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✌🏻deep v’s through the back, and slants through the sides • painted with @trussprofessional air libre followed by my favorite treatment ever, the net mask 🤤 it makes even the dullest hair come to life. .
#btconeshot19_warmbalayage .
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Tried bringing out my makeshift background again..... ain’t nobody got time for that 🙃 almost didn’t post this because it doesn’t mesh well with my feed, but i’m learning to get over it 😂 so if i don’t post a pic of your hair, it’s not that i don’t like it, i’m just a psycho/didn’t get the right shot 💔
a big tip to my fellow stylists asking for social media advice: don’t just post to post 🙅🏼‍♀️ i’ll go weeks before i post a picture that isn’t pleasing to the eye overall (in my opinion). i’ll also take 7 hours on a color and it’ll be my favorite application of all time, but if i don’t get a good shot of it, or if it’s dark out & i can’t capture w/ natural lighting, i won’t post it. i’m theeeeeee biggest perfectionist about my work 😭 this minnesota winter has had my insta down the drain, but we’re on the come up babes!! spring is here 🌞🌸🌻🌈

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Seamlessly sunkissed 💋

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Believe in yourself a little more💫

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Cant go wrong with ice ❄️ @schwarzkopfusa @olaplex

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