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Todavía con la pancita, en mi tercer embarazo he aprendido a apreciar estos momentos de achaques, dolores y aceptarlos como parte de la creación de la vida.
la vida es bella, de verdad! con todo y dolores jejeje
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Basically 💁🏽‍♀️ .
art by @trulyelke

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We may not live in the coolest house or have upgraded things, but we are doing so well as a team❤️

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my greatest find, my two little loves 🥰
we took this pic in waco. the mural is on the side of an antique shop. 🌻
what’s your greatest find...?
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Say a prayer for our sweet gracie this morning as she heads into surgery to get her tonsils and adenoids removed! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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New household rule effective immediately: don’t say anything besides the word “mama” in front of memphis

i’m not sure if it will work, but its my last ditch effort to get this girl of mine to say mama first. i heard her say dada today, but it was an accident so it doesnt count... right? 🤷🏼‍♀️😅🤣

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Mia love, thank you for making me a mom this year. you are our greatest gift 💝 and our love for you grows every single day.
to our moms and all the moms out there- thank you for your strength and sacrifice and for teaching me how to be a mom. it’s hard work, but so worth it!💪🏽🙌🏽#firsttimemom #atxmamas #atxmom #babygirl #3weeksold #aprilbaby #newparents #huntenepartyofthree #huntene

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Bloom beautifully, dangerously, loudly - however you need, just bloom 🌼❤️@flowervault just opened in atx and run, don’t walk to get your photos 📸 #avapea #sunday #babygram #atx

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No six pack for me this’s been over 5 months now...i’m starting to think i’m not bloated...🤔🧐😳 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
haha...jk🤣 i’m 5 months pregnant with my second baby! so for the next couple of months i will be watching you all shrinking in sizes while i will be growing!🥰 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
so far this pregnancy has been much easier than my first one (i was feeling sick only for 2 weeks total and no migraines at all!👌🏻). hope it stays this way for the next 4 months!!😁😍 so excited to be sharing this journey with you all!!❤️
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Nearly 2 months ago i had the chance to @visitsanantonio with my family. last week i had the chance to check out san antonio from a more grown up point of view, and wow, what a night.⁣

our #momsnightout couldn’t have gone any better. we checked into @emilymorganhotel hotel before heading to @esquiretavernsa for a lovely dinner. we managed to make it in time for #happyhour and had some incredible deviled eggs and shrimp toast that i’ve been thinking about every since.⁣

after dinner we headed to @howlsatx, i hadn’t been to a #pianobar in several years, and well, we were a little excited. whitney and howl at the moon were the most amazing hosts. rudy escorted us to our vip seats right next to the dance floor, obviously. we then tried out the 86oz “get lit” bucket. yes, 86oz. we it took the 3 of us roughly 2 hours to finish it, and well, we were dancing and singing by the end of it, so i’d say it did the trick. we also of course had to try out the jello shots, which come via a lovely hostess and are distributed via a giant syringe. we danced and sang and dance and sang. the band was incredible. there are 4 performers that night and they would rotate in teams and sometimes only 2 would play and sometimes all 4 with 1 taking on drums, another bass and 2 on piano. so much talent, they easily handled everything the crowd through at them from @lizzobeeating (you’re welcome), @madonna, @bobseger and @pearljam.

as if that wasn’t enough fun for one night, we headed downstairs to @merkabatx to check out the newest club on the @sariverwalkfun owned by howl at the moon. totally different vibe, but amazing still. low key guitarist @stevencurdmusic was serenading us with his sweet voice. whitney said we had to check out the rainbow road drink! little did we know it was 64oz. we are fun, but we aren’t crazy. we asked for half a rainbow road and she happily obliged. after a bit more drinking and dancing it was time to head to our beautiful 12th floor room at the emily morgan. but first, of course we had to stop for the obligatory @officialalamo pic. we order a pizza and were asleep by 12:30am. #momstyle

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How do you entertain yourself when you've got a few hours alone during the day? a good read? a movie? a hulu binge?

i love to curl up in a comfy chair and watch a good reality show and i think my taste in them will tell you a ton about the person i am! my all time favorite series is any of the real housewives. i could quote endlessly from it and i’ve watched every city no less than 5 times! there’s never a time when watching doesn’t sound like fun, and especially when ramona and sonja’s actions make me laugh until i weep, i adore it. it's my favorite escape.

what are some of the ways you unwind during the holiday season?

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Wouldn’t it be freaking wonderful to just fall asleep whenever you needed to grab some sleep? ⁣

dang, kids have it so good! better yet, we cheer and celebrate when they go down! i mean, yes, part of us are like i need you to sleep so i can do the things, have some me time, so i don’t lose my s**t but we are also like yes, get that sleep! you deserve it! ⁣

you are tired and it’s 10am, great take a nap! it’s 5pm and you need to rest your body and sleep, go for it! ⁣

y’all, this whole time change thing has me wanting to go to bed between 6-7 every day.⁣

focus for the remainder of the year, is to invest in more rest/going to bed early, if the little guy allows that. because of course, we also have our let’s party until 10-11 at night because i have no sense of time, i am a toddler. i don’t understand the whole concept of time. 😂⁣

anyone else feeling this time change?

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We walked in the door from all of our activities and i set out tons of fruits, veggies, dip, and made a smoothie then told the girls to have at it because i’m not cooking.

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but these lashes are so delightful! we know that lashes are a special treat for many so all month long we are offering classic sets like this for $150. treat yourself to lashes this holiday season! call 737-237-3588 (atx), 865-338-2822 (knox) or book online!⁠
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Right here is my why! that little munchkin saved me from myself. he is why i became a coach. he is why i decided that i was worth fighting for. he is why i decided that something needed to change if i wanted to be the mom i wanted to be. ⁣

honestly, at the very beginning coaching terrified me. i had 0 believe in myself but i became a coach because i needed the health and wellness support & accountability. ⁣

i knew my mindset about what healthy really was needed to change. i became a coach because all i was really looking for was to lose the baby weight. ⁣

the baby weight is gone. but i have gained way more than i have lost; finding myself, self-care, love, confidence, respect, belief, worth. i have gained meant and physical strength. i have gained life long friends! i have gained tools and resources to help me become a happier, healthier, better version of myself. i have gained freedom from myself & the battle i was playing with myself for years. ⁣

it has been a slow and steady journey. it has been taking one little step at a time, a lot of support & accountability but i am finally on the path of becoming who i want to become, all because of coaching. ⁣

i finally see i am enough! worthy of happiness, feeling amazing & living a life i ❤️. that when i prioritize myself, my health every area of life benefits. that i am capable of leading others into this amazing opportunity! ⁣

i realize this is such a gift! your health, financial freedom, making your dreams a reality, feeling amazing in your own skin, having the tools to face the ups and downs of life, the resources to become the healthiest you, becoming who you want to be! the sky is the limit!⁣

whether you are looking to find your thing, needing health & wellness accountability, a community of women that will have your back night and day or to earn an additional income, all while making yourself, your health a priority, i want and cannot wait to make an impact with you! ⁣

i am blocking off time to mentor 3 women that are ready to change their life and make an impact! if this sounds like you, dm me or drop a ❤️! let’s do this together!

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Semana 38 de embarazo, expectativa vs. realidad! 🤣🤰
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Consider this your reminder to update your estate plan if you haven’t recently! your life situation may have changed since you first wrote your will. maybe you have new kids or grandkids or maybe you have a new favorite cause that you’d like to leave money to.⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
don’t just set your will and forget it. make sure that your designations are updated so that no matter what happens, your estate is handled the way you want it to be. if you are in texas i can help you review, update, or establish your estate plan.⁣

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A special request from parents. love creating custom art for my clients. the baby was safely posed on a beanbag and composited in photoshop with this digital background.⁠⠀
copyright: zesty orange photography by olesya redina austin tx ⁠⠀
for booking: ⁠⠀

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Brrrr!! baby it’s cold outside! if you’re in the area stop in at @austinteaxchangecafe for a yummy hot drink to warm up! they have lots of fresh, tasty, healthy food options too! today i had the lavender matcha with oat milk! sooo yum! 💛
#atxeats #healthyfood #simpleingredients #matchagreentea #matchalatte #oatmilk #juiceandjessgiveaway #lakewaytx #beecave #babyitscoldoutside❄️ #eatrealfood #atxmom #lavendar #healthyish

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So glad i got a chance to snap a few photos of darbi when i went to houston this weekend. she’s expecting twin baby girls soon and she was seriously glowing ♥️

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but these lashes are so delightful! we know that lashes are a special treat for many so all month long we are offering classic sets like this for $150. treat yourself to lashes this holiday season! call 737-237-3588 or book online!⁠
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From my session with candice 💕 maternity boudoir will always be a favorite for me. she just looks so strong and powerful, but also so elegant and feminine. women are truly amazing 🥰

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2019 meetups! nov 26, dec 17th 🎨 usually the last tuesday of every month, always at terrazas library 📚 #atxartist #artistmom #atxmom #artistmomlife

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I’m so glad that we spent everyday outside this weekend, now that it’s 30 degrees outside. 🥶 @umlaufsculpture put on a really fun family day on sunday, that nigel really enjoyed. thank you for making art fun!

#atxmom #goneoutdoors #familyfunday #nigelsvillageinaustin

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Have you listened to our latest episode yet? dr. eboni lunsford calbow shares ways to parent school-aged children and how we can better support our schools and educators. now available wherever you get your podcasts. don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review!

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@acog_org recommends that healthy pregnant folks, once cleared for exercise by their medical provider, get 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week. they define moderate intensity as a level of difficulty that allows you to continue talking🗣 but would restrict you from singing🎤 .

how can you get that moderate intensity exercise, you ask? a number of ways, mostly depending on what feels comfortable for you and what you were doing prior to pregnancy.
moderate intensity exercise can be achieved with a brisk walk, elliptical, running, a stationary bike, swimming, weight lifting, participating in group exercise classes… the list could go on.
for folks who weren’t active prior to pregnancy, i typically recommend beginning with a brisk walk. for those who were, i often recommend continuing a similar exercse regimen that they were participating in prior to pregnancy, assuming it continues to feel good.
⚡️⚡️i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. more times than not, if it feels good, you’re safe to keep on keeping on. if it doesn’t feel good, modify and move on.⚡️⚡️
*those who are high risk for pre-term labor, have severe inemia, preeclampsia, placenta previa and a number of additional conditions should follow their providers guidelines.*

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You’re invited! tonight come sip organic keto wines and enjoy guilt-free desserts while we learn about how to be holistically healthy women @rivercitywellnessatx 📍get all the details and rsvp for this free event at the calendar 🔗in profile☝🏼
🙋🏼‍♀️as women it's often hard to find good resources for health. we are surrounded by fad diets and deceiving 'health' articles. how do we know who to listen to? the doctors of river city wellness have put together all the latest research for women's health and they are determined to share it with the ladies of austin.
bring a friend and together lets get excited about becoming healthy women!
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Something as natural as breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally. whether it’s a major concern or just a checkup from a professional to make sure that things are going well, an ibclc can help.

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It was nice to take a break with my favorite #circlecmoms this weekend. but i’m ready to be back to work and counting down the days til launch!⁠

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Yes, i’m seriously just an ordinary girl who... .
1. was struggling big time to get in shape after having 2 kiddos. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
2. was loaned a set of dvds to get started with my wellness journey and once i pushed play i was completely hooked! 💪🏾
3. didn’t even know that coaches were a thing. 🙈. remember my friend loaned me some dvd’s. i didn’t even know all that was out there. 🙃
4. once i realized what all was out there, i found a coach to help cheer me on, began working on my nutrition with superfoods and a portion control program which gave me the results i was hoping for!💃
5. i decided i wanted to share my story to help others - because if i didn’t know, maybe you don’t know either!!!🤷‍♀️
6. i started off by helping a few friends and our community is growing monthly! i believe in these programs because i know they work. i’m proof of the product. my life was changed because of them and theirs have been too! 🤗

the moment i decided to take back my overall wellness, i realized i had everything i needed to be successful and was given a huge gift to share the opportunity with others. i love how i’ve transformed with my faith journey through this opportunity as well. realizing quiet time, a daily devotional, gratitude, my community and affirming who i am and what i believe daily has been a huge for me as i continue day to day.

i’m beyond grateful to partner with women who are ready for a change. i share my story not to boast or brag. i share it to help those reading it. to help those that are sitting and wondering if maybe this could be for them. i truly care about helping people achieve their goals - whatever they might be!

my door is always open, and my women of courage group is still open for you to be a part is not too late - let’s link arms together to live our best lives as we get stronger - one day at a time. ❤️. want more details???? pm me. i’m just a quick message away. i promise i don’t bite. inquiring isn’t obligating you to a thing, but if you don’t inquire how do you know if this isn’t a good fit for you🤷‍♀️!

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¿te ha pasado que alguien hace un juicio sobre ti que no tiene nada que ver con cómo eres realmente? o del otro lado, ¿has hecho juicios sobre alguien y luego te das cuenta que lo que pensabas de esa persona no era verdad? 🤔 ⠀

💗sobre eso hablamos en este episodio de nosotras en el café, una mujer que me encanta, liliana beverido. @menteprodigiosacoaching ella es coach de vida experta en procesos de transformación quien además es co-fundadora de amiga hispana organización sin fines de lucro en apoyo a la mujer.⠀

✨la historia de vida de liliana es testimonio de transformación y resiliencia en sí misma. ⠀

dime que opinas de este tema, te parece interesante? amo leerte!⠀

🎙únete a nuestra plática en spotify, youtube y apple podcasts, búscame como nosotras en el café ⠀

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The little man and i went on an adventure to @target today with my mom today and man this kid had a blast! ⁣

of course we had to stop and check out all the balls and sesame street toys we could find but dude, this grocery cart was the biggest hit! ⁣

he was having the time of his life pushing it all around target. it was so great to see what such a simple thing could bring so much joy to him and to others. ⁣

left and right people were stopping to let this maniac through, and they were smiling the biggest smiles. ⁣

it truly is about the simple things in the life, the simple joys. don’t be afraid to go out there and enjoy your life! ⁣

don’t be afraid to push around your little pink cart through target! your joy, your happiness can spread to others around you! ⁣

i have watched this video at least 10x already and it still makes me smile! happiness overload! ❤️

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I have been sharing a lot about food the last few days but girl, i am gearing up for the holidays! ⁣

and guess what? i am over the moon excited to eat holiday food! ⁣

this is actually my first year in over a decade where my mindset isn’t going to be restricting me from enjoying all the amazing foods that come with the holidays, including last year. ⁣

i have been on a nutrition journey since may 2018 & to be truthful, it hasn’t been all that easy. i was stuck in this mindset that food was the devil. that food, any & all food, would make me fat. i ate because i didn’t want someone being concerned about me. ⁣

y’all, i thought i was good, that i had it all under control. i valued my worth by the dang number on the scale and the size of my jeans. ⁣

holidays, i would fill my plate 1/2 full, spread the food around, eat some of what was there and nibble on 1 dessert. ⁣

i took naps at holiday gatherings because i didn’t have the energy to stay awake. i felt blah. i was never fully living in the moment and my mind was constantly thinking how could i work off the food that i just ate. crazy but true. ⁣

may 2018 my life was about to change. my mindset about food was about to change. ⁣

i started a nutrition program honestly because the majority of my team was diving into this new program. i didn’t want to feel left out. i didn’t want to be an outcast. ⁣

i learned about why i should be eating food. the importance of every food group, including fiber filled carbs. when i should be eating certain foods. how to eat during the holiday, while traveling, emotional eating & more! ⁣

i still follow this program today! it’s super easy! the only tool i need is a plate. no counting! ⁣

i was skeptical & i started slow. i first started with breakfast and moved my way to where i was following the program for the whole day! ⁣

my life has changed. i now see the power of food, of healthy nutrition! i can now eat burgers weekly. have ice cream and wine on date nights and not think about how i will work all of that off. enjoy birthday cake & holiday foods!⁣

i ❤️ to eat! i have a new relationship with food! i am excited to be heading into the holidays with this new minds

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Monday motivation: working to squat as perfectly as my daughter! #minamibebe #squatsquatsquat #squatlikeagirl #atxmom #austinmoms

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Delivered one baby at the hospital this morning and met three new ones in the office! lots of congratulating today.

#todaywasagoodday #itsthecircleoflife #rainingbabies #threefer #somethinginthewater #approachabledocs #obgynlife #womeninmedicine #pregnant #obstetrics #preggo #babybump #atxobgyn #atxmom #mamadoctor #atxbaby

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Hanging up @aftpgallery ✨ this piece is hypnotizing and colorful!! you can purchase or just go check it out ✨
i was proud of this was from a group of pieces i made with resin,hologram and layering everything. it took a while for me to try it and it still takes me a few weeks to complete one. it takes a good concentration and focus at the time...and a good mood and good song!! and this one is a good one to have hanging in any light or in the dark 🌙✨ .
@dazed_and_painting .
. ✨ #atx #austintexas #atxartist #austinartist #madeinaustin
#atxlife #budatx
#austintexasthings #austinliving #atxart #madeinaustin #atxlifestyle #austin360
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Heading into the busiest time of year, we are especially grateful for our wonderful clients! thank you for trusting us with your lashes, brows, and time! we are so happy to be kicking off our first holiday season with such awesome clients! ready to wake up beautiful? call 737-237-3588 (atx). 865-338-2822 (knox), or book online! #tistheseason
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Heading into the busiest time of year, we are especially grateful for our wonderful clients! thank you for trusting us with your lashes, brows, and time! we are so happy to be kicking off our first holiday season with such awesome clients! ready to wake up beautiful? call 737-237-3588 or book online! #tistheseason
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🙏🏼i’m diving in and going insta-deep this week. 💔i want to be really honest and tell you that my own journey to choosing thankfulness has been at times heartbreakingly painful. learning to live in thankfulness has meant looking straight at my circumstances- anxiety, depression, loss of a baby, loss of jobs, friends & community- and choosing to see glimmers of hope. sometimes all i could give thanks for was a flower, a cloud or even pain that kept reminding me i was still alive. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
@annvoskamp ‘s book #onethousandgifts made it to my hands during one of those times of deep suffering and began to shed light on my pain and give me purpose in it. i learned to give thanks hands raised in the midst of hurt rather than waiting until i was on the other side of it. i learned to look for little things that meant i was living life not just getting through it- even p*e on the toilet seat, because boys 😂.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
❤️gratefulness opens our hearts so that joy can be poured in! if you’re in a hard place right now bookmark this and keep coming back to be reminded that you are not alone! .
#southaustinmoms #thelocalmomsnetwork #givingmomsthegiftoftime #local #momlife #atxmom #austinmom #austin #atx #austinfamily #austinkids #atxkids #southaustinliving #tweenmom #austinmomblogger #momblogger #momresource #igmotherhood #momsofinstagram #realparenthood #keepitreal #unitedmotherhood #documentchildhood #documentyourdays #hereandnow #joy #joyfulparenting #bestofmom #choosingthankfulness

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I used to be scared to not post a sexy photo of myself. i used to think i had to post something outrageous, sexy or unbelievable to get the likes i wanted. i used to think that was important. but then god shook my world up and reminded me just who i am and who i am and him and it is not that. so i’ve gained a different perspective, i need to do me and to do what i feel my purpose is on this earth and if that only inquires 20 likes then hip hip hooray i’ve reached 20 people who needed to see the post. you see, we are all put on this earth for a purpose and it is not for the amount of followers or likes we get. as long as we are fulfilling that purpose then we are right where we are supposed to be. i hope this reached someone today it was meant to. .
outfit linked app. .
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Who says ghosts are only for halloween? we love this great read centered around inclusivity for any time of year!

roderic comes from a long line of sheet wearing ghosts - everyone looks exactly alike. roderic has always felt a bit different from his family, and he tries out various ways to represent his individuality until finally finding one that sticks.

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It’s #meetamommonday @🌟lolita rodriguez founded lola’s classic babies to help new parents get set up for babydom- making that transition from the baby-free life to the baby-ruled life 👶🏽👑. after finding her on instagram i reached out to chat about @lolas_babies and life in austin. like many #mompreneur businesses here, lolita started off doing smaller projects for friends and family and it quickly grew into a creative niche and small business. read the full interview on from the meet a mom 🔗in profile☝🏼
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momboss monday // i try to meet 1 new person at least, a week. do you? how do you network 30 min a week? where do you go? what do you need to prepare? my 5 tips for how to set up a networking meeting:.
.1). ask the person for an informational interview or conversation over coffee. .
.2). ask the person what time works best for their calendar, remember you are asking them for information, so try to be sensitive to their schedule.
.3). schedule the time with a meeting invite from your phone/email calendar to make it professional (if you don't know the person, maybe don't do this for your friends!). .
.4). prepare your resume and business cards, if you have them, in advance and bring 1-2 copies to the meeting. .
.5.) follow up the meeting with an email or hand-written thank you and capturing any action items or next steps. . . #workingmom #ilovetexas #exploretexas #traveltexas #igtexas #austin #atxblogger #austinite #austintx #austintexas #atxmom #austin360 #iloveatx #batcity #exploreaustin #igaustintexas #austinlife #do512 #atxlife #momtrepreneur #momsupportingmoms #mompreneur #laptoplifestyle #ladyboss #ladybosslife #bunintheoven #austintx #newmama #mamamia @rocksbox #rocksbox #rocksboxitgirl

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#mamamonday here are some of our favorite mamas this week! ❤️ what are some mom instagram ages you love!?

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Mom made. mom approved. very carpet friendly. #momapproved

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Exercising during pregnancy may help you… but your baby, too!

looking for another reason to get or stay active during pregnancy? a recent study from east carolina university found that exercise may not just have a positive impact on pregnant folks, but also on their babies.
this study looked at 71 healthy, pregnant women in their first trimester, carrying a single baby. they were split into two groups: one that would continue their regular routine and one that would begin 50 minute, monitored, moderate intensity cardio exercise, 3 times per week.
a month following birth, the babies were brought back in to have their motor skills and reflexes tested by a pediatric physical therapist. interestingly, results consistently found that babies whose parent exercised during pregnancy tended to perform better on the tests, indicating that their motor skills were more advanced.
it’s difficult to account for all factors. maybe the more active people continued to have more active play with their babies after birth and that contributed to these disparities in motor skills. this study isn’t proof as much as it is food for thought.
it’s important to note that all folks in the study went on to have healthy babies, at healthy birth weight, demonstrating healthy development and motor skills, regardless of their assigned group. additionally, these people had uncomplicated pregnancies with no contraindication to exercise. .
but either way, pretty cool, right?
effects of aerobic exercise during pregnancy on 1-month infant neuromotor skills. mcmillan et. al. 2019.
🎥 by @massy.arias

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Big 5 mario bro’s cake. ❤️❤️❤️#atxfoodie #atxmom

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It’s hero fay at school, so #onlymymeggie went in her red, white, and blue, and her navy hat and bow from @deep_south_duckie
happy veterans day!

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Momboss monday // i try to meet 1 new person at least, a week. do you? how do you network 30 min a week? where do you go? what do you need to prepare? my 5 tips for how to set up a networking meeting:.
.1). ask the person for an informational interview or conversation over coffee. .
.2). ask the person what time works best for their calendar, remember you are asking them for information, so try to be sensitive to their schedule.
.3). schedule the time with a meeting invite from your phone/email calendar to make it professional (if you don't know the person, maybe don't do this for your friends!). .
.4). prepare your resume and business cards, if you have them, in advance and bring 1-2 copies to the meeting. .
.5.) follow up the meeting with an email or hand-written thank you and capturing any action items or next steps. . . #workingmom #ilovetexas #exploretexas #traveltexas #igtexas #austin #atxblogger #austinite #austintx #austintexas #atxmom #austin360 #iloveatx #batcity #exploreaustin #igaustintexas #austinlife #do512 #atxlife #momtrepreneur #momsupportingmoms #mompreneur #laptoplifestyle #ladyboss #ladybosslife #bunintheoven #austintx #newmama #mamamia @rocksbox #rocksbox #rocksboxitgirl

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An old friend that i used to teach with back in the day got married a couple years ago and asked me to make him some texvsmex cookies for his wedding. i wasn't able to because we were traveling but i have been dreaming of this set ever since. he, very sweetly, ordered them for his wife's birthday ♥️♥️♥️ i love them so much and wanted to put them up on my wall instead of deliver them, ha
#quebuenobakery #mexicancookies #texancookies #happybirthdaymiamor #atxvegan #atxeats #atxbakery #atxmom #texasmonthly #vegancookies #dairyfree #eggfree #nutfree #foodallergies #allergyfriendly #muelleratx

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Look what i found in #atx today! i love plants 🌱 y’all! these are aeroponic garden systems! you can grow greens and herbs indoor or out in less than 3 square feet! there’s no dirt & it waters itself! and these systems grow plants 3x faster & produce 30% more than average traditional gardening and use 98% less water. .

just think you could have healthy fresh food literally at your finger tips in your own home! .

if you’re interested in growing more colorful, tastier, better smelling and incredibly nutritious produce in your own kitchen, back porch, balcony, garage...ask me! i can help you get started. 🥬🥬🥬
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Being a parent is a beautiful thing but it can be the scariest and toughest at times. my poor gabby gave us the biggest scare this morning. we were getting ready for church when all of a sudden we heard a huge thud come from the girls room followed by lots of screaming and crying. when i ran into the girls room i saw nathalia holding her hand over gabby’s forehead and tons of blood dripping down her hand onto her arm. i always freeze up when things like this happen in front of me, i don’t do well with blood. nathalia had to yell at me to “put pressure on her cut” as she handed her off to me. luckily dad came to the rescue. i was afraid to even look at the gash but lupe cleaned her up and got the bleeding under control. he’s so good under pressure and handled it like a champ. he took her in to the er and got her patched up, all while sending me off to church because i had to serve today. i almost didn’t go serve but when lupe saw it was under control he said for me to go and he’d take her. she’s doing fine now. a little bruised and a small gash but thank god it wasn’t worst. i don’t know what i would have done without lupe. he makes this parenting game a lot easier by being such an amazing team player. i’ve also gotta brag on nathalia (she’s one of a kind ) because she was so brave and handled the situation so well and took action right away. i can’t say i would have handled it as well as she did. she’s pretty amazing! anywho, our day may have started off on a scary note but as we finish off the day i am so grateful for this little family of mine who are a pretty stellar bunch. gonna love on my gabby a little more tonight and hold on a little tighter. my sweet brave girl.

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Anyone else shocked that i got all 4 of my babies smiling at the same time? 😂 #furbaby #furbabies #dogsofinstagram #doggroomersofinstagram #atx #atxdogs #austintexas #rottweiler #airedale #greatpyrenees #mixedpuppy #atxmom #dogmom

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Anyone else shocked that i got all 4 of my babies smiling at the same time? 😂 #furbaby #furbabies #dogsofinstagram #doggroomersofinstagram #atx #atxdogs #austintexas #rottweiler #airedale #greatpyrenees #mixedpuppy #atxmom #dogmom

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If there as a face out there that could describe how i felt about food not too long ago this would be a perfect interpretation. ⁣

food, any food, i thought was only necessary to eat to not feel dizzy. to make it through the day without feeling exceptionally weak. ⁣

i turned my nose up to any and all food. ⁣

a lot has changed with my mindset regarding food. y’all, i freaking ❤️ food! i love to eat now! ⁣

it has taken a lot of work, a lot of support & learning the importance that food is fuel! ⁣

with thanksgiving right around the corner i am getting so excited to eat all the yummy food. i remember a time when i would fill my plate 1/2 full and not eat dessert. ⁣

omg, i want to shake the old sara and talk some sense into her. ⁣

i will most definitely be treating myself. i will most definitely being having me some dessert! i will most definitely try everything. ⁣

i will also be eating my veggies most and drinking that water. ⁣

i normally love by the 80/20 rule but come holidays that shifts to more of a 60/40 rule. ⁣

my body will be like girl, what on earth. this isn’t what you normally give me and my taste buds will be like hell yeah, we are having a party today! ⁣

i know my body will need some love after treating and indulging in some most amazing thanksgiving food! ⁣

the monday after thanksgiving i am doing a 3 day refresh, to five back to my body. ⁣

this will help reduce that thanksgiving bloat, drop a couple of pounds, detoxify my body of all the goodies i ate & help me feel lighter and have more energy! ⁣

most importantly it will help break the cycle of bad nutrition and help establish healthy, new eating habits! ⁣

bring it on thanksgiving food! i am prepared to enjoy every part of you, including the food! i am ready! ⁣

will you be needing a refresh after thanksgiving? let’s give back to our bodies and refresh together! ⁣

btw, you get to eat real food while loving your body! don’t worry you won’t starve. actually you will gain more energy, sleep better, fit better into your clothes and feel fabulous! ⁣

comment ❤️ below to come refresh with me & a whole group of women! we will be doing this together!

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Sunday funday 🌈💖 except when the baby wakes you up at 4:50a, you’re sick, and still have to survive the day with three kids. 🤪🙄 i just wanted to lay on the couch, eat ice cream, and watch movies all day, butttt, as you can imagine, that’s not exactly how it went. 🙈🤣 #momlife #kingsfordsundaybest

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Y'all, we did all. the. things. this weekend. soccer, meetings, kids birthday parties, adult birthday parties, festivals, and brunch. who else is ready for a well deserved lash nap this week? call 737-237-3588 or book yours online today!⁠
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Y'all, we did all. the. things. this weekend. soccer, meetings, kids birthday parties, adult birthday parties, festivals, and brunch. who else is ready for a well deserved lash nap this week? call 865-338-2822 ( knox), 737-237-3588 (atx), or book yours online today!⁠
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This girl is happy we went to @costco today!

we stocked up on snacks, quick meals, and #allthethings. head to my stories to see everything we bought and our tried and true favorites.
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Simplifying the planning process is so important for me. this is how i do it!
👉as activities arise i mark them down in my digital calendar on my phone!
👉every sunday i do a quick brain dump - this allows me to get everything out of my brain onto a piece of paper.
👉next i transfer my brain dump & my digital content to my paper planner.
👉meal planning comes next! i include the whole family. we are all eating so we plan meals that most of us will enjoy! (i still have a picky 5 year old we are working around but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad!)
👉i order groceries online! this is a game changer for me! i have them delivered straight to my door every sunday evening so we have what we need for the week.
👉i plan out all the things! activities, meals, self care, daily devotional time - when the kids need to be picked up late or arrive to school early! anything that is my responsibility gets written down. even when my co-workers are on vacation so i can prepare my mind the day before so i know what to expect.

planning has been important to me for a long time. it is helpful to know what’s coming up, what to expect and what i need to prepare for. you know - take the meat out of the freezer the night before or quick stop to the store mid-week for that classroom party i signed up to bring cheese cubes for.

i use the @simplified planner and have been for years. there’s plenty of room for planning, lists and more! was this helpful? do you have any tips you’d like to share?
👇i am always up for a new tip or ten. 🤗

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Ya llegamos a las 38 semanas 🥳
estamos a una semana de mi cesárea
y siento que he disfrutado muchísimo este embarazo; por ser el tercero creo que estoy más relajada mentalmente, en comparación con mis dos primeros. aunque ha sido más pesado en mi cuerpo (asumo por la edad jejeje 😏) ha sido una linda experiencia. esta semana estaré despidiendo esta etapa y preparándome para la exigencia de tener un recién nacido en casa... mis expectativas son muy diferentes a las que tuve con mi primero hijo.
en fin, feliz domingo mis amores bellos y gracias por compartir conmigo esta aventura de la maternidad 🥰🤰🤱
#babybump #38weekspregnant #embarazo #maternidad #atxmom #embarazada

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I always knew that kids need to go outside to help them be more calm, but i didn’t know that being outside all day with my son would make an even bigger difference! he was so content and satisfied at the end of the day.
#parentingwin #goneoutdoors #atxmom #nigelsvillageinaustin

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What a fun park in round rock! spent hours there and didn’t get to play with everything.
#goneoutdoors #atxmom #nigelsvillageinaustin

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We have a playground in our subdivision two blocks from our house. i’d say she’s more than happy to scoot over there 🛴
she has adjusted so well to life in texas. her favorite thing about our new house is the playroom and her special hiding place (we have a harry potter closet under the stairs)
love her 💗

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Thankfulness is a habit that is intentionally, and sometimes painfully, formed and can literally transform your life. it did mine! i have a memory of laying on my bed in the middle of the day, moping, feeling sorry for myself... mentally and emotionally imprisoned by comparison. i had allowed myself to believe the lie that other women had it better than i and all the “if only i had ___” thoughts had blinded me to all my blessings. after an embarrassing pity party i felt compelled to go for a walk and give thanks for everything i saw, everything tangible and intangible blessing i had been given.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
before the afternoon had passed my perspective had completely shifted! my circumstances were exactly the same, but thankfulness had altered my heart. for many years since then i have endeavored to practice giving thanks- sometimes i’ve written down things as they come to mind, sometimes i’ve written three things at the beginning or end of each day. now any time comparison comes to darken my door i can immediately recognize that i’ve forgotten to practice thankfulness. so, what are you thankful for today? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
today, i’m thankful for-⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-the warm sun on our backs at a bday party⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-giggly girls⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-an end of season soccer victory ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-clean laundry piles
#southaustinmoms #thelocalmomsnetwork #givingmomsthegiftoftime #local #momlife #atxmom #austinmom #austin #atx #austinfamily #austinkids #atxkids #southaustinliving #tweenmom #austinmomblogger #momblogger #momresource #igmotherhood #momsofinstagram #realparenthood #keepitreal #unitedmotherhood #documentchildhood #documentyourdays #hereandnow #joy #joyfulparenting #bestofmom #momstyle #thankfulness

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🙋🏼‍♀️ i’m over here genuinely curious if you find the weekdays or weekends tougher with your kids?? 😑😝 i super hate the hustle of getting my kindergartner off to school, but i loooove that someone else gets to enjoy his rambunctious personality for eight hours a day. 🙈🙌🏻 you know what else i love — the @lilyjadeco elizabeth bag and it’s being retired, meaning it’s now at the lowest price ever of $199. 🤩🥳 i’ve been open about the fact that is my fave lily jade style, so if you’ve been on the fence now is the time to snag one! 💁🏼‍♀️ #meghanloveslilyjade

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Here are some fun pirate jokes to tell your kiddos. 🌊☠️🦜 #dadjokes q: why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
a: because they can spend years at c.

q: what is a pirates favorite letter of the alphabet?
a: you’d think it’s r but it’s actually the c. 🤣🤣🤣
#parenting #jokesforkids #dadlife #funnydad #pirates #preschoolerfun #preschoolers #momsandmamas #ittakesavillage #mypirateship #myfamily #familyfun #atxkids #austintx #atxlifestyle #atxmom #saturdayvibes #funnymemes #funnyparenting #workingmom #wahm #momissues #parentingmemes #womensupportingwomen #ohheymamas #piratesofthecaribbean #fall2019 #preschoolers #preschools

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Made with safe, food-grade ingredients, now you can feel confident spraying pest protection around kids and pets of all ages. #momapproved

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