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🌸🌸spring has sprung! 🌸🌸@s.jiezi

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Happy tuesday 💗
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guten abend, meine süßen 😍 ich hoffe ihr hattet einen produktiven & erfolgreichen tag 😘 heute geht es für mich mal nicht zum sport, denn auch die regeneration und die pausen dazwischen sind wichtig 💪🏻 deswegen werden wir es uns nur noch auf der couch gemütlich machen und vorher noch etwas leckeres kochen 😍
habt einen schönen abend 💗
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A short break from thailand as i haven’t got round to editing more photos yet. i’m always apprehensive leaving london behind when it’s as pretty as this but a few days before leaving i took a billion photos anyway so my mind is at rest 🤣
these white houses remind me of the house in parent trap, which by the way is one of my favourite films ever, not just because i formed an obsession with dennis quaid ever since (what a hunk). when i first watched it i genuinely thought halle and annie were played by two different people, i was about 8 at the time though.
i always laugh watching how american films portray england, they usually end up just showing london, making people talk like the queen and everyone rides round in a rolls royce. either that or it’s set in the victorian times and everyone wears a flat cap and speaks cockney. oh yes, and the evil guy is always british isn’t he?
i like to think whoever owns this house is a super successful interior designer, with loads of amazing pieces of art, fancy furniture and crazy shaped lamps, the kids go to a school where they wear berets and stripy blazers, they go on holiday on catamarans sailing round the greek islands, and they make their own fresh pasta each evening. their names are hugo, claudia and the children are tilly, seb and hettie.
if that’s not the case, please don’t burst my bubble 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

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Are you going to prague??🖐🏾 if so, visit our website (link in bio) with great tips for your trip!! don´t forget to follow @beautyofprague if you like prague ❤👍 from @cityofprague

who wins the beauty contest? #magnolias or #cherryblossoms. we'd give the gold to both of these #springtrees currently blooming in #prague. want to experience the beauty of the season without the crowds? make your way to this peaceful park in prague's #nusle district [pronounced noose-lay]. what to do once you're in nusle? 1) snap #instaworthy pics below the blossoms 🌸 2) drink 🍺 & eat roasted duck at u bansethů 3) drink ☕ & enjoy 🇮🇹 hospitality at náš bar 4) walk to vyšehrad for river & castle views how to get there — 🚋 18 (nuselská radnice) or 6, 7, 11, 14 (náměstí bratří synků), walk to náměstí generála kutlvašra (pictured here). #praguespring #springtime #blossoms #praha #praga #travel #wanderlust #bloomingtrees #flowers #citypark #greencity #nasbar

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Spring in budapest🌷

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Every day is a new beginning. take a deep breath and start again.
heute soll es wettertechnisch ein traumtag werden 🤷🏼‍♀️😎 ich freu mich mehr darauf, dass mein sohnemann nach einer woche klassenfahrt nach hause kommt 😬👏
habt einen schönen freitag mit tollen momenten
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Wake up child
it's your time to shine
you were born for such a time as this 🎶🌸

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