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Today is the day you can decide to start loving yourself. self love isn’t narcissistic, it’s necessary. once you learn to love yourself you invite happiness into your life and others. it’s a journey, you will fall down and you will need to choose to get back up. you are the key to your success. self love doesn’t mean you can’t change but embracing your qualities and flaws for what they are now.

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When you’re looking cute and you come across a full length window with good lighting you better take a selfie 🤳 💫 ⁣

l love this jacket by @calvinklein from @macys - the gold studs look like ‘spots of honey’ according to my 4 year old 😂 (she ain’t wrong). dress is from @target and safety pin heart earrings are @luckybrand from @nordstromrack .

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After i stopped dieting and gained weight, it was not uncommon for people who hadn’t seen me for a while to ask if i was pregnant. i remember responding to one person’s question with “no i’m not, i just stopped pretending i was thin.” ⁣⁣
that really struck me, because that’s really what was going on - i was pretending. i was keeping my body thin counter to the shape and size my body actually wanted to be - the shape it would be if i was truly nourishing myself, and living life authentic to me (instead of trying to meet someone else’s idea of beauty or worth).⁣⁣
so it was a very hard, but intentional choice to let go of the “ideal” body i was always working to maintain. i knew though deep down that by letting that protective identity go (because that’s what it was - protection), i’d be left to sit with all the discomfort i felt, that discomfort i’d been running from, but was a part of me. i needed to learn to hold and love that part of me that felt not good enough because of the false messaging i believed from a toxic culture.
if you feel ready to embark on that journey for yourself, or additional support if you’re already on it, have two resources that can help: ⁣⁣
📙 for information and resources on a weight-inclusive approach to health and wellness, download my free body acceptance jump start guide by clicking the link in my bio. ⁣⁣⁣
👩‍🦰 to build a kinder, healthier, diet-free relationship with your body, i offer an 8-week one-on-one coaching program. click the link in my bio then “body acceptance coaching” for more information.
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Oh hey! 👋🏼 my name is danielle and i am suuuuper awkward when it comes to taking pictures alone! 🤣 i don’t ever know what to do with my hands! 👀🤷🏼‍♀️ haha! •

anyways stop everything! ✋🏽 i am so stinkin’ excited that the danielle dress from @modestmollyboutique has launched and is up for grabs!! ah! i can’t wait to see pictures of all of you besties that have already grabbed it! it’s so cute! 😍

but honestly, what i’m most excited for about this dress is what it means and stands for. my favorite part about partnering with @modestmollyboutique for this collaboration is because of what they stand for... body love.🖤 •

you see, i don’t think i have ever shared this with you guys, but i have always struggled with loving my body. 🖤 it doesn’t matter how small or big or healthy or sick you might be... loving your body can be really hard. •

as a high schooler, struggling with my body changing and even being hospitalized due to intense pcos and cysts 🏥... as a newlywed, excited to be pregnant and then miscarrying the baby at 10 weeks 💔... as a 20-something year old struggling to get pregnant and going through failed fertility treatment after failed treatment 💉... as a pregnant woman, struggling to keep my baby inside of me and then not being able to deliver naturally 👶🏼... and even 2 days ago as a 32 year old, sitting across from the doctor, i heard the words uttered out of my mouth without even thinking, “well i just hate my body because it really doesn’t ever do anything we want it to do!” 😕 ... are all examples of my personal struggle with loving my body. •

bestie. girlfriend. if you have ever had one of these thoughts come into your mind or if you are currently struggling with this... i’m so sorry. it’s easy to see the ways we are broken. but today, i hope you will join me in changing that. 🖤 we are going to throw away our long lists of things our bodies can’t do - and focus on the many things they can do. •

i hope every time you wear this dress or any piece of clothing, you will remember that you are so much more than what you can’t do... you are doing so sooo much good with that body of yours! 🖤#makinbabynumber3 #bestiemusts

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Scooter-time 🛵 ⠀
auf bali ist rollerfahren wirklich die beste und schnellste alternative um von a nach b zu kommen.⠀
aber neben dem praktischen aspekt, könnte ich auf bali die ganze zeit durch die gegend düsen, die abgelegenen orte erkunden und an jedem café zum essen anhalten🙈⠀
einen schönen donnerstagabend ihr lieben💛😘⠀

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There’s nothing more powerful than a woman determined to..
ask for what she wants + make it happen 👑✨
what's your fav #girlpower quote? drop it below, because i’m about to whip up another batch of motivational phone wallpapers for you guys 👩🏼‍🍳🔥
#girlboss #girlpower #bossgirl #empoweringwomen #confidence #selflove #bodylove

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Just stopping to smell the flowers in my @cottonon floral getup 🌸🌸
shoes and headband: @rubi_anz
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Leaving bali behind me...🌴🌴🌴⠀
physisch: ja - mental: nein.⠀
geht es euch auch so, dass die erlebnisse der reisen immer noch eine weile präsent sind?aber genau das gibt mir die power für den alltag💥 ⠀
und hey, die hälfte der woche ist auch schon geschafft 🙌⠀
habt alle einen wunderschönen abend 🧡⠀

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No matter how much i preach “you are not your weight”, i gotta be honest when i weighed myself today (for the first time in a few months) my stomach sunk and i felt intense panic as i saw a number higher than i anticipated... it’s so hard to not have a visceral reaction to weight gain when you’ve been taught that it’s a personal failing. i’m going to let myself panic like the world is sinking for 5 minutes, but then i’m going to ground myself and remember that a number doesn’t say s**t about who i am or where i’m going 💞

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How great is it that as women we can choose to be defined by more than perky sisters, a ‘perfect’ face, cinched waisted & toned butt. i love that my self worth has nothing to do with what you can see on the outside.

i’m a big believer in dressing for yourself, for comfort or even to boost your self confidence. sometimes i just feel like high waisted stretchy p*****s & a bra that does nothing to lift the sister but feels like comfort all over my body. other days i feel like wearing a pretty number like this one from @truworthsfashion .

i don’t know about you but i’m hella happy that the era of daily corset wearing is gone, i can’t imagine how uncomfortable those women must’ve been!

bra gifted by @truworthsfashion .
#midsizestyle #gifted

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Mischievous mercury is now direct 🙏. do you feel that air of lightness that is now permeating the atmosphere? ⁠⠀
to lift any heavy vibes that may be lingering, we'll be saging the eff out of our space and ourselves. paying close attention to our office, phone, computer, modes of transportation and the throat chakra 📱💻🚗🛴🚲👄🗣⠀
also, kinda feel like we need this wreath at our front door to let the universe know... only good vibes are welcome here ✌️ #sagethatshit⠀
image via @thebohemiancowgirl⠀

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✨my iceland guide is now live on the blog✨ i cut through the clutter and kept it as simple and informative for you guys as i could! i hope it’s helpful and as always, feel free to drop any comments or questions in the box on my website💛 link in bio!
i’ve been feeling a bit under the weather since our flight home from iceland. i’m doing everything in my power to provide my body with all the nutrient rich foods. so, i made an easy golden berry syrup to add to my breakfast meals this week! what are golden berries good for?⬇️✨
.• boosts immune system
.• promotes digestive health
.• fights inflammation
.• detoxifies the body
.• delivers antioxidants
.• keeps hunger at bay
golden berries are pretty tart so i boiled down 1/2 a cup of halved golden berries with a 1/4 cup water and a splash of pure maple syrup. once it was ready (about 3 minutes over medium heat) i transferred to my @vitamix and blended for about 1 minute! i then poured the mixture into my @elliesbest nut bag to extract the liquid and remove the seeds. once all liquid is extracted you can store in the fridge! i have been adding this syrup to my breakfast oats, pancakes, and waffles all week. happy thursday💛 | #peacheats #thepeachyprodigy

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The pre-holiday anxiety build up 😬🥶 ❄️temperatures are dropping, blankets are out and long nights in are what’s in trend right now. ⛄️but when december hits it feels like the busiest season of the year. meal after meal out, drinks, socials and celebrations. mulled wine, abundance of food and spending.
🎄 whilst for many this really is the most wonderful time of the year, i know for others it can be really overwhelming, draining and fear provoking especially in recovery from an eating disorder or chronic dieting 🙏.
🍩trying to navigate food flexibility and body acceptance with 5 occasions each week can be really tough, suddenly your catching up with people you haven’t seen in ages, who don’t know what your going through and it’s all go go go. only to get to january and to be made to feel guilty about “ over indulging/“ etc and deal with what can feel like the “bluest” month of the year. ❣️i know for me in my recovery christmas was actually really tough and one year i could only manage eating dinner with mum because the thought of being with others was just too much. it took me many a year of working on food and body freedom to be able to embrace the fun of it again, and not totally freak out for the late nights, abundance of food and drink etc. 🙌😃that’s why next wednesday i’m running my online “surviving christmas workshop” to help you feel calmer, less overwhelmed and with practical tools to manage the busy holiday season so that it doesn’t completely unravel all the work you have done to make peace with food and your body 🙏. half the tickets are now gone so click the link in my bio to get your spot 😘 the beauty of it is you can join us from any part of the world and the recording will be sent to you after so you can watch it whenever you need to throughout christmas! 🎄let’s make this a christmas where food can be enjoyed and we show ourselves the compassion we deserve.
#recovery #christmas #winter

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I always love these memes! here's my 2009-2019 glow up. 🌟🌟🌟 i was 27 and had just gotten out of an emotionally abusive relationship and my body was regaining the weight i'd lost through dieting and over-exercising before and during that difficult time. i was feeling better than i had in a long while and was about to meet the fantastic human who would become my partner. that's not to say i didn't have body shame, oppression issues, or ed challenges i dealt with on a daily basis! but i was on my way to a more loving and kind relationship with myself.
now i'm 37. it's a decade later and i've gained a lot. weight, yes. and perspective. and experience and wisdom and strength and courage and confidence and skill and knowledge and the comfort of knowing i am resilient. i am the fattest i've ever been and also the most comfortable with myself, inside and out. do i want to work on my health? yes, but that means improving my cardiovascular health, mental health, and chronic illness related issues. i'm so happy and grateful to not be invested in diet culture anymore. i'm not terrified of being a f*t person, of staying a f*t person. there is so much freedom in allowing my body to be whatever size it is without shame.

i don't know what the next decade holds for me and my body, but i hope i continue my trajectory. i would love to look back in ten years and feel like i've come even further towards self love and body liberation!
#radicalbodylove #mycourageousheart #selflove #selfcare #spoonie #edwarrior #fatliberation #fatandfree #bodylove #effyourbeautystandards #2009to2019

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Progress will look different for everyone.⁣

progress this. progress that. stay with me.⁣
i know this word is throw around frequently, but⁣
people are missing the intention behind progress.⁣

want to know why? ⁣
because we are all at unique/different stages of our lives.⁣

progress for someone can look like...⁣
-eating one single serving of vegetables.⁣
-going out to dinner + not fearing the menu/dessert.⁣
-going to the gym one time a week.⁣
-putting their weight scale away in the attic.⁣
-buying a couple new pairs of jeans that fit.⁣
-learning how to properly prepare chicken.⁣

progress for someone else can look like...⁣
-doing a powerlifting meet + hitting 9/9.⁣
-fine tuning their calorie intake for a specific outcome.⁣
-meal prepping for their family for an entire week.⁣
-eating 800g of vegetables + 200g of fruit daily.⁣
-stepping on the scale without an headspace change.⁣
-wearing a crop hoodies out in public.⁣
-understanding their worth sits in their souls.⁣

progress is not always linear.⁣
progress can be little things.⁣
most of the time they are little things for your journey.⁣
they don’t always have to be epic.⁣
those little things can be what create massive strides.⁣

⚡️ stay in your lane. release your urge to keep up.⁣
⚡️diminish comparing your progress markers to others.⁣
⚡️we’re all out here doing our d**n best. you’re not them.⁣

“comparison is the thief of joy.”⁣
head down. set your intentions. do your work. 🤟🏼

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Warning ⚠️ long caption but please read...
i love to love! how about you?!
really, i love hard
but i’ve only ever understood that i needed to love myself since i was about 18
and i’ve truthfully only been working on loving myself for about the last 3 month (i’m halfway through 22 btw)
how does that happen??
how do you not get taught the secret to peaceful happiness within and genuine confidence throughout only after 80% of your life has been lived?
and more importantly how have i not started working on something so important that i knew to do till now?
because it’s not easy
and from here on i promise not to be like the others who say “love yourself — life is better when you do” just to touch on a popular topic
because even though that’s true, no one ever talks about the reality when it comes to love
because to love means to still show up even with the flaws, the imperfections, the sucky parts of a personality or body or whatever
to love means you don’t care any less, judge any more or give up when it’s gets difficult. and that sh*t isn’t easy
and there’s no one in the world who knows you and all your c**p like you. so you convince yourself you’re not worth loving
well, that’s what i did at least. but i’m trying to stop and reverse it
i’m not going to tell you or myself to love ourselves, instead i’m going to work and do what it takes to reach that self-love and push you to do the same

it may take months but it will most likely take years
and each day might feel like a total restart like you’re not getting anywhere ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
but i promise from the bottom of my heart you truly are when you show up and at minimum try your best 💛 #carolinelfranco

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Want to know more about your lady parts? tune into ep21 with @vaginacoach! 🐱 ps, how many names can we come up with for our v's 😂 let's get these comments going! 👂🏼 listen using link in bio
👀 follow along using #thepapayapodcast 🧡 share your story using #papayacommunity 📷 image via @vaginaguerilla

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How we speak to ourselves matters. because those words and thoughts can influence next steps, confidence levels, our mental health, and the ability to do anything. when i bought this massive mirror i told myself it wasn’t just for decoration; it would be an object that allows me to look at myself every day and be proud of the human in front of it. no harping on the awkwardness, a size, or a look. i would focus on the love / positivity instead of the flaws / negativity. from body image to mindset, it was a fresh start. ———————————————————————-
last weekend i had the opportunity to go back to my alma mater and speak on a career panel. when i got the invite, i thought to myself “why me? i’m not cool or that good.” the self-doubt crept in, imposter syndrome decided to b**w up, and i thought of every reason to not attend. with a little help from my fam and friend squad, plus understanding how this was an opportunity to give back (and truly was up my alley and interests), i was able to get my act together and make a solid decision. i also used this mirror, once again— i took a deep breath and gave myself a pep talk that i would give a friend (bc often it’s easier to be kind to others and not yourself) with lots of affirmations that attacked the self doubt. i got in the car, drove back to school, made an impact, and had a great time. to think that my negative self talk could have canceled the opportunity would have been a shame. ———————————————————————-
how you view yourself doesn’t just matter; it matters the most. others can come and go, but you’re stuck with you. what do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? what’s an affirmation or pep talk you’d say to yourself right now? keeping this vague on purpose, so you can let your imagination fly. hoping we can get a conversation going, so (please) give it a go 💚

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Mental illness looks different for every single person living with it. don't assume you have the answers, it's not always about that but instead be there to listen, hug them and not minimize their feelings. that goes for your relationship with yourself too... although hugging yourself can be kind of hard so maybe go for a mirror high five! 👂🏼 listen using link in bio
👀 follow along using #thepapayapodcast 🧡 share your story using #papayacommunity 📷 image via @crazyheadcomics

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I haven’t always had a six pack... & i haven’t always had the best relationship with food and fitness... #transformationthursday
2011, 2016, 2019 have all held different seasons of life for me when it comes to health and wellness.
2011- overall very healthy, happy, collegiate athlete, and for sure enjoyed an entire box of pasta at a time
2016- post collegiate playing days, unhappy, obsessed with working out for hours, counted every calorie i ate, and wouldn’t even look at a small helping of pasta
2019- entering into my later 20s, body/metabolism has begun to shift, incredibly happy, great relationship with working out, food freedom, and look at pasta as a carb that will help fuel my body

once i started educating myself on the nutrient benefits of food groups and how they would improve my overall health and fitness, my life changed forever. i truly believe that most foods have a place in our diet and finding balance is crucial. we have to take accountability for ourselves and do the appropriate research or reach out to well educated professionals.
are you ready to take ownership over your life?

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What would your life look like if you stopped giving a sh&+?
if you stopped worrying about what others thought about your body? or what you had to say? or what your business is?
how many decisions are you making based off what other people will think?
i say, try living like the only opinion that matters is yours.
when i stopped giving a 🙊 (let me rephrase, i did care about what other people thought, but i didn’t let it dictate my choices, i cared about me more) i ran my business how i wanted to, i spent a lot more time n***d and celebrating my body, i said what i wanted, i said no a lot.
in order to choose you, you have to know what you want. if you’re not cystral clear, whole woman is my way to support you. it is an online course and community of women who are committed to know what they want and intentionally living their lives. link in profile.
below i’d love to hear one thing you were going to do today because you don’t give a sh&+. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ photo by @jennymoloney #balance #beyourself #body #bodylove #bodypositivity #bodypositive #confidence #desire #determination #happiness #health #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthymind #healthandwellness #hope #instahealth #loveyourself #positivevibes #selfcare #selflove #spreadpositivity #transformation #wellness

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Padma’s words below are so incredibly important. our language and actions matter. and what we say is equally as important as what we don’t ✨⁣

“recently, i realized my daughter has been listening to me talk about my weight.⁣

when we have taco night, i have taco salad with just a few crumpled chips. no tortillas, sour cream or cheese. when we order pizza, i get it for her, but i have leftovers of brown rice and lentils. when we make pasta, i have only ragu with greens.⁣

while i’ve been working to lose weight, she has been going through a growth spurt. she still asks me to carry her, but now she’s 4 feet tall and weighs nearly 60 pounds. so, i’ve inadvertently been telling her, ‘you’re too heavy now to lift.’ she’s noticed, and suddenly she’s told me and others in our circle, ‘i don’t want to eat because i’m watching my figure,’ or, ‘i weigh too much.’⁣

i wasn’t thinking anything of the sort when i was 7 or 10 or even 13. her comments stopped me dead in my tracks. her words scared me. language matters. we send signals to our daughters every day. and i am her first touchstone of femininity.”⁣

-padma lakshmi, top chef host and mother to krishna age 9.⁣

repost from @mothermag

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The first hot day in so long!!!! ☀️ embrace this day and use it as practice to wear your bikini or bathing suit with confidence for the first time in your life - with total and utter fierceness. 😼

no more worries. no more mean words to yourself. no more wasting time. just living! ✨☀️
wearing: @freyalingerie and @royaltysociety
#liveyourbestlife #bodydiversity #bodylove #curvyamelia #curvygirl #plussize #plussizeswimwear #melbourne #summer #bikini #positivevibes #pink #beach #melbournebeach #summervibes #behappy

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It’s one of the main reasons so many of us stay on the dieting train for so long - we just don’t want to feel the big feels that will come up when we gain weight.⁣

and that’s ok. we may not feel ready to face that pain, or just don’t want to, or don’t feel we have the support. there is no shame in that - only we can know when we are ready to explore it. ⁣

feeling feelings is not an easy part of body acceptance, but it’s a necessary part. one that takes longer than we would like. but ultimately, it leads to our personal freedom. ⁣

if you having started the walk away from diet culture and towards body acceptance and would like support, i have two resources that can help 👇⁣

📙 for information and resources on a weight-inclusive approach to health and wellness, download my free body acceptance jump start guide by clicking the link in my bio. ⁣

👩‍🦰 to build a kinder, healthier, diet-free relationship with your body, i offer an 8-week one-on-one coaching program. click the link in my bio then “body acceptance coaching” for more information. ⁣

#weightlosswalkout #bodyacceptance #haes #healthateverysize #bodylove #intutiveeating #bodytrust #disorderedeating #honoryourbody #donewithdiets #ditchthescale #bodyacceptancecoach #fatacceptance #weightstigmahurtsusall #bodiposi #bodypositive #bodypeace #banthebmi #weightbias #healthisnotanumber #weightstigma #bodytrust #bodyrespect #positivebodyimage

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For the most part, i live life with a lot of play, lightness, big picture, and i get *really* stuck in my story every now and then. the story that i have to do everything right/perfectly, that i’m responsible for other people’s energy, that i can’t get anything right — you know, otherwise known as full victim mode. we all do it. all these stories are a cumulation of beliefs that i have held onto about myself based on the way i have interpreted past experiences. .
i’m guilty to sometimes letting my story get way louder than whats actually happening and going into “i don’t know what to do i’m so frustrated” mode. .
i was listening to a podcast this morning by one of my favorite baptiste teachers in the world, and he said “my mess is actually affecting other people”. that hit me. in my case, the “mess” i create by letting my story be *much* louder than what is happening in reality is affecting those around me, not just my own internal states. .
and all of this mess comes down to “not doing what i know to do”. what i know to do is: not making myself wrong, rolling out my mat, not being resistant to feedback, actually using the tools that i have, not letting things accumulate. my whole point here: look to those places or moments where you have "no idea what to do” and/or there is frustration/resistance present and simply, do what you know to do. we all get in those modes where our story overpowers us. so make it simple. pause, because you typically do know.

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A few months ago, i said on a podcast that i didn’t think wellness meant having six pack abs. “i’m a wellness professional, and you’ll never see me running around in a sports bra and leggings,” i said, laughing. ⁣⁣
my point was to illustrate that there’s a wide variety of bodies that are healthy—but i got it wrong. ⁣⁣
i was saying that if i didn’t have six pack abs, i should be covering up my body—showing shame, in some way, rather than celebrating it. ⁣⁣
toward the end of the summer, i went for a run in my sports bra. i felt super self-conscious at first: was my belly jiggling? was it blindingly white? were people staring? but then, there was the feeling of the breeze on my sweaty stomach. there was sunshine on my skin. there was a feeling of freedom i hadn’t experienced before, both in being able to move my body free from the restrictions of a sticky t-shirt and of knowing that instead of running away from myself, i was running toward accepting me, all of me, every time my heel struck the pavement.⁣⁣
i don’t aspire to have six pack abs. i work out for my mental health, for my energy, and my longevity. i work out because even if i don’t love my body all the time, i love it enough to give it this. and i love it enough to wear the d**n sports bra.

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Be gentle to yourself.
here it is!! my first #dtiyschallenge 🧡 the rules are easy: take this as an inspiration and draw whatever you like, change the pose, the colors, have fun and spread the message! if you take part use the hashtag #sarkasik2k and tag me so i can see your entries 🙌🏻 i'm gonna post them in my stories and my favourites on my feed, gaaah i'm so excited to see what you come up with 🤯 deadline will be in 3 weeks 🧡 enjoy!
#womenofillustration #bodylove #bodypositivity #selflove #illo #dtiys #positiveillustration #drawingchallenge #illustration #illustrator #illustrationartists #sassyclassy #illustratorsofinstagram #illustragram #illustrate #illustree #characterillustration #ballpitmag #graphicart #minimalillustration #illustrationoftheday  #illustrationhowl #socfeature #flowmagazine #procreateillustration #procreateart #frankiemagazine #selfloveisthebestlove

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Heute bin ich einfach nur müde und hab nichts zu erzählen!
erzähl du mir etwas von dir :) .

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Last night i was a hypocrite. 😏 i’ve been pretty sick all week, so i haven’t worked out since monday. i said something about going out for ice cream, then quickly retracted it and said “just kidding, i haven’t worked out all week”. ethan immediately called me out for this statement — reminding me that i don’t have to earn my food and to practice what i preach. he was right, and i knew the second i said it that i shouldn’t have. i was partly joking, but still, saying things like that is unhelpful. i don’t want to contribute to these kinds of conversations, even if they are just at home with family. i’ve come a long way in that i don’t force myself to workout even when i’m sick, but it doesn’t mean i never have these thoughts creep up. just a friendly reminder to myself and all of you that you deserve to eat, no matter what. your body needs calories to survive, no matter what. you don’t ever have to “earn” food, and you deserve to treat yourself when it sounds good to you, regardless of whether or not you worked out that day. *important to remember this as the holidays come up* i’m still learning to reject the diet mentality; we all are. the way we speak to ourselves & the thoughts we have about our bodies matter so much more than you might think. change that inner dialogue. give yourself grace. allow yourself to rest when you need it. i hope this is helpful as we head into the weekend, and i really hope you’re all avoiding the nasty colds that are going around right now. 🤧 do you struggle with these thoughts too? if so, how do you combat them? 👇🏼 ps: tgif ♥️ #dietculturesucks #wellnessforthewin

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How many of you suffer with body issues? i recently read that 80% of 10 year old girls have gone on a diet. that’s crazy to me, like nuts.

we live in an interesting time - on one side of the token we are celebrating woman in all shapes and sizes. on the other side of the token we are a social media obsessed culture, living in filters (which who doesn’t like a good filter 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️) and people who are altering their bodies using apps - all to achieve or portray this idea of “perfection”

i recently did a vlog video where i shared my body image issues and how body dysmorphia has affected my life and what i did (and still actively do) to overcome it. and look i get it, i had a girlfriend say to me, no one wants to hear you, a “skinny” person talk about your issues, but the truth is body dysmorphia doesn’t discriminate in shapes and sizes - from the research i’ve done it affects more of us than not.

a couple things that helped me:
1. i got rid of scales - i didn’t get on a scale for over 10 years. i went by how i felt not by what the scale told me
2. social media cleanse- social media is great but again so often it’s peoples highlight reel and sometimes we need a detox. also stop following people that make you feel bad about yourself, not worth it.
3. therapy- understanding your underlying issues with food. food can be an addiction, it can be used for control, “my life is so out of control and this is the one thing i can control”. it can also be used to ‘numb out’. get to the root of what food does for you.
4. replace the negative thoughts- i have a girlfriend who is practicing what gabby bernstein says, have a negative thought, forgive yourself for the thought and replace it with a new one. my friend uses “i am willing to start loving my body”. to say i love my body didn’t feel as authentic as saying “i’m willing to start...”. it’s take time and conscious effort to replace years of negative talk.

i wrote on my arm “love your body”, something i am trying to actively do each and every day ❤️. .
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