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A tiny part of me wishes that this is what my life looked like all of the time. disclaimer: it doesn’t. mostly it’s working jobs that don’t involve the garden, spending an unlikely amount of time on trains, on planes, and in automobiles, rushing here, there, and everywhere trying to cram everything in. reality is a juggling of life. of work, home, family, friendships, partnerships, and relationship- and then the garden comes after that. when i am in the garden, it’s often a mucky, dirty, sweaty affair- the rewards are reaped long after they are sown, and there’s a whole lot of nurturing and losses in between. it’s been mental health awareness week this week, and it’s been one hell of a week for me. the universe has done a pretty convincing job of having a hit out on my head, with close calls and near misses galore- and with a hefty dose of insomnia to boot, i’m left with the grappling of those vulnerable feelings. they will pass. meanwhile, time to count the blessings, step outside, and breathe deeply and slowly. here’s copper image- because an armful of flowers always helps.

copper image. grown egg carton close, in trenches 6 inches deep 22 weeks ago. they took a while to mature, and i’ve heard they don’t fully open unless picked late, so i picked late. the stems are short and thick and easy to snap, but they are oh so very pretty.

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May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary - xan oku 🌻

i hope you’re all having a lovely may so far 🌱 here in this small corner of england the beauty of spring is all around. the hedgerows that line the country lanes are alight with blossom and wild flowers and the lush green haze of the fresh leaves is sweeping across the landscape. everywhere smells so good too .. scents of freshly cut grass, blossom, wild garlic and the occasional beaut of bonfire smoke.. ohh this time of the year is just too magical ✨
i would love to hear about your favourite nature find lately? maybe a beautiful place you’ve discovered or a little treasure you’ve found? mine changes daily at the moment (there’s just way too many) but today it has to be this enchanting fairytale forest 🌿

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I attempted to make a quince paste on the weekend and only half of it set properly. the second half makes for great jam ✨

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One of my favourite set of windows in the wooorld 🌍 -
always lovely to spend an afternoon in oxford, and to admire it without stressing about finals like i was two years ago!
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Details of lilacs 💜📸 .

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What a week. rumi’s been ill and i’m a bit of a shell of a human at the moment - but it looks like things are turning around and 🤞🏼 she’ll be back to her cheerful little self in no time. it’s been so tough 💔 listening to her wheeze and try to get her breath back these past 24 hours. i can’t wait to see her happy again, and to get my brain back to a semi-functional state 😴🤪

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All those little daydreams inside your head, i wonder which ones are going to come true ✨

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Wild little corner of our garden complete with rambling rose, ramshackle potting shed and some ageing terracotta tiles. happy wednesday folks xx

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Artistic transitions are complicated (but worth it?). light is complicated (but wonderful). photography is complicated (but the poetry is in the process). and isn’t that why we’re here? after all, what’s the point of keeping on doing the same old thing? ✨

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