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Indian peafowl. there are quite a few of these in the park. photographing these hightly domesticated dudes is not a problem. getting the right portrait, on the other hand, proves to be quite difficult for me. this photo was taken from behind a bird who’s resting on the ground, with those gorgeous tail feathers strung straight back. not able to fit everything in a frame (did i mention they are big?), i had to sacrifice his outfit in favor of that elaborate headdress.

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Rainy day fun. this allen's boy loves a good downpour. he’s always out and about accumulating raindrops or sloshing around on wet leaves. rain is hard to come by in southern california. even though he has a birdbath all to himself, he undoubtedly prefers fresh water coming from the sky.

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my previous post, lots of comments to catch up on and i will get to them all 😀

one of those nights where i just don’t know what to post. so i went to the folder and chose this one. white-breasted woodswallows from my trip into the kimberley (july). they just bunch up and then preen themselves and each other. they look so content. ..
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Whooper swan.

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