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Due to unforeseen circumstances (aka me getting sick as a dog and not functioning), my mental health monday series will start next week.

anxiety is the first area i’m going to touch on. the cartoon above does a good job of depicting anxiety in a humorous way. thoughts like those are constantly on a loop in my head. “what if i don’t finish this project good enough?” “what if they don’t like me?” “what if they think i’m a terrible speaker?” “what if the plane crashes?” ... you get the drift.

i’ve been told many times to, “just get over it.” like this is something i can flip on and off with a switch. because people don’t understand what anxiety is, how it works, or what it’s like to live with it, it’s easy to assume those of us who do struggle should just be able to make it go away. it’s a lot more complex than that, which i’ll delve into on the blog.

do you live with anxiety?

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How many of you with anxiety feel better when you are in control?
✨ how many of you feel better when you have order?
✨ one of the most prevalent fears people have is that of losing control.
✨ this is the fear that if you don't manage to control the outcome of future events, something terrible will happen.
✨ this creates a continuous heightened state of stress which causes anxiety!
✨ what situations make you feel out of control?
✨ comment below!

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Secrets of people who live with anxiety...
✨ it has been my mission in life to raise awareness about mental health disorders, especially anxiety.
✨ this is a wonderful video on what it means to be someone living with anxiety.
✨ you may think you know, but you have no idea.
✨ remember that everyone is struggling with something you know nothing about.
✨ be supportive.
✨ be nonjudgmental.
✨ be open to listen with a genuine heart.
✨ leave a ❤️ in the comments section to raise awareness about mental health/anxiety and teach others more about what it can look like for you.

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Do you recognize any of these symptoms when you become anxious?
✨ anxiety can present itself in many different ways!
✨the mind and the body are connected so...
✨ it is common that you may experience some physical symptoms when you become anxious!
✨ it’s important to remind yourself that anxiety can look different for everyone!
✨ what symptoms do you experience when you become anxious?
✨ comment below!

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When was the last time you cried?🥵

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The more you know, the better. how many of these can you relate to? comment below 👇👇
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Can anyone relate?
✨ offer support, not judgement!
✨ comment below!

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