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Just a quick sketch i did on the bus on my friend @_sm0key._ 's ipad xd

#sketch #red #edgy #digitalpen #art #artwork #cat #evil

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resep herba

gagal ginjal

gagal ginjal terminal (ggt) terjadi bila fungsi ginjal sudah sangat buruk dan penderita mengalami gangguan metabolisme protein, lemak dan karbohidrat. ginjal yang sakit tidak bisa menahan protein darah (albumin) yang seharusnya dilepaskan ke urine. awalnya terdapat dalam jumlah sedikit (mikro-albuminuria). bila kondisinya semakin parah akan terdapat pula protein lain (proteinuria). jadi berkurangnya fungsi ginjal menyebabkan terjadinya penumpukan hasil pemcecahan protein yang beracun bagi tubuh, yaitu ureum dan nitrogen. gangguan itu disebut sindroma uremia dengan gejala mual dan muntah.

gejala :
gejala gagal ginjal adalah gejala atau tanda tanda bahkan ciri ciri yang bisa menyebabkan penyakit gagal ginjal ini terjadi dan muncul. penyakit ini bisa dialami oleh siapa saja, bagi yang tidak bisa merawat kondisi tubuh atau badan dengan bak dan benar. penyakit ini bisa terjadi, karena adanya perusakan ginjal yang ada di dalam tubuh sehingga tisak bisa bekerja pada o***n tubuh teresbut. dan salah satu penyebabnya adalah karena adanya penyakit kanker dan penyakit diabetes yang dialaminya.

herba hni hpai :
- pegagan hs : 1 kapsul
- madu multiflora : 1 sdm
- larutkan madu dengan segelas air dan campur dengan pegagan hs. minum 2x sehari

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Qotd: have you felt like you’re not at someone else’s beauty standards? and why? ⚜️☁️

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Only 13 💞
song: creep
@pmjofficial @haleyreinhart
sorry for the bad lighting and audio

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Maybe i want to feel a little more than nothing.

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//at the back of our school was like an alley, and i was in like 3rd grade, and there was this chick i had a crush on, and we were walking back there and then i held her hand and then she kept holding my hand, and then we walked out the alley and she turned and gave me a kiss on my lips and let go of my hand and ran into the s... into like f*****g recess and i was like yo// 🖤😈💜🎵

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Slave to god #oil#oilpainting#artoftheday #art#painting#old#gods#hell#slave#soul #iowa #instaartist #instaart #death #horror #heavymetal #gatekeeper #heaven #trashart

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to jericha
pretend this bitter coffee is a shot of spirit that i’m gulping down
thought i was living in a movie scene
this love story is suddenly coming to an end
but i’m still sitting here alone by myself
ice cold water running making my head ache
but i feel like i enjoyed numbness a little better
long hair covering over my dim and unclear eyes
making me more unable to see with my chaotic mind
the lonely mirror stares at me cold in the face
a smile doesn’t cover up for my weakened eyes
so afraid that i will not be strong enough to cry out
feels like my heart has hardened like a rock
what my mouth can’t seem to say out loud is goodbye
what my heart can’t seem to let go of is yesterday
those beautiful memories the times i was with you
making me smile a little also my heart to ache a little
ah, goodbye dear dear summer
having you by my side i learned how to love
ah, goodbye dear dear summer
the days with you were my favorite memories
ah, goodbye my imaginary lover
in my dreams we hugged so tightly
you gave me motivation to search within my heart
making me became a better me today
ah, goodbye my dreams of yesterday
i will walk down memory lanes smiling
all those things i know, i like, i love and deeply loved
i tried them, did them, felt them, and smiled with them
freedom of yesterday flew away with the wind
tomorrow freedom will be even more beautiful
my wild heart that seeks adventure, dear jericha
it’s time to find a home for it, don’t you think dear?
(i’ll miss you, summer)

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Este #sabado @carlospradoec te esperamos para que disfrutes lo máximo de nuestro pentagrama nacional @ronaldproduction #promocionandoandamos #artist #art #ecuador🇪🇨 ...te esperamos

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