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#asingerslife #mystory#loved #stones #parents#anopenbook all was great eating hot fudge sunday’s gaining weight was always a problem for me but now i made up for it . wegotacall from the adoption people and they had a baby boy for us in toronto. chocked up i told her that i was pregnant. she said it happens and they would keep our file open just in case. that was great . they were always so kind. so all was great until the seventh month. i was in so much pain . we went to emergency and my gp nigel and my gynaecologist dr. thomas had an excellent internist come in and he informed us that tests showed i had a lot of kidney stones. he explained that normal pregnancy everything expands in a woman and the stones would/ should easily pass but in my case because of the stent they put in years ago the stones were acting like barnacles attaching to the stent. he wanted to operate right away but my other doctors disagreed and decided to have me hospitalized for the remainder of my pregnancy and they had another doctor who was a j**k but ... don’t you hate it when we’re supposed to let a*s holes slide because they graduated at the top of the class? give me someone who was third or fourth in the class. so there i was in bad pain and this doctor put in a double j catheter. it still hurt a lot but how bad i wanted babies. it wasn’t quite time when i went into labour. we had jesse on the same day as my own birthday!!!! wow!!! i thought i would sing to the baby during labour but i couldn’t think i was in so much pain. the only thing i could think of were jingles!! what!!?? yes jingles but i couldn’t sing i would try then i would say “ put me out!!!!!!!! then i’d be embarrassed and try to tell a joke and scream again. tried to wait but nonononono they did a cesarean section and happy birthday!!!! to jesse!!!!!! and me!!!!! but i still had the kidney stones so they sent me home with baby and the double j catheter to have some baby time before the kidney stones would have to come out. corlynn hanney wrote and recorded a most beautiful song called jesse, you gotthe love ❤️ what a beautiful gift.

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#asingerslife #instagram #mystory #anopenbook #payingdues with nancy disappearing and us looking everywhere for her for days , worried and frustrated the ministry said she can’t break the household rules and she wanted to go home so that was it. i felt so bad like we had completely failed nancy but the councillor assured me that we had shown her what love can and should look like and that she won’t ever forget that. hmmm.. but in the summer we were on 4th ave. and a voice was yelling our names. when we turned it was nancy running to us and huge hugs ensued. she told us thank you and she loved us. she said she and her sister moved away from the family with her sisters baby and she was looking after the baby for her sister and getting her grade 12 and she had some good plans ahead. fantastic!! we felt a lot better. so a few months after that we contacted an adoption agency and started the process to find a baby for us. we told the person there that any baby would be loved wholeheartedly . they did all their checking even with what i thought were odd questions like “ how would you feel about adopting a red headed baby.” what?? of course we would love that. she then told me that she has had people turn down red heads. wow i thought that’s crazy but ok we will love any baby. so we move into the waiting game and move forward until i got very ill. yes i was pregnant again. donna lawerence who worked at ggrp was going through losing pregnancies like me. i told donna i was pregnant again and she said she was as well. we both decided not to tell anyone other than each other this time. that’s how we went until we were well into it we told no one. donna had her little girl prematurely and baby did well even though she was so tiny i made her clothes for a doll to wear while she grew. please see the next post above for more.

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I am thankful for where i am at at this very moment.. this has been a tough month for me but i know i’m moving in the right direction in life and having faith in the strength of my heart and the way it pulls at me so.. one of the greatest gifts we all have as humans is adaptability .. be conscious of your surroundings always because you can adapt to the best or the worst of circumstances.#imhuman but actually #imanalien #feelingwise #moretocome here’s to being #anopenbook #proudofmyself

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#asingerslife #anopenbook #lessonslearned#duespaid #instagram lesson 2 continued. the club was jammed. full of fans, musicians, friends, all enjoying the night. now the stage was set so that i was at one end on my bg mic. and he was at the other end of the stage. the song starts and the first verse we state but into the 2nd verse i start to do my thing. i have to say i have sung this tune for years and knew it and what i was doing but..he didn’t and before i knew it things got weird, like he was lost but i think he must have thought i was lost. we couldn’t find each other. i couldn’t seem to lay down where we should be and because of our physical positions and i couldn’t signal him to cut the tune short. it was a disaster! the whole song! oh man!! we finally reached the end of the song where it goes spring can really hang you up.. the most . but completely frustrated i sang very slowly spring ..can..really..hang..you..up.....fuck..................the most!! damn!!! i looked at the keys player and he looked at me and we were both distraught saying “i’m sorry.” while the whole crowd were on their feet applauding! i was beyond confused. i just wanted to get to the band room. as i walked people were still clapping and one musician friend said he’s heard a lot of versions of that tune but never like that and that was the best version he’s ever heard. i told him it was terrible and the look on his face was as if i had slapped him. lesson two if you’re singing in front of people it’s completely up to them to decide if they love something or didn’t listen in the first place. my growth with my art is a personal thing and how do i know it wasn’t great. i was too wrapped up in trying to fix something and maybe the fear energy that we both had,connected us deeper than if there were no problems. the point is we were fighting for it and connected.even though we thought it failed a room full of people said otherwise. so i’m really sorry i argued with the guy who said it was the best. lesson learned but there’ll be lessons to learn for a lifetime so don’ worry ‘bout it. oh and don’t try reading what silly brett wrote to me on that album .,bad brett

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Life is about acting maturely when needed, but some people don't understand the concept of maturity and end up creating disasters for others.
maturity doesn't come all of a sudden, it comes from small steps that you take towards building a better and greater you!
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Wonderful to see legendary australian writer david malouf in person this evening, in conversation with australia's best bookseller, mark rubbo. malouf has a new book of poetry out: an open book. he read some poems from it and talked expansively about his career. a lovely and charming man who is as sharp as ever at 84. .
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#asingerslife #instagram #joanitaylor #changes #anopenbook ray and i took possession of our new house and my dad, my brother jimm and our good friend joseph chappell helped us with the move to west vancouver. it was a warm day with a soft rain as i arrived at the house. my dad arrived next wearing a fedora like he was an old gangster then the truck with ray driving, joe was riding shotgun and brother jimm was inside the back of the truck making sure the things stayed in place. i had the front door open and dad as was getting out of his car in the quiet neighbourhood the truck slowly rolled up and came to a stop with the motor shut off and just then a loud banging from inside the truck storage area my brother is pounding on the back door yelling “help!! help!! i’ve been kidnapped by two black guys!! holy c**p ! this was our introduction to the new neighbourhood. then of course they chipped my piano and my dad said “don’t tell your mother.” ha! by the way this picture is after we fixed the place up years later.

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#asingerslife #anopenbook#australia#mystory #clauderanger. i was in trouble and don’s wife was worried as well. the guy was waving the fork at me and jabbing it into the air saying i was a ding liar., and that i probably couldn’t sing and his uncle could sing and he was getting closer. as i stood i saw that claude was at the door looking around. i just managed to catch his eye and call him over. when he got to our table the guy was really laying into me and claude said “what the f is dis?” so quick thinking and desperate i told claude that this guy is speaking parisian french and doesn’t get that canadian french is so different. claude looks and frowns and starts speaking to the guy in french. now the guy is happier and is listening and smiling. claude stops talking and starts to sit and the guy talks back to claude in french . claude stands up again frowning, and he shakes his head and says to the guy ....” what is dis sheeit? i don’t understand dis sheeit! he slammed his hand on the table and said something to him in french and with that the guy sat down and wouldn’t look at any of us again. oh damn! that was close! i stayed close to claude the rest of my part of the trip there and he was so sweet to me. i never did any faking or pretending anything again. whew!!

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#asingerslife #mylifestory#austrailia #joanitaylor #anopenbook. i got myself in trouble after we performed one night we were invited to a jazz bar in adelaide by old friend and drummer who played isy’s don knispel. we left the gig in a couple cars and when we arrived at the club. don’s wife and i were holding a table for the others. the long tables were laid out in rows don was on the bandstand as his wife and i ordered drinks. the table in front of us was full as was most of the house. we were talking and having our drinks with one eye on the door when don took to the mic and announced that i was a special guest in the room tonight and made me stand to be recognized. when i sat back down a very d***k australian guy said “ahhh you’re canadian, you speak french! i wanted to pretend i did speak french so i tried to leave the impression that i spoke a little french. because i knew just a little french from working on the rene simard show. eyieyieyie why why, why did i just do that! so this guy rattled off a whole lot of french to me and i was like a dear in headlights. i did my best to back it up by first saying i only spoke a little french. the guy stood up with a fork in his hand and started waving it around me . to continue reading please see the next post above this.

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Got myself a signed copy of david malouf's an open book from @riverbendbooks which, as you see i opened. and shut. and opened, and shut. and opened.
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#cbc #tv#asingerslife #instagram #everypicturehasastory #mystory this is joani taylor ,terry frewer melinda whitaker, rosalind keene and in the back bob hamper. this is a crazy story. so we would be featured regularly on the show. this is the song operator. we pre record most of these group features then mime the song on the show. the order of shooting the show were randomly done so it was best to pre record. when rene was singing his voice was changing so we would record songs in two keys for him anyway... umm one of the recording engineers had a very pretty girlfriend who was a very good singer but her personality was just too eager. we had worked with her on a couple of other sessions and it was just a lot. it was just the wrong vibe. do you know what i mean? so we pre recorded the tune and had to come back on monday to live show and mime the thing. but over the weekend the engineer and his girlfriend went into the studio where he erased our vocals with our little lead parts and she , the girlfriend sang all the tracks to kind of audition to be a fourth renette. so we come to mime our song and alan is standing there at rehearsal for camera and lighting and as soon as we sing of course nothing is quite right and we’re missing the tight mime that needs to happen. i don’t remember about the other singers but we were all realizing that wasn’t our voices and this was a mess. alan started yelling at us to get it together and i shouted back “ that’s not us!!!! it was nuts that anyone would do this to us thinking it was a good idea. we were so angry and we had to quickly make it work. man good thing there weren’t many shows left to have to work with that engineer. i did go up one side of that girl and down the other and i ended up feeling bad for that and i apologized to her at a later date but come on now!! #anopenbook #duespaid

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Love is an open book!! (sing to that song in frozen 'love is an open door') day6 of #allthebooksoct18 prompt is open book. .... ... .. .

what are you reading this weekend?!? ... .. .

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#asingerslife #mystory#instagram#giging#blues#r&b#jazz #anopenbook. this is the elegant parlour and the pillar and post. i don’t know about before me but this building is still on david right near burrard. i think it’s still celebraties but it’s a huge building. i started sing in the upstairs ballroom called the embassy ballroom i think the band leader was max kushner not sure of the spelling, anyway after that it became the famous retinal circus run by roger schaffer where we saw so many local band with rock star type big followers like the collectors, seeds of time, tom northcott , mother tucker’s yellow duck, black snake , the good shepherds and on and on for local bands it was roger who was interested in bands playing original material as opposed to cover bands. of course there were also big name bands like country joe and the fish, muddy waters, velvet underground and many more. when i sang there there was a massive kitchen on the lower level where the elegant parlour was but it was deserted, so people would order fried chicken dinner or pizza and they would take the orders and send someone down the street to buy the pizza or whatever from a restaurant and put it on a plate and there you go! hahaha. i never ate there. when i sang there with i don’t know but ron johnston was in the band and jim mcgillvray and they had a oxygen tank in the band room. ha, i don’t know 🤔

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Day four: favorite tool or medium... paper. 📝 ❤️📓 i love the versatility of paper. i love to craft with it, making things for my home. i love using it for backdrops in photography projects i create. i love colorful, printed paper to mod podge on pretty much anything. hand making cards is more personal and intimate to me than just purchasing them, so layering and texturing paper for this brings me happiness. however, my favorite use for paper is writing. i have a highly analytical, deeply emotional, intensely passionate mind, so to speak. writing is my outlet; an escape for constant thoughts actively playing in my head. a blank sheet of paper is a medium for endless possibility. when i write, the true essence of who i am flows onto the paper and you get a deeper glimpse into my heart and soul. be it journaling for my psychological well being, a note to encourage another or those sleepless nights when the words fluidly flow onto the paper over something i feel a tug on my heart to share, paper will always be the medium of choice for me. #10creativespins #liveyourtruth #anopenbook #writing #journaling #prompt #challenge. @abbiz thank you again for launching this challenge. i’m loving the different twist on it, as well as the challenge of it.

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📚time to write the book...
truth, even tho it is uncomfortable to share my mistakes, shortcomings, anxiety, etc.🙀
every time i do, someone says how it helps them and they aren't alone. 🙏 the lord has done this with me since my kids were babies, right when all my stuff got seen from dealing with life and baggage that came off the plane i didn't know were checked in. share your story, it helped me & others and if you lead people, it will empower your team and family 💖💙
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#asingerslife instagram#sessionsinger #herstory#anopenbook#everypicturehasastory #interracialcouple so here we are as two in this time of our lives and we are good. we live together near main. my parents didn’t like him. they still had hope that murphy and i would get back together. i started to feel the looks and accusations i didn’t care. though it made me confused and sensitive to this change. people would look at me with distain,but it was a lot thicker when we would travel to seattle or anywhere in the u.s

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Augmented reality.🏠
📓an open book (david malouf, @uqpbooks )
🎉published as part of the 70th anniversary of the university of queensland press.
the publisher writes:
🌟as one of australia’s greatest living poets, malouf continues to meditate and reflect on themes of mortality and memory. the poems in an open book are attentive and evocative, vital and beautiful, revisiting and reimagining some of the key themes that have resonated with readers over his impressive career. only a few of these poems have ever been published, so most of the collection will be completely new to readers everywhere.
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