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Increíble atardecer de hoy
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Estilo en el @catrinafestival.

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Desire, obsession. @barayazarra23 💯💯💯
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Kevin cut down a tree 🌲

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Long exposures were all the fun at white oak canyon friday night. this was taken in complete darkness illuminated only with our headlamps.
sony a7ii | fe 28-70mm f3.5-5.6
31mm | f4.0 | 30” | iso 800
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All those layers! captured by @rkrkrk on the sony a7r
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What’s a monument that holds special meaning to you? for me, it was the gateway of india.
known as the land of curry spice, delicious food and unmatched craziness, india has always been a dream of mine to visit. so when i got a chance to shoot a film in india in february of 2018, the subcontinent-turned-nation was now within reach. after countless hours of travelling, two transit stops (one in frankfurt, one in denver), i had finally reached the distant land. i was ecstatic and scared at the same time; after all, i was bringing tens of thousand dollars worth of film equipment. but the beauty of travelling to a country like india, is also sign of maturity in travelling. at first, you have to deal with border control, visa bureaucracy, and finding a genuine taxi driver. but as the cities reveal their characters, as you learn to handle the unique characteristics, you will find beauty everywhere. even in the chaos known as mumbai.
the gateway of india was one of those monuments where you don’t ever forget the experience. like the effiel tower, forbidden city or marrakech, gateway of india is a true monument to what architects can come up with. while it may look simple, its position near the port and the taj mahal hotel creates a stunning beauty that i can still remember from my memories today.
as i stood in front of the gateway, i imagined what stories the monument had seen before. from stories of distant travellers, businessmen and those who left inspired; the monument stands strong as it did a century ago. i left, feeling inspired and understanding why it was called the gateway of india. its not just a gateway to india, but the gateway to my future adventures and learning. i hope i can come back one day to india 🇮🇳

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