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But who’s the winner in the room? 1,2 or 3 🏁

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Do you prefer accessories over clothes?
me: 👀👀

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“all bodies are good bodies.” ❤️ i was blown away by the response to my stories yesterday about learning to love my body more and it was amazing to hear that so many of you are also working on appreciating your bodies for more than just what they look like!
with summer coming up it’s definitely something that plays on my mind a lot more, like how will i look in a bikini, or will my shorts from last year still even fit? we can be so h*****n ourselves, especially if we spend too much time scrolling through instagram looking at everyone’s best pictures so i think it’s important to remember that life’s too short to be unkind to yourself.

who are your favourite people to follow for some body positive vibes? 😘
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You know just casually jumping in front of the tram, blocking the road, to get a shot🐥🐥 just kidding, it wasn't moving anyway (though it looks like it when looking at its drivers facial expression) - really miss this beautiful city with endless tiles, cute corners and its amazing food!

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New coveted list is now up on lolitamas.com ✨ link in bio

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The award for most unoriginal eyeshadow collection goes to.... me! 🥳 neutrals are what i do and love best. kinda boring & basic but it’s flattering & easy to pull off. very on brand tbh. my personal style is the same. i don’t wear any color 😂
⚡️ @lilahbeauty palette perfection eye quad in b. stunning nude* ($58) - stunning packaging but so-so eyeshadow. that’s how i feel. i’m sorry! i love the bronze & champagne shimmer though! i hope they improve the formula cause i feel like these have the potential. almost there but not quite. esp considering the price
⚡️ @lorealmakeup infallible eyeshadow in bronzed taupe - one of the best drugstore eyeshadow formulas that everyone needs. pretty sure everyone forgot about these but not me. also l’oréal never expanded the kinda weird shade range. there’s only two shades i like. super intense metallic that lasts all day long. the only eyeshadow i can wear without primer. i don’t wear it enough!
⚡️ @andotherstories cameo lights ($11) - & other stories is the most underrated kinda sorta makeup brand. their eyeshadows are really good for the price. buttery smooth formula. great color payoff! haven’t tried any of their matte shadows but their metallics are worth it
⚡️ @smashboxcosmetics mini photo matte eyes palette ($25) - bought this specifically for travel but ended up using it on the reg. as you can see i’ve hit pan. i like that it has a dark & medium brown. shadow quality is not the absolute best but not the worst. you can make it work. i mostly use this for my crease
⚡️ @colourpopcosmetics super shock in ritz ($6) - i love u ❤️
⚡️ @nudestix nude metallics minis ($25) - i like these a lot!! burnish is my most worn. beautiful bronze! nudity is a nice champagne metallic. i don’t wear smoke at all. a bit too cool toned & grey on me. makes me look ill
⚡️ @colourpopcosmetics presses powder shadow in dragonfly ($4.50) - don’t really reach for this. tbh i wish colourpop metallics were more intense. this shade kinda falls flat
⚡️ @colourpopcosmetics presses shadow in ?? ($4.50) - can’t remember the name of this and it looks like they don’t carry it anymore. really nice reddish copper. wish it has more shimmer but i’ll take it

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Happy bank holiday pals! (shorts & necklace #gifted) i wanted to dedicate an entire post to these shorts the fit is fab and they’re super high waisted- the dream 😂🙌 you can shop my outfits by following me on the @liketoknow.it app #liketkit #fblogger #andotherstories #neutralstyle #style

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Obsessed with this silky stripes dress #andotherstories inspired! love it ❤️ #nanushka

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