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While having a sore foot from a bone bruise and not being able to walk too much on the streets of l.a., i'll post some old photos.
lake kaituri, 2017

this photo was taken at lake kaituri, in my ancestral savonian land in finland where my grandparents lived.

last year my grandparents died. now their lands have been sold, their old farmhouse was sold and the sauna cottage by the lake was sold. it's like my homeland will never feel the same.

i will always miss my grandparents. i miss also the genuine finnish sauna they had by the lake. wherever i may have roamed, they welcomed me back with open arms and open hearts and heated up the sauna. it was a deep, relaxing, ritualistic experience with the soft but warm “löyly” embracing one's body, the steam coming from the wood burning stove when water was thrown on the hot rocks.

in proto-finno-ugric language "lewle" means “spirit, soul”. if attentive, one can sense the presence of the spirit of the sauna and it can be a soul cleansing experience.

lake kaituri's tranquility, the chilly water and the silence of the woods surrounding, i miss it all.
this is a portrait of my husband. i'm grateful he got to meet my grandparents, experience the sauna and have a dip in the cold lake.

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As you may have seen i was able to test nikons new camera, the z 6, over the last days, because i have a cooperation with @nikonaustria at the moment.
last august nikon launched a completely new mirrorless camera series, with lightweight cameras and a fantastic resolution.
everything i can wish for as a street photographer.
more details soon.
#nikonaustria #mirrorlessreinvented #nikonz6 #sponsored —————————————————
pr sample @nikonaustria
wie ihr vielleicht mitverfolgt habt, hatte ich während der letzten tage die möglichkeit, die neueste kamera von nikon, die z 6, in spanien zu testen, da ich momentan in einer kooperation mit @nikonaustria stehe.
nikon ist im august 2018 in den markt der der spiegellosen vollformatkameras eingetreten und hat eine komplett neue art von kameraserie vorgestellt. die nikon z-serie zeichnet sich durch ihre geringe größe, ihr leichtes gewicht und ihre auflösung aus. zusammenfassend: alles was das streetfotografenherz höher schlagen lässt. mehr details folgen bald!
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"long ago there was a dream,
had to make a choice or two
leaving all i loved behind
for what nobody knew

stepped out on the stage
a life
under lights and judging eyes
now the applause has died
and i can dream again"

anybody listening? - queensrÿche

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