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I think we all want the dream job, the job we just know that everyday we will wake up happy and ready to throw down a cup of coffee and get to work!! i'll say this, i have had jobs i hated and i now have a job i love, but somedays...even what i love gets me feeling overwhelmed, tired, and repetitive at times. • heres the saving grace, even on the worst days my love for the work @lutherfreeman and i do, and the contributions that our team and community are constantly putting out into the world; contributions like better mental and emotional standing, positivity, energy and over all health, for men and woman from all walks of life, makes it something i can't imagine doing without. • so if i could implore you to "be fearless, life is short do what makes you happy!!" along with other moving quotes that encourage you to work less and enjoy life more...i'd say living a dream you create for yourself rather than one created for you to be apart of is a ton of work. more than i could have imagined and i wouldn't be able to do it without support from amazing people like our transformation team leaders! • just be a part of something great, that you're proud of and you believe in wholeheartedly. life is short- whether you start the first leg of the marathon or you grab the torch and run then next few miles- anything successful requires help from many moving parts. you are necessary in whatever field you are pulling your weight and making a difference. entrepreneur or not, if you believe in it and are adding value being treated right, you are a piece of change! #30daytransformationteam fitcurvy 💪🍑 💥itsthescience💥 . 👗trainforthedress👗 👠trainfortheheels👠 👙trainforthebikini👙 to get your fitcurvy transformation plan: www.30daytransformationteam.com (click get started)

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Get out! get active! rain, sun, blazing heat or freezing cold-psych yourself out and go do something!

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Whats going on here?😅

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Cooking up gains 💪🏻🍴. #womenwhocook #ivegotthis #grillmaster #foodie #gains

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#morning #sexy#happyweekend #muah #kiss #bestofday#bodygoals 😉

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Y'all seen those #instagramvsreallife pictures 🙄here's another one my ig isn't really different from reality ( ya okayyy , i'm using an app to remove dark circles sometimes and the #snapseed filters , cos there are days i look stressed af 😂😂) but ... if you are posting pics , which are completely different from the way your body looks in real life, and btch you pretending to be a #fitnessgirl, fitness model , competitor , fitness coach, or whatever you call yourself .... gaaaaal!!!!! be real , please . yes, it's okay to take a better posture, to flex muscles if you have any , and we all know you're not walking flexed on the streets like an idiot , so you may look a bit different in real life, but not completely 🙄🙄🙄

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Yum 👅 🍏😜@carinnhawhite

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Throw back january 28th 2017 i just realize that it is the biggest of me 😂 iam with my older brother and i know i am really big saat itu cm bisa istigfar dalam hati #throwback #dumbbell #latepost #bodybuilding #bodybuild #bodygoals #cardio #yoga #aerobic #sport #transformation #health #healthy #healtylife #healthyfood #workout #f*t #fit #diet #routine #fatloss #weightloss #breath #beginner #excercise #strech #fitness #weightlossjourney #fatlossjourney

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#buongiorno 🌞😃☀️!! fuori c'è il sole !! non mi serve altro ❤️🌞!! super colazione con la nostra frutta 🍉 🍍!!!! ovviamente la composizione non può mancare 😂❤️🍴!! oggi super circuito completo di workout !! come preannunciato ieri : oggi si scoppiaaaaaa !! oggi suderemo come mai prima d'ora !! obbiettivo ?? espellere più tossine possibili !! 🏋🏃🏼🍍🍉🍒💣🍴☀️️🌞❤️🏋🏃🏼➡️ #breakfast #colazione #food #foodporn #foodblogger #healthy #healthylife #healthyfood #healthymind #gym #gymlife #gymnast #fit #fitness #fitlife #palestra #workout #nopainnogain #muscles #musclefood #diet #vegan #vegetarian #fruit #bodygoals #bodybuilding #diarioalimentare 🍉🍍🌞❤️🏋🏃🏼🏋 #goodmorning !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello la #fitfam peut présente en post mais aucun relâchement la #milaarmy de snap savent... __________ 😄oooh encore elle 🤣😍 mon pti ptibull @bamby972. a gauche après la 1ere semaine du e-book maison et à droite 1 er mois validé plein 🍑🍑😎 les mensurations n ont pas été prises lol mais est ce nécessaire vraiment? 😋👏🏾👏🏾 __________ 🤣🤣bon je me souviens quand j'ai sorti le e-book et qu' on m'a balancé "tu dis résultats visibles au bout de 2 semaines c'est impossible tt ça pour qu' on achète "🤔😂😂j en ris encore tellement. voir les photos précédentes✋ je vous ai dis vendre du rêve ou encore des gélules pour fesses?? non non dans mon e-book se trouve mes trainings spéciale fessiers donc si je dis résultats sous 2 semaines c'est bien parce que je l'ai fais non??? __________ enfin bref y aura tjs une moutonne pour critiquer le travail d'autrui du haut de son canapé et avec les fesses plates en plus. c'est désolant ✋ __________ suite a des demandes; le e-book est desormais disponible en anglais😊je suis fière de mon travail😋 oui et suis fière d'avoir une guerrière comme @bamby972😍 qui prouve tout. encore merci à toi ma guerrière on est ensemble. 👏🏾👏🏾conseils alimentaire + training fessier 3 fois par semaine la régularité paye🍑🍑

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