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One camper retrieved safely from her first ⛺️ trip away from mom! she liked it and said she'd ❤️ to go again. her favorite was riding the 🚣‍♀️; least favorite was that everyone in her yurt had trouble 😴 the first night. she came home sunburn-and-injury free, has only 7 mosquito bites, and had fun with her friends (new and old) so we'll call it camping success. #firstcampingtrip #girlscoutcamp #blazeyourowntrail

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Blaze your own path in life, don’t try to follow someone else’s. a hard lesson i have learned from looking up to others as i was growing up, and getting frustrated when i didn’t reach their level.
comparison can be a killer, so avoid it, and don’t worry about someone else’s “timeline”. only worry about yourself, and simply make daily, continued progress, and it will all work out. 🙌 #blazeyourowntrail #findyourpath #chaseyourdreams #workharder #brockbittle

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#pathlesstraveled #blazeyourowntrail #rarelife #autoinflammatory #periodicfever #morerarethanbigfoot
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@vanessamarie_og ・・・
very happy with life right now. things are falling into place slowly but surely and i’m planning out my s**t 🙌🏻 blaze your own trail & tag us in you pics and we will repost #piecemakergear.com #piecemaker #blazeyourowntrail #byot #siliconewaterpipe #thc #orshow #outdoorretailer #g***a #420 #budtender #hightimes #maryjane #marijuana #everydaycarry #stoner #siliconedabrig #edc #siliconebong #dabbing #travelgear # #smokeweedeveryday #b**g #710 #cannabis #stonernation #havebongwilltravel. @piecemakergearaustralia @piecemakerla

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Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? -bob 🌲🍃🌾

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I wanna go horseback riding soon. 🐎

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So you guys, today i saw a short school bus 🚌 that’s been turned into a home on the road, and it just gave me so much inspiration ✨ for my van. it was the cutest little thing. 😊💛 inside there was a hammock hanging... it also had a chalk board for the hood and a chalkboard s***p on the side as well as a cup of chalk hanging by the door! 🚪 it was awesome. @scrobertson i thought of you!! the short ones look way easier to maintain. 😜⛽️🧡 #homeiswhereyouparkit #hippiesusesidedoor #happycamper

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I've wept for those who suffer long
but how i weep for those who've gone
into rooms of grief and questioned wrong
but keep on killing
it's in the soul to feel such things
but weak to watch without speaking
oh what mercy sadness brings
if god be willing

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You heard my voice
i came out of the woods by choice
shelter also gave their shade
but in the dark i have no name
so leave that click in my head
and i will remember the words that you said
left a clouded mind and a heavy heart
but i am sure we could see a new start
so when your hope’s on fire
but you know your desire
don't hold a glass over the flame
don't let your heart grow cold
i will call you by name
i will share your road 🖤

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Tommy lee once said, “when you’re playing upside down, it takes twice as much strength”. i challenge you, stoke your fire twice as much and see how bright you can burn.
#fireyear #upsidedown #yogateacher #yoga #inversions #playoutside #warriorwoman #utahisrad #challangeyourself #blazeyourowntrail #tattoosforwomen

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Your love is like radiant diamonds.

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“we all need places to play in and pray in..” 🌻🙏🏽🌾

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Sit down and stay awhile. 🐻

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Even if it gets heavy, we’ll all float on alright.

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