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Wake from your sleep the drying of your tears today we escape we escape . || lets go to the cinemas @viennakendall 📽

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So.. life update! i'm currently in fresno, california headed to yosemite national park this week and it's my first time ever going and i'm super excited! 🤣 yesterday i spent all day in san francisco riding trolleys, shopping, and hanging out above the golden gate bridge while it was all foggy and windy, quite the experience. this morning we woke up and stoped at muir woods before heading to our next stop. always a good time in california! ❤️🌄

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Ellie is trying to tell me to take a break….who wouldn’t want to work from this office? some days the bed stays in bed mode all day and i work from the lounging position. the nice thing about having ellie with me that she always ensures i take the necessary breaks during the day. having ellie in the van pretty much eliminates the possibility of getting lonely… that and the fairly steady stream of people wanting to catch a glimpse of the man living in his van. the other day while i was at the gas station a man pulled up on the other side of the gas pump with a slide in camper rig and said, “hey! down by the river aint so bad is it?” and you know what he’s right it really ain’t so bad. since i started living in the van you start to develop a bit of a sixth sense about other van people and you can tell who the full timers are and who the weekend warriors are. each type of van person has their own goals in entering this lifestyle but one thing i have noticed is that the full time van dwellers have a drastically different personality and demeanour as they go throughout their day. they just seem to always be in a constant relaxed state and lack the rushed and frantic attitude that many of the weekend warriors seem to possess. i know a lot of this has to do with the overall freedom and flexibility provided by living in the van full time but one thing i would recommend to all the weekend warriors is don’t be afraid to not plan everything out and just let the experiences and opportunities in front of you shape the next chapter in your adventure. living the van life is about allowing yourself to loosen your grip and let go of the everyday routine.#homeiswhereyouparkit #comeswithaview #vanlife

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Tan skin, sandy cheeks, salty hair, and cold drinks. summertime is in with @tervis. #tervis #tervistravels

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Head in the clouds but my gravity centered

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Check out who was hanging around munyon with her calf today!! i first saw this mama pregnant in this exact same spot in december 2013. i then saw her in feb 2014 with her calf at peanut island!! now she's back with another calf that's still nursing and a 3rd manatee!! i know there have been sightings of her recently at the blue heron bridge too!! it's so awesome to follow these manatees in their journey! 😍!!

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Right where we need to be. just across the pond. . . #thisisaustralia @jetstarnz

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Where should we have our next meetup? 🌎

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Let's adventure here! #adventurethisway

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Some people would look at this room an go, wow! there is so much talent here!! i look at this room an go, wow there is so many amazing and outstanding humans here! thanks and happy birthday phu thisninea for you and for keeping by it bmx and that we all know is what's up! #epic #moments #betheadventure #bmxfamily #greatful #blessed #love

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[ nude ] love the feeling without makeup - you know, that feeling-fresh-mode 🌿💦✔️ #lovetheskinyourein

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You hiked the trail. you took the shot. now what? share it with #imagesintoart and get $25 to print that great shot! tag photo to canvas and #imagesintoart in your photos to enter our monthly photo contest! every month, one winner will get $25 towards printing their photograph! make sure your photos are ~public~!

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Making every rotation count...

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Bathtub time after a nice day in #koper slovenia

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Experience some s**t my g #livealittle #betheadventure #betheadventure

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R e a l • m i d d l e • e a r t h --------------------:----------------------- this is how real middle earth looks #realmiddleearth 👌the mcintosh loop with views over glenorchy. #tcknewzealandseries may 2017 📷 @enodomi • • • follow @thirdculture_kid for my travel memories and adventures in 2017! ✌️ #tckinhawaii #tckineurope#wanderlust #travel #travelingram #travelslifee #travelgram #travelblog #adventure #potd #nz #newzealand #livelaughlove #travelsmind #wildernessculture #betheadventure #neverstopexploring #liveyourdream #welivetoexplore #weareexplorers #potd #photooftheday #theprotraveler #travelblogger #iamtb

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Hanging coffins in sagada was an incredible experience seculded from the rest of the world. 12hrs by bus secluded, in this mountainous town the igorots still practice their traditional culture and christianity. history of this practice goes back centuries; when an individual dies in their culture the deceased actually die twice once in the hospital or place where he/she died and once after the ceremony is complete where the deceased is placed on a chair. afterwards they are placed on these coffins in the fetal position since they came in the living world in that position they will leave it the same way. additionally hanging the coffins lets the deceased to to travel through the afterlife freely. - - - - - - - - - - - #naturegeography #awesomeearth #destinationearth #neverstopexploring #manila #rockclimbing #lethawaiihappen #paradise #ic_adventures #adventureaddicts #outsideculture #adventureculture #getoutandexplore #travellife #bontoc #instagoodmyphoto #theoutbound #beforeidie #weliketotravel #simplyadventure #travelstoke #awesomedreamplaces #livetocreate #lifeofadventure #likeforlike #like4like #sagada #exploremore #vscocam #phillipines

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Oscar hammerstein’s king and i lyrics: ‘whenever i feel afraid, i hold my head e***t and whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect i’m afraid …the result of this deception is very strange to tell, for when i fool the people i fear, i fool myself as well.’” . . . a very dark day for human, with terror atrocities around the globe. but we mustn't afraid and shouldn't let them act as they please. we should never underestimate the power of s****d people in large group, and we must fight back against this stupidity. intellectual and learned people should stand together just as the s****d does, and put an end to this craziness.

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My most favorite people in my most favorite place. how is this real? only missing @allie_dru

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Zara selfie

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