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Just being honest..... 🌞 @jordenjakobs

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@uniladgrub, we should take this on 🙌👀 (@rubyourselfie)

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The views are just better from up here. another awesome perspective by @curious2capture! #thisiswhereitreeline

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Stand out! photo by @rosscouperphoto #naturegeography

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Essa é sucesso, viu?! 👊🏼💥já são mais de 1 milhão de visualizações em menos de 30 horas! ah, #naçãoaviãozeira, só vocês mesmo! 🙅‍♂️❌🙅 muito obrigado! #inquilinanoyoutube ❌✈️#aviõesxperience #dxd

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Two styles perfectly paired | float on playsuit & cosmic bag  www.mishkah.com.au xx

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A gente adora quando você posta para mostrar o quanto está gata com sua roupa nova. blusa r$ 89,99 / short r$ 79,99. #lookleader #estilo #blusa #moda #fashion #ootd #short #lookdodia #estampa #spring #primavera #plus #plussize #tplus #loveyourcurves

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O nosso vestido torres é leve e fresco, perfeito para o sábado de sol !! ☀️☀️ venda exclusiva no nosso e-commerce !!

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💪 well done, lads! 🔵🔴 força barça!

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Met a fan on the 🚊 who was there for the #isles  first stanley cup victory! jon invited her to her first game at @barclayscenter tonight. 👍

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Wife material

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@drhumbertouribemorelli ✂️@drhumbertouribemorelli 💉 conoce al mejor medico en cirugias, plasticas y esteticas 😍👌🏻 sigue a @drhumbertouribemorelli @drhumbertouribemorelli @drhumbertouribemorelli @drhumbertouribemorelli

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Uygun fiyat kalite ve farklı tasarımlar için 😍 @cananinayakkabilari tam size göre 😍 @cananinayakkabilari @cananinayakkabilari @cananinayakkabilari @cananinayakkabilari @cananinayakkabilari sİparİŞ İçİn 0532-740-55-26 whatsapp

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Is john wall the best point guard in the east? 🏀 (via @boisdu, @getgrandstand)

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Which should i wear to my birthday dinner? 🤔

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7 different pickup options. what’s your favorite option? 1. outside extended pickup- good option for protection against defender riding on your inside hip. 2. k**l dribble low pickup-good option to use when help side defender swipes for the ball. protects the ball and often draws the foul. and ooonnee😤 3. one arm pin to body- great for cradling through traffic or when seeking contact. 4. overhead pickup- ideal for downhill attacks when you s**k up space between you and the defender and you run out of room to rip across in front. also, naturally gets the defenders hands to raise up, which can open a gap for extension finish. 5. double arm cradle- ideal for highest traffic situations. 6. 1 hand pickup- when speed is the name of the game. bad for contact situations, great for getting your layup off quick before shot blocker can reach their peak. 7. behind the back pickup- on downhill attacks when you s**k up space and have no room to rip across in-front (similar situation to oh pickup). only advantage of behind the back instead of oh pickup is the sauce factor.😈 #adidas #adidashoops #dame4 #kicks #ballislife #basketballtrainer #basketball #basketballneverstops #bball #hoop #workout #trainer

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Hey everyone! please do me a favor & go click the link in @miiss.sarahh bio!!😊 we put a bunch of new new on depop last night and we are including something super special with every order up until halloween!! go cop something fresh for the fall season & send me a dm with a screenshot once you've purchased for an extra surprise from me 🙌👌❤️ she is shipping everything out so it will be speedy quick service😂👍

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Spraying, expanding and it's solid sealed foam insulation by @a1foamspray #streetartglobe

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@saschadaley heavy 🔥🔨🇪🇸 >>> 🎥 @damiatesorero #element25th #madetoendure

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Don't be afraid of starting all over again it's your time to build something greater this time 👌🏻 . #حنان_رضا . فستاني الانيق من @chicbyamiramaher . #الثالثه_ثابته #بإذن_الله

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Updated | early christmas gift! | link in my bio

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Pedro’s screamer captured from the stands! 🎯👌 @_pedro17_ via @s_kastelik

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Buen esfuerzo. seguimos!!

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😂😂😆😇 . . . . . #atoll

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Audemars piguet next to the limited edition monopoly phone case from @nakedtouchco 🔥 - #hypebeast #complex #highsnobriety #ap

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“float like a butterfly 🦋 , sting like a bee.” 🐝 @quin_bruce wearing #mohammedali shirt low in stock ✨ www.maorluz.com

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Linda decoração de @taisvalentefestaseeventos 💕💕💕💕

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It's funny cause this is true! 😭😂

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Get ready to rock 'n roll at the grind house 🏡!

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@oblako53_arbat всегда отличная атмосфера🤘🏽#туса #гозиас#калининград #кайф #moscowcity #moscow

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This needs to happen tonight! bourbon ginger cider cocktails by @playswellwithbutter 👉get the #recipe & 50+ more apple cider recipes from thefeedfeed.com/apple-cider (apple cider feed, link in profile) or if you ever want the recipe of a pic we've posted on this account go to thefeedfeed.com/instagram. 👉want more cocktails? follow @thefeedfeed.cocktails for our favorite daily cocktail! . . .⠀ #foodpics #foodphotography #instafood #igfood #homemade #recipeoftheday #onthetable

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Start your #rhb transformation today and get the body you want! _ 🔥melt away excess body f*t • 👙curve and tone • 💪🏼build lean muscle • 🕑quick results • _ order now👇👇 go to rokhardbody.com or click the link in bio @rokhardbody - _ more reviews @rhbresults @rhbreviews _ #rokhardbody #rhb

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Meninas! gostaria de apresentar a vcs a loja @menina.chik_ lá vcs encontram looks lindíssimos e delicados! peças de alta qualidade! enviam para todo brasil. pedidos no whatsapp (54) 99101-9719.

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⚽️ شوط أول سلبي في لقاء الفتح الرباطي ومازيمبي! ماذا تنتظر من الفريق المغربي في الفترة الثانية؟ #cafcc #fusrabat #mazembe #beinsports

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Our what?!.. via @arnaldpomotz

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