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Expectations were high for big island. i wrote down a huge list of destinations i wanted to see to fill up the trip. instead i scratched it all and returned to the same beach every single day. the body surfing was that good. at the end of every day i was tired, salty, exhausted, but with a huge smile on my face. lesson learned: you can plan endlessly, but sometimes it’s better to s***w it all & do what makes your heart happy ❣️ 📷 @silkymerman

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Very sad we have to wait a whole year until the next valentine’s day. :/

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🌴phi phi islands, thailand 💙tag someone you'd like to go there with. 📷 photo by: @marta__sierra ________________________ 👍be sure to follow us @thailanddestiny 👉tag your best photos #thailanddestiny for a chance to be featured ________________________ . . @thailanddestiny

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Always remember to make time for people who make time for you✨

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Don’t let the noise of the worlds opinions drown out your inner conviction. ✨

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🌴maya bay, thailand 💙tag someone you'd like to go there with. 📷 photo by: @maud_dvrd ________________________ 👍be sure to follow us @thailanddestiny 👉tag your best photos #thailanddestiny for a chance to be featured ________________________ . . @thailanddestiny

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No need to imagine cause i know it's true they say "all good boys go to heaven" but bad boys bring heaven to you

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Last weekend @jasonenns and i made a deal to try and shoot a photo of something we don’t do very often or have never done. this was my attempt at a 1 footed 1 handed table ish thing ... i always wanted to do 1 footed 1 handed airs but i do it top side and i hate that so it has to be a switch air. the hip was terrible but i can’t tell you how fun it was to do something i never did before. even as simple as this. this is why bmx is still so rad to me. still having fun. #betheadventure #bmx #travel #skatepark @united_bmx photo enns

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2 days, 25 miles, my body hurts and my soul is fed.

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Don’t stop until you’re proud 📸 w/ @irene_rain

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@bajadesignsofficial making sure the #tundra is visible in the heavy fog. #betheadventure #toyota

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Holographic w/@alejandromartti

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Sharp enough to cut air ⚔️

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So much for getting some work done... hard to do much when somebody keeps plopping down in top of my papers and laptop demanding attention!!!! good thing she’s so freaking cute!!!!

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Catching flights not feelings 🤙🏾(but also #willingandable 😏)

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Is the beam from a lighthouse affected by howling wind and rain? it remains perfectly steadfast and unaffected by the storm. your true self is like that. nothing can ever harm you once you are consciously aware that it is so. - vernon howard . . . . . #anythingispossible #dreamitdoit #ownyourlife #chaseyourdreams #beallyoucanbe #achievetheimpossible #dontwait #takeaction #mindsetiseverything #taketheleap #reachforthestars #takechances #takerisks #anythingispossible #whatsnext #femaletravelbloggers #findyouradventure #freespirits #girlsjustwannatravel #girlsthatwander #girlsvsglobe #globalgrind #vacationtrip #awesomelifestyle #betheadventure #beautifulplanet #beforeidie #bloggerlifestyle

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Pink skies 👌🏽

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Not from this world..🖖🏽 ~ if you haven't already check out my new video, go do that! 😜 #linkinbio 📷: @tienphotographer

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Piedra blanca, puerto rico 🇵🇷 • back on top of my happy tower 😀 • ps : remember our film from the grampians comes out tomorrow 🇦🇺🎬❗ • @petzl_official @gramicci @volxholds @eb_climbing @luxov_connect @yy_vertical_official / @climbingpr #aworldlesstraveled

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Going to miss this little tail-wagger for the next couple of weeks. thanks for taking care of our gals @hidusty✌🏽❤️

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