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These were fun back in 91. #bmx #midschoolbmx #gtbicycles #bashguard #sandmbikes

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Bashguard @united_bmx frame looks dope! cheers @connorjohnd for pic, glad you like it! #bashguard

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En bpartcomponents avanzamos como un rodillo sin descanso...💪🏻🐗 muy buenos días jabatos!!!!

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Bash, slash, but mostly crash... #betheadventure #bashguard #caveman @united_bmx #bmx

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The @smbairlines dudes have got the right idea! #oldschoolbmx #bmx #bashguard

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@mikeescamilla @united_bmx caveman bashguard frame is available now!! very limited #'s on this frame so act fast! link in the bio #goodsbmx #pdxbmx #nwbmx #unitedbmx #bashguard

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Here is probably the one and only @odysseybmx prototype #bashguard evolved from my original monster sized version. kick-stand upper plate, smaller oval tube, and didn't quite cover the chain lol. this was approx. 1.5 years after i showed my original design. unfortunately (for me) there were several designs that began to flood the market at this point (by kore and gt), so the plug was pulled on this project. i'm pretty sure some of the same parts were used on the gt version. i already had a decent peg design which @odysseybmx actually did wind up producing, called the "axle grinder" (more to come) #bmxbashguard #oldschoolbmx #midschoolbmx #snakebitebmx

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Happy birthday @mikeescamilla the #bashguard guru and father of our west coast #bmxbrigade ringleader, is only 731 days away from level 4! have a good one rooftop! #betheadventure

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Still unused ( not for sale ) #bashguard #gtbmxoldschool #novozero #nacaixa #medeinusa

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En bpartcomponents avanzamos como un rodillo sin descanso...💪🏻🐗 muy buenos días jabatos!!!!

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Muy buenos días jabatos!!!!! sabíais que a veces en bpartcomponents nos sentimos como miguel ángel 🔨 a ver qué sale de aquí....🤗🐗

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Here's a grab bag of photos from my weekend off. another trip conquered in the van. flexing on the valley, murphy, irish, #thewheelmill and a 1 foot euro #bmx #beatnotbabied #rallyvan #upstateny #bashguard #stbernard #greatpyrenees #straightedge @98bowtietilidie93

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Brindemos por todos los jabatos!!!!! 🐗🐗😘😘🍷

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Last trick from my @united_bmx #caveman edit we out out in january. this was actually my second choice for spots to do this. the first just did not work out even after a lot of time and effort to make it happen. this spot was actually way more scary and sketchy. the bank was steep and the sweet spot for the lip was really small. also the lip on the backside of the coping made it scary if i hung up hopping back in. also making sure i didn't yank back into the stairs. i probably had 50 tries at this, if i had to guess. a lot which didn't come anywhere close. then the last 15 or so we're all super close. washing out or tapping a foot. pretty stoked to get one. this trick is such a strange pull,push,yank combo. the first one i did on a backrail was in 2000 in england. since then there have only been a few i've done on subs or backrails. i love this trick, when it's done right it's one of the coolest feeling tricks, especially when your front tire doesn't hit anything. surprised it never really caught on. only a few riders have ever really done it. still one of my favorites though..... #betheadventure #bmx #emptypools #bashguard #rooftopbackstory filmed by @mikemastroni

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Muy buenos días!!!!! cuidado con el viento no sea que voléis como nuestros amigos de @ciclosgaldon 🚴🏼🐗

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My old whip from back in the day. @the.mike.of.lanthorn and i along with a crew would ride downtown, even sneak under the bridge and watch the barges go by. the care free days! i still have this old #dyno with a bash guard. this bike was in a movie about the cincinnati bmw, online skating, and skate boards. #bmx #dynobmx #livetoride #littlekidsbikes #bashguard #critical #43 #fruitbooters

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Muy buenos días jabatos!!!! empezamos la semana en modo up 👌🏻👌🏻🔝🐗

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Espejito espejito que tiempo va a hacer para mis jabatitos este fin de semana 🤣🤣🐗🐗

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Check out these bash guards for the boosted board! goes on in seconds and can be easily removed! pick your color! http://tinyurl.com/lychv3a #boostedboards #longboard #electricskateboard #bashguard #skateboard #california #boosted #shredding

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