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My squat is coming along! it’s so nice to be making gains in the gym and showing crohns who is boss. especially after not having my medication in over a month. fighting to stay in some sort of remission! #autoimmunedisease #crohnswarrior #duespaid #1stphorm #fitness #fitnessmotivation #strongwomen #live #love #positivevibes #roadtoarnold2020

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173lbs (2014)-->144lbs (2017)-->156lbs (present)...
this journey isn't for the quick and easy...
in 2014 i cried every morning when i got up because the physical, emotional, and mental pain was unbearable.
2015 i said 'enough' and was tired of all the medications, doctors telling me everything i couldn't do, and i took a chance and asked for help.
2017 gave me the first glimpse into that 'progress high'. my body was responding, i felt like i had a whole new quality of life and i was ready to go!
a lot has happened in the last 12 months. things that should have pushed me over the edge. things that could have easily made me quit.
instead...something else happened. i took bigger risks, i've learned how much i've grown emotionally and mentally, and i know without a doubt i'm a better person because of these experiences.
you matter. your fight will be worth it. you can kick fear in the a*s and tell it 'not today'.
they say crazy is a bad thing. i don't think it is at all. the best moments and memories i have came from doing something a little crazy. i intend to keep that going and i hope you do too ❤💯
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Did you know our 30 day detox has helped over 500,000 people (and counting) ☕️️️️️🍃😱?! all you have to do is drink tea....it's really that simple! ask us your questions below so you can join our teami communitea and take the next step in your healthy lifestyle journey👇! we can't wait to meet you 💗 #thankyouteami

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As i’m laying here, feeling fatigued after what *should* have been an easy day.. thinking about everything i need to get done still, if only i had the energy to.. .
i saw this post about how it’s invisible disabilities awareness week! and i go through the list and start drawing my smileys... when i get done i look and think 🤔 whoa.
in my 34 years of life i’ve managed to collect quite a few, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, anxiety and thyroid dysfunction to name a few.. some i’m not ready to talk about quite yet ... but even in that moment of ‘holy hell, what is the deal with me?’ i instantly reframed and thought, ‘this is what makes me so passionate about being a therapist. this is what makes me who i am today and have the fighting spirit that has gotten me through some dark times.’ .
to all my invisible illness warriors out there, you’re not alone. we’re in this together - so when you’re too exhausted to get it done for yourself, we’ve got your back and i know you’ve got mine. ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
#idw18 #imnotinvisible #thesmileyfaceproject

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Despite being on the whole30, i still got sick. when it goes from 80 degrees to 50 degrees in a couple days, you have two kids with strep throat and an auto immune disease, s**t happens. at least i have my trusty kelly kapoor mug from @laceykayyy to make me smile as my body fights off this army of germs. #sickfordays #ishouldbeintigersbloodrightnow #whole30 #sleepinglike12hoursanight #eatingamazinglyhealthy #stillgotsick #aarrgggg #😤 #theoffice #kellykapoor #autoimmunedisease #kidsaretheworst #notreallybuttheygetyousick #waaa #🤧 #🤒 #😢

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Low testosterone symptoms occur in men and women.
don’t suffer on silence. call us to get treated. we place bhrt pellets.
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I’m on a gummy kick again! see one of my early posts for the recipe, but it’s super easy with any fruit purée and some high quality gelatin. gelatin can be helpful for gut healing. gummies help me quell my sweet tooth and avoid cheating on aip. .
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When life seems so crazy, with too many hats to wear in one day, and no time to even press pause...i make soup. my kitchen is my happy place. i love fueling my body with healthy wholesome food, and find it cathartic to lose myself in the unpredictable rhythm of cooking. sometimes there is just no time for a yoga class, or a meditation in a quiet space, but there are always mouths to feed and my kitchen waiting for me at home ☺️
#scd butternut squash soup: butternut squash, bone broth, onion, garlic, thyme, salt, pepper... and a deep breath 🙏

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This is the gospel that no one wants:⁣

➕ pain is a valuable part of your story.⁣

➕ pain isn’t the enemy, but it does feel like it.⁣

➕ ignoring or minimizing pain robs us of taking part in the world-changing story of the god who chose suffering in order to redeem it.⁣

👉🏼 btw, i’ve written a new piece for you guys with @catalystleader on this, and the link is in my profile.👌🏽⁣

🙋🏻‍♀️ 🖐🏼 so, who wants to stop avoiding and minimizing pain?! raise a hand in the comments if you’re with me.

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We’ve all been fooled by this😑#repost @tayloredwellbeing with @get_repost
don't let the fancy lingo of the food industry fool you!

not only is it important to read your labels; it’s important to know what to look for

this is to support everyone in making truly healthy choices!

#nutrition #autoimmunedisease #chronicpain #chronicillness #nosugaradded #ayurveda #minerals #healdocumentary #nutritionfacts #awakening #healingwithouthurting

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Please help spread the word, this is a rare disorder that wrecks havoc on almost every system in your body #gastroparesis #jtubebutton #neurogenicbladder #autoimmunedisease #pots

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When people say ‘wow how do you eat so healthy? how do you stay so fit?’. health is really beneath the eyes. i strive to live a ‘healthy lifestyle’ not because i am healthy, but to be healthy. i have been at a place where i had no control over my body. an autoimmune condition where i had <10% of a normal blood count (aplastic anemia). there were horrendous experiences with medications, but looking back i am thankful it awakened me in many ways. it eventually brought me to veganism. not wanting to partake in animal cruelty because i knew a glimpse of what suffering against one’s own was like. ✨
the past few months have been hard. frustration and hopelessness. i still managed to put a smile on my face and push through my day while my body seemed to be slipping away again. for so long i justified my symptoms and just pushed through because being tired just seemed like an excuse. here’s a reminder to take a step back and listen. your body might be really screaming for help. many tests and prognosis later it’s becoming more clear. i will share more of my autoimmune journey as i gain more answers 🙏🏻
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Autonomoeus diseases do not exist.
do you have idea when you can’t control your own body? your emotional up and down. some people might think you’re “attention seeker or liar” about your disease.
2 years ago, one of collague said that i might got cancer instead of tyrhoid and it was made me depression. i don’t want to do my research or shut down my dream to have family. who want get marry if she knew she will die soon (fortunelly it was misdiagnosized). this important information to answer the mysterious disease. visit my bestie @deborahapgaua youtube for complete explanation about mysterious disease cause by virus.


visit her youtube channel

help yourself, your family, your love, friends, people surround by share information about this disease.
for my bestie deborah, i really proud of you girl, you’re my role model in stem

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Say what you want!!!!! nutraburst has me sleeping through the night!!! and teichu has reduced fibro muscular pain!!! makes since!! there's new findings that there are some anatomical defects (small striated tears in the muscles) of fibro sufferers....

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It hasn’t always been easy. parenting is hard. when you have a progressive debilitating disease it’s a bazillion times harder. .
parenthood is my life joy:
there were times we did everything together.
there were times of great joy.
there were times of great hardship.
there were times of great growth.
there were times i would never change.
there were times where ms was in charge.
there were times i knew how lucky i was to be able to share and guide her childhood.
there were times we both were scared.
there were times we both made poor choices.
there were times we needed to be apart.
there were times we listened to our gut.
today my kid is an amazing young woman and the apple of my eye. getting pregnant has been the boldest move i’ve ever made to date in the face of multiple sclerosis (ms). .
i did because i believed i was supposed to be a mom. no matter what the doctors told me which was not to ever have a child.
sometimes listening to your gut holds the key. even when everything else points to somewhere else. .
being brave enough to listen to my gut for me always delivers the biggest bam.
#trust #trustyourgut #faith #parenting #multiplesclerosis #ms #autoimmunedisease #mom #daughter #believe #healthcare #brave #parenthood #bff

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