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On this day 9 years ago i gave my life to jesus. it was actually in a music venue during a @flyleafmusic @officiallaceysturm concert when i was 14 turning 15! the verse “when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts” always comes to mind. i’m thankful to yahweh, the holy lord god almighty, who created heaven and earth, the father of lights for his eternal grace towards me. i’ve learned so much about him, this world, and the next. i’m grateful to so many men & women of god who he used to help me keep my eyes on him. i’m grateful for all my friends who reflect his heart so well. i’m grateful for every single breath he’s breathed into my lungs and every morning full of new mercy. here’s to eternity with the lover of our souls 🎉😊 •

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As a father that loves his child, god disciplines us. scripture tells us that he also comforts us like a mother. it is hard to imagine how much god loves and cares for us! @daily.bible2017

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Matthew 6:25-26
“therefore i tell you: don't worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; or about your body, what you will wear. isn't life more than food and the body more than clothing? consider the birds of the sky: they don't sow or reap or gather into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them. aren't you worth more than they? .
don’t let anxiety steal your joy by taking hold of your life. trust that our father in heaven controls all of the things happening in our lives. choose to trust his timing, his plan, & his great love. .
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Des fois nous pensons que dieu ne nous écoute pas, qu’il n’écoute pas nos prières et nous répondra jamais.
mais dieu nous écoute tout le temps, c’est même la personne la plus attentive à tes demandes.
ne pense pas que dieu ne t’écoute pas car c’est faux, l’ennemi veut te faire croire cela pour te décourager.
apprends aussi à écouter la voix de dieu. sache que dieu a déjà tout dit dans sa parole alors lis ta bible et plus souvent car dieu te parle à travers celle-ci. [ lorsque je suis dans de mauvaises phase et que je lis ma bible... je tombe très souvent sur un verset qui correspond à ma situation et qui me donne une réponse ]
apprends à suivre la volonté de dieu et ne pas changer les projets de dieu pour ta vie.
parfois dieu te parle mais tu n’es pas d’accord, ce nest pas ce que toi tu veux alors tu ignores dieu. mais tu ne dois pas l’ignorer car tout ce que dieu te dit est bon pour ta vie, c’est le plus beau des plans.
apprends à écouter. 👂
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I was bitter and angry for a long time. i didn’t understand why things had to go the way they did in my life, particularly in my marriage. why me? why us? why him? i was pretty much jealous of everyone i saw that even looked like they had a happy marriage. .
then i realized that if things had been “happily ever after” and all sunshine and roses like i had dreamed my life would be, i might not be where i am today. in love with jesus. i think i’m like mary magdalene. washing his feet with her hair, pouring out the expensive perfume, waiting at the tomb...she got it. and i pray that i’m getting it too. .
god used everything i’ve done and everything that’s been done to me, and sent me straight into the arms of jesus. and that’s the absolute best place anyone could ever be.❤️

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