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Our team of busy elves preparing for the festive season! swipe right for more snaps!

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Seriously, @craftcultureshows, you put on an amazing market. what a great event to end my markets this year.

thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that came out and supported my small business this weekend. whether that was with sales, telling your friends about the show or just being as excited about my product as i am. after a lot of long hours, blood sweat and tears it really has been another year of creating things with a lot of love.

a huge thank you to my friend melissa for helping me out the majority of the day on saturday (literally could not have done it without her help), my husband for helping with set up and take down of my giant booth and to my mom for coming out sunday just to make sure i got a washroom break and lunch.

i’m ending this market season with an extremely grateful heart, i couldn’t do that without all of you!

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Being that we are from the coffee hub of the world, it’s very unlikely we’d find someone who doesn’t partake. and when we do, we don’t believe it. #kentmops #thisismotherhood #butfirstcoffee

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Sometimes i feel as though i've been buried, but perhaps i've been planted. growth happens in seasons. seasons of rest and seasons to bloom. it all takes time. thank you jesus for your love and grace 💛🤗🌷🌱
#seasons #rest #joy #love #peace #overwhelming #bloomandgrow #growth #time #grace #planted #letsgrow #itsnearlychristmaswoop #letthedevilknownottoday

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To my first friend, tomorrow you turn the big 3-0. i have so much i am thankful for. for your influence of music and films, for all those times when you would pick me up from school, for being such a joker that i can’t help but smile when i’m around you. for being there when i needed you the most. you’ve always been there for me and even though you have now moved to your own place, i know the light that shines from you is never far away #whpnaturallight
#hesmybrother #momentsofmine #happybirthday #familylife #bloomandgrow #growingupwithsiblings #brotherandsister #thingsiamgratefulfor

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Trying to play with some new makeup, but my sweet luna kitty just isn’t having it. she has been extra affectionate and loving this weekend 🌙

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For the roses 🥀

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Wall hangings.
the trend that came to stay 👌🏻
#lunahomedecor #wallhanging

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The chinook isn’t here yet, but i’m ready for it. 👟
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Some peonies from earlier this year for @instagram #whpnaturallight .
#naturallight #lightandshadow #peonies #goodnight

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Currently snuggled up on the sofa with a cuppa watching a show about pizza 🍕 ... sounds good although i’ve had two this week so perhaps i should stop thinking about it but i love listening to new yorkers talk 😂

i have had the loveliest weekend spending time eating and drinking - everything december should be about! 🎄 saying that i’m back to the gym and healthy eating tomorrow after a week of being unwell and indulging 😂
how’s your weekend been?

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Bye beautiful melbourne 🌿 favourite parts of the weekend - tapas at bomba (thanks for the recommendation jacqui @j_turlo 💛), gelato at compa (orange infused ricotta 😋), espresso at journal cafe, walking through the old european trees in the park, admiring the terrace houses and gardens in fitzroy, wandering the laneways in the cbd, sleeping in!

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Hope you’ve had a good weekend 💙
#happysunday #caughtflowerhanded #tv_flowers

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⭐ i love reading. i believe there is no gift that is more beautiful than a book.
when i was a little girl, my mother always took me to the library. every saturday, with rain or with the sun. we were always there to read.

and i also believe that a bookcase should never be missing in a house. this is a little piece of mine.

now there is also space for my #ceropegiawoodii because it starts getting too cold outside.

must remember, however, when you withdraw it in more protected places, to expose it in full light and to wet it only when the ground is almost dry.

⭐amo leggere. credo che non esista regalo più bello di un libro.
quando ero piccola la mia mamma mi portava sempre in libreria. tutti i sabati, con la pioggia o con il sole. eravamo sempre lì a leggere.

e credo anche che la libreria non debba mai mancare in una casa. questo è un pezzettino della mia.

adesso c'è anche spazio per la mia #ceropegiawoodiivariegata perché fuori inizia a fare troppo freddo per lei.

dobbiamo ricordarci però, quando la ritiriamo in luoghi più protetti, di esporla in piena luce e di bagnarla solo quando il terreno è quasi secco.

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🌿 weekend 🌿
i’m sticking with some simple flowers for tonight’s post to mark the end of the weekend.
and what a weekend it was. friday night mums night out was epic! 🥂🍸🍹🍷🍻 as was the hangover that came with it 🤢
the christmas lights are up on the house and today was nice and relaxed with a big roast for lunch cooked by the husband #hesakeeper.
tonight i’m looking forward to relaxing before starting the last full school week before christmas. where has this year gone?

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