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I decide my vibe💋💛

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💥printemps de bourges - complet
merci à chacun.e pour votre soutien et votre confiance ☝️💜 pic by @jbdenquin

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@piasfrance #carambaspectacles #teamwork

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Don’t you think life would be so much better if we all genuinely supported and respected each other? ✨
there is so much fake behaviour to climb the ranks of success. so much backstabbing and disrespect of other human beings.
if you know me well enough, you know i am huge on respect and i will be genuine. some may classify that as b****y but at least i’m not two faced. 🎭
would you rather someone be honest, or two faced? 🎭
because i would rather the former. it’s sad that it is that difficult to find genuine people and genuine real friendships.
just be you and stop changing who you are to ‘fit in’. to have the number of facebook friends (or whatever the hell you’re obsessed with) reflect the number of different versions of yourself you have to be.
numbers don’t matter. as much as we obsess over numerical things in this life, that is not the most important thing!
if you’ve made it this far hopefully you consider what i am ranting about 🤔 #respecteachother #beyourselfnomatterwhat

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Are you the person you know you should be?

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I had a great weekend 🌸 i’m very blessed to be able to have tons of fun while working 😝 #patiencepaysoff #blessedeveryday —————
fue un fin de semana super 💕 lleno de trabajo y mucha diversion 💜 #pasionyamor

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La cosa más importante es ser tu mismo no importa lo que pase. si no muestras quien eres en realidad, las personas adaptas a ti no serán capaces de reconocerte. esta es la importancia de la sinceridad. @ne.by.nenis

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Když mě fotí můj drahouš, tak mám našpulený a vyprsený fotky. 🤷🏻‍♀️#beyourselfnomatterwhat #mindblowing

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