response. as we we are setting up to record 🎥 (yes it’s a little mini production and i have a team lol) my model bust out into a hysterical laughter. she was extremely fidgety, and would keep laughing out of no where, after several takes we finally nailed it. however what we didn’t realize at that moment was that she was beginning to have an emotional release that was taking on many different levels and characteristics. ✨
if you pay close attention 👀 you will see that she is literally trying to fight back tears. she’s swallowing deeply and at the end of this clip she takes a deep inhale and exhale. after the recording she had a complete emotional release.

even though my instagram videos are staged from the lighting to the music to the model; the one thing i can never “fake” is the flow of energy and the individual model response to the mini therapy session.

we have been taught to hide and lie about our true feelings, but the beautiful part about energy is that it is completely transparent. everyone may not be able to read it, but we dang on sure can feel it. so when i do my true therapeutic sessions i make sure that i am not evoking emotions by my words or lyrics, but rather holding space for the receiver to express themselves in the therapeutic manner they need.

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Dilbar ✨💃🏻🌈 (full video link in bio)

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Bare truth
#transformationtuesday: it’s hard to see your body loose definition and look less lean- i struggled a lot when i first started crossfit because i struggled to get the balance right - i needed more energy which meant upping my intake-i was burning more but i was eating more- i’m not there yet but with the help of @liamholmesnutrition and taking the time for my body to adjust to this kind of training (which can take time) i will see the progress in both prefomance and aesthetics 👊🏽
however my main focus is building a strong, functional and mobile body which can adapt and carry me through my crossfit journey- #getmetothegames hahahhaha @reebok will have to taylor a short to fit my but though 👀😏
happy tuesday! 💖💪🏽 be strong do you.

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#mindofstreetlove . . .
@batalla_cl communicate with his body🔥🔥🔥
visit our website www.streetlove.net‼️
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[freefall 1]
imersão bodytalk na chapada dos veadeiros.
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[freefall 1]
imersão bodytalk na chapada dos veadeiros.
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Nieuwe blog online · "bloody persoonlijk en je overgeven aan je lichaam. bloody persoonlijk? wat? je snapt de woordkeuze straks. want ik wil je wat vertellen. iets persoonlijks. iets wat totaal niks te maken heeft met branding of websites. maar wel met los laten en je overgeven aan het moment en je lichaam. en het gaat over een onderwerp waar wij, vind ik, wel wat meer openlijk over mogen praten."
👉 even wat anders op de blog vandaag #projectachterhetscherm. het gaat over menstrueren (jup) en hoeveel invloed het kan hebben op je leven/onderneming. ook al is het niet voor iedereen een onderwerp waar zij bekend mee zijn, er mag meer over gepraat worden. ik laat je vandaag dus niks tastbaars zien, maar wel het onzichtbare, het proces. wat net zo belangrijk is. en waarschijnlijk grappig herkenningspunten voor mijn mede bloedende vrouwen. en al hoewel onzichtbaar.. ik schrijf vrij visueel denk ik 😉
check de link in mijn bio
geïnspireerd en geschreven na het lezen van een instagram post van @yoni.care 🍑.
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The struts ft. kesha - body talk
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I’m taking time-out for my bodymind and soul. it’s been a big few months energetically. replenishing 🌟 resting 🌟 reviewing 🌟 recalibrating 🌟 returning to simplicity before the 11-11 stargate 🌟 illuminate. i aim to be back from the 29th ... just popping in to say hi and wish you love for the rest of your week. sharing a piccy from my relaxing soulcave. x vanessa 💗

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Rumi love and wisdom 🙏 truth seeking - truth telling x vanessa 💗

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Herbstausgabe 10/18 schweizer zeitschrift heilen heute #bodytalk #selbstheilungskraft #bodytalkschweiz

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Regram ❤️ @emmasmyth.nutrition⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ i’m so excited to speak @thejunglebody @stylerunner #bodytalk breaky on nov 17th! 👏🏼💥✨ eeep! #pinchme ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
if you’re sick of falling off the ‘healthy eating’ or diet bandwagon, fed up with feeling out of control around certain food (🍪 cookies? choc? chips?) and are over feeling guilty for overindulging... i created this talk for you! 💖 i’ll be chatting about why diets fail (spoiler: it’s not you) and delving into how to make peace with food and nurture a healthy balance... and mindset! 🧠⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
who’s coming?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ i’m also superrr psyched to hear @juliestevanja ceo of @stylerunner and @tarasimich, ceo of @thejunglebody talk biz and life 😍 grab your tickets thejunglebodyconvention.com 🎟

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Somos mas que un cuerpo físico, en este workshop sentirás tus cuerpos mas sutiles con los siguientes pasos:
1. movimientos básicos de yôga para despertar y conocer en detalle el cuerpo físico.
2. técnicas de respiración para limpiar y recargar el cuerpo energético.
3. sonidos/vibraciones que te llevaran a lo mas profundo de tu ser, para sentir tu cuerpo emocional, es ahí donde esta tu esencia.
4. meditación para vivir el presente y ser consciente de tus pensamientos, este es tu cuerpo mental.
5. tips espirituales para hacer uso de ellos en tu día a día, mantenerte consciente, alegre y con mas pensamientos positivos.
este workshop incluye:
1. material didáctico.
2. teoría y practica de yôga, pranayama, krya, y mantra (técnicas ancestrales).
3. encuentro on line (30 min ) con norge, por preguntas o para compartir alguna experiencia que seguro sentirás después del encuentro, esto es el resultado de ser consciente de tus cuerpos y el movimiento de energía.
ven y aprende a conectar con tu ser mediante estas técnicas sencillas que te mantendrán en buena vibra, con pensamientos claros y positivos.
10 am to 1 pm palabras de norge:
recuerdo un viaje que hice a la india, donde experimente un estado de unidad, y de reconocimiento de espíritu, mi alma me recordó su mission de vida. pero este mensaje no lo comprendería sino hubiese comenzado a estudiar la mágica filosofía del yôga hace 11 años, ella ha iluminado mi camino de amor por lo místico y espiritual. desde entonces mi trabajo como "lightworker" me ha dado la oportunidad de expandir esta luz a través de la meditación y otras practicas energeticas que elevan a las personas a estados de conciencia mas profundo, conectando con su poder y creando una vida alegre, en paz, prospera, en conciencia, con cambios de habitos, y esto se logra gracias a la practica de meditacion constante, y el intercambiando de energia, reconociendonos en almas y nuestra mision en esta vida; ser feliz.

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today's reading says...
physically it won't happen. mentally it's already happening. 💚

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