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Last time in barcelona πŸ’ž

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Olha lá o {🦁} que a gente ama! .
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Those who want a rose must respect the thornπŸ₯€

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Looking forward to a place where all the lovers roam free. a place for you, me, and the rest of eternity πŸƒ

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9 years.
it’s been 9 years since i was last in nigeria. i used to come every summer while in high school and then after i went off to college, i sort of pushed the idea of returning to the bottom of my to do list. .
& now that i’m back it feels like no real time has actually passed. the constant temperature has been 92 f/ 33 c, nepa has been stingy with the light, bucket showers are still a thing, moms cooking has gotten nothing but tastier, they don’t sell gala the way that they used to(😭)and traffic is still terrible. lagos, my chaotic yet familiar city. ❀️

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