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this is what it's all about. giving birth on your own terms. not simply accepting the status quo because, well, that's what everyone does, right? not just doing what you're told to do, because you've been told to. not surrendering to someone else's idea of what's good for you. instead; empowering yourself with knowledge. immersing yourself with what's conducive to the flow of your labour. boosting your confidence in what's normal and comfortable for you. ⠀

let's do this thing, mama⠀

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📅 dates for your diary⠀

positive birth movement sevenoaks⠀
monday 29th october, 1030am⠀
got a birth story you'd like to share? pregnant, and want to get in on some real-life, practical, non-judgemental birth info & ideas? come along to this months free meeting. this months topic is 'rights in birth' which is pretty fertile ground, right? ⠀

pm me for venue details - babies & older children welcome⠀

free workshop⠀
tuesday 13th november, 730pm⠀
if you can't make that, you might want to come along to the next good birth practice free workshop. the topic for this workshop is 'you & your due date' - we'll talk about why it's the focus of so many conversations about your pregnancy, why it matters, and the choices you might want to consider around it. ⠀

spaces are free but limited - pm me to book your spot. #positivebirth #goodbirth #birth #pregnancy #maternity #birthchoices #birthrights #birthmatters #birthwithconfidence #birthwithoutfear #sevenoaks #tonbridge #westerham #bromley #oxted #orpington #chislehurst #kent

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Mommy had a birth date picked for harmony (6#15) but this sweetie decided she was ready to meet her family sooner than anyone expected. dr. m delivered this little nugget by a planned (but unscheduled) belly birth. #youdecidewedeliver #empoweringwomen #poder #jaxmoms #jacksonville #birthwithoutfear #strongwomen #birthbecomesher #bbh #birthwithconfidence #birthstory #birthstories #birthisbeautiful #hospitalbirth #obgyn #ob #midwife #thisisbirth #herstory #bellybirth #gentlecesarean #cesarean #cesearean #csection #changeofplans

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I’m battling to feel hope these days around my upcoming birth going as i desired. it’s annoying.⠀
i’m annoyed that it matters so much to me. i feel like my body has failed me and that this is just another in a long line of body failures.⠀
i’m surprised it triggers me this way. i want to “just be grateful,” but of course you can be incredibly grateful and also frustrated at the same time. ⠀
it took 7 years to have elliott and every part of his conception and birth was forced. fertility treatments, induction, manual dilation, and then surgery.⠀
it has always made me secretly feel like i cheated nature. like i wasn’t actually supposed to have a baby. ⠀
when my girl came naturally and as a surprise, i thought, omg, this is really “mine.” hard to explain what i meant by that.⠀
and as i prepare for her arrival, every day i feel the weight of her scheduled c-section looming over me. ⠀
my whole life, my body didn’t do what it was “supposed” to. i could eat what the next person ate and be obese and they’d stay thin. i could starve myself for years on end, chop myself into pieces, workout for hours every day, and still never get out of the overweight category even once in my whole life. i could try every fertility option in the book and still no baby. i could try every tool in the hospital’s arsenal, but couldn’t give birth. ⠀
of course, even with all that perceived failure, i am so blessed to even be here. i am beyond blessed to even get this opportunity again, and i know that. i don’t take that lightly. i am well aware that there are women everywhere who can’t make babies at all. for a long time, i was a member of that club and assumed i’d always be.⠀
i have a week left before this scheduled c-section. writing this is part of allowing myself to purge these feelings, let go of the worry and doubt, and refocus myself on what i really want.⠀
i want her here and healthy. and secondarily, i want to experience non-surgical birth. ⠀
surrender isn’t something i’m good at, but that’s all that’s required of me here. ⠀
my only job now is to do what i can and let the chips fall as they may.

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Today’s 11 weeks postpartum talk is short and sweet.
as i am working on feeling good and feeling strong again i have reminded myself of 2 little tough love rules that i gave myself a while back that changed my life.
and so - as your coach i figured i would pass on the love 💋

nothing will change if you don’t show up on the first day you don’t “feel like it “
you will always retreat.
you will always fall back into the old habits until you choose todo this simple but extremely resistant choice. >> show up on the first day you don’t feel like it << then ? do it again the next time you don’t feel like it.... and when you fail todo this?
which if you are human - you will.
pick up the next day. not 14 days later like you normally might have. when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired again.
drop a 🙌🏼 below if you are going to do this one time today when you “don’t feel like it “
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[throwback] our zulkaedah/july lil squishie!
look at those happy lil feet! as if they're enjoying their first pool dip! 🌟
an interesting labor which ended well - she achieved her intended pain relief-free water birth, alhamdulillah! just like all my other clients, i am so d**n proud of this momma. with confidence, determination & patience, it's another amazing team effort 💪
psst.. who says you can't dance your way to birth?💃
you know all that hype about the labor dance to bring baby down & rotate? that stuff really works! except that we did it without any music, we went with our instincts, & it was such a beautiful, calm rhythm, my client actually said she felt "kinda high" 😂
this wasn't my first time doing a labor dance with my clients, & from what i observed, it needs to be done during active labor to be effective. yes, active, not early labor. that crucial time when baby is still rotating, descending & the pelvis needs to be flexible - something my mentor & i happened to discuss about recently. obviously it wasn't easy, but she did it. we grooved, we jived & when it's finally time, baby was received by the happiest dad i've ever seen - his thunderous, joyous laughter boomed & bounced off the walls!! 😂
it's special too because it's another op baby which turned loa right before birth, masya allah. all the movement & changing of positions really helped. another oxytocin boost for everyone - each birth always makes me want to serve even more mothers! ❤️
may this child grow up to be amazing & kind, ameen 💕

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"how can we expect people to feel empowered during birth experiences when we have allowed so many choices during pregnancy to be taken away? it is no wonder that so many women express dissatisfaction with the process, and it is no wonder much of our culture has associated childbirth with suffering and agony rather than joy and fulfillment." this really speaks to why i teach hypnobirthing.

to me, the goal of hypnobirthing is threefold.
one, to educate yourself about what your body is trying to achieve...the physiology of birth.

two, to give you the tools you need to have the birth that you want.

three, to learn how to move your birth experience from one of routine care to one of individualised care based on your specific wants and needs...basically when and how to exercise your right to choice and your right to informed consent. there are many stakeholders in birth...the federal government, the state government, insurance companies, hospitals, care providers, their insurance companies...you need to make sure that you are the key stakeholder in your experience and that your birth is about you!
do not settle for someone else's birth.

image by @nataliebyrne.
words by kristen nero in medium - it's time to stop infantilizing pregnant women (a must read if you are pregnant).

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🙌 microbiome 🙌

husband “no! don’t drink the.....”
*toddler drinks birth pool water*
midwife “well...... i guess it’s all in the family” 😂
i was cracking up laughing when i realized our photographer captured this moment! kinda gross, kinda hilarious.
#thingsthathappenatahomebirth .
somebody is going to have brilliant gut health 🤓

photo by @sisterbirth
repost @thatbohemianmama

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I inhale calm ~ i exhale love 🌸

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