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Pause squats▪︎179kg/395lbs ×3
and 188kg/415lbs ×2 then some more volume at lighter weights after.

work on that mobility of yours if your squats sucks: ankles, hips and hamstrings are usually the tight spots that restrict most people from going lower in their squats.

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184kg/405lb amrap

felt like i had 2-4 more reps in the tank but didn't want to sacrifice form so decided to call it.

have a great and productive day people 🤙

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🏋️‍♀️10 tips to improve your s****h mobility🏋️‍♀️ top weightlifters catch as low as they possibly can because it’s the most stable & allows them to lift the most weight (they don’t have to lift the bar as high). here are some ways you can work to improve your bottom position:

1. wear weightlifting shoes
2. the most important thing is to weightlift consistently. specificity. s****h & clean a lot
3. add in s****h grip sots press 3-4days/wk in your general warmup even if you’re not snatching
4. even if you do catch the bar “high” or power s****h it on normal working sets- overhead squat it afterwards as low as you can possibly go (take it relatively slow & focus on perfect positioning
5. warm up extra! take an extra 10min with general warmup / barbell warmup to get a sweat going before loading up weight
6. get as low as you can from your first rep w/ the empty bar all the way up to your working sets
7. jump on a @invictus_weightlifting program (i’m the head coach). let me help you!
8. pause at the bottom for 3-5 seconds on every rep if getting low is a major issue for you
9. go as low as you can on front squats & back squats for maximal carryover
10. embrace the process. it will not happen overnight. mobility takes time. be very diligent, patient, & mindful with all of your reps in training
11. look into @romwod ( romwod.com/jared for a free trial). stretching routines that take only 20min/day.

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585 lbs. | 635 lbs. | 675 lbs. | 700 lbs. x 2 | @c3muscle #respectthedepth

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Som många av er redan sett så blev det i veckan offentligt att det var jag som i år fick ta emot atgs drömfond! 🙉 så jag tänkte bara med denna post tacka alla som hört av sig efteråt, som röstat och hejat under vägens gång och såklart extra tack till @atgdromfond och @travronden . 😘 ni är grymma hela högen och det här kommer betyda så mycket för min satsning på travet. 😭🙏🏻 #drömfonden #atg #travronden #älskatrav #xlntchilitripel #hästärbäst #matildasäventyr

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