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Counting the days to escape everyday life.. -198 #california #roadtrip

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Everybody's all stoked about nasa finding other planets capable of sustaining life.....they didn't know those are just some of our secret spots. #wewillwavetoyounasa

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// strolling around la jolla

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This pup is always ready for an adventure especially if there's snow ❄️ #riley

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Just another day

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Kingdom baddies 🏛 | @jazmynariana @sunnykalama

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So according to facebook, this was 8 years ago! haha ahh my 2nd trip to disneyland 🙈💕

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Who's out exploring this weekend?! #adventure #wanderforever #jeep #overlanding #anzaoffroad

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Sunrise on a plane back in january. i've traveled more in the past month than i have in 5 years, and now i want to keep going. maybe new york? iceland? anywhere else super cliche? i don't know

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So we'd been driving up mt. victoria in the chin state in myanmar and it was really windy, cold and rainy. i had met mike and lisa on the way up to bagan, and we were on this crazy bike (scooter) adventure with them towards the summit. the road... or.. mud tracks as we were on, got worse and worse as we climbed. the scenery was absolutely breathtaking and we all couldn't stop laughing. this was before we got to the village and had a wild time with them, who had only seen one foreigner prior to us. the guys driving had never done a trip like this before either, so was a learning experience for them as well. in myanmar they speak over 100 languages, so for them to meet the village was an experience in itself. at the summit we cracked open local whiskey and had lunch.. only to get back down the mountain again for the next leg of the trip.... @illbethecaptain @mvkruchten @lyshob missing you cats!

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Up and down the coast.. so many secret little spots waiting to be discovered.

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I made a new friend at the beach named skye last week! ~reilly #lovemylife #lifebyreilly #lifeisgood #dogstagram #doglife🐾 #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #betheadventure #dog #beach #southhaven #pilgrimhaven #michigan

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Reilly & copper are buddies! action wrestling shot! #lovemylife #lifebyreilly #lifeisgood #dogstagram #doglife🐾 #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #betheadventure #dog #southhaven #michigan

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