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You guys, i did it. i walked from georgia to maine with my best friend. ☺️♥️

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It’s currently 28° outside (feels like 18° 🥶), it’s snowing, and i’m cozied up inside wrapped in a blanket... i can’t help but miss these sunny, warm days on trail where i stopped and took a break on this warm rock.

as much as i hated the heat, it usually made for really nice morning hiking and evenings at camp. andddd having the sun shine on your face in a pretty little opening was pure bliss. those days were the best days. 💕

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I love this sign for so many reasons. i have had such a fight with my body and body image for so long, but now thanks to this trail i’m in a glorious place with it all. i found myself prancing about yesterday evening in my sports bra and undercrackers, feeling very groovy about life and pretty d**n sexy. i mean, don’t get me wrong; that’s happened many times before, but this time it feels less fleeting and predicated on mood, and more seriously fundamental.

this body has hurt badly and when it did i couldn’t move it, so it got bigger and i became ashamed of it. of the jiggles and the wobbles and the side view that wasn’t flat, or the front view where the clothes clung to the wrong bits. i valued my weight as a gauge of my power, worth and wellness, so being out of shape real life or in photos always brought waves of stultifying depression about my chronic pain, lack of control and inability to run, train or walk. however now i have spent over 2000 miles in a love story with this body. with its strength and pain, it’s passions and fluctuations. i have spent time deep in the woods listening to it talking to me; telling me how to love it and nurture it and feed it. when to speed up, when to slow down. how to move. we have reached a beautiful accord, my body and i.

it is not chunky right now, this body. it is leaner and muscular and strong. however it might be chunky again at some point and i will still love it. it may be deeply in pain again and i will still love it. it will hopefully be loved and cherished by those other than me, but equally it will also be rejected - and i will still love it. this body, that i once wanted to cancel from the face of the earth for failing me and causing me such pain, is now my best friend and teacher. just look how far we’ve gone together, and how far i plan we will go next.

so maybe try to hug yourself and to love whatever current shape it is that houses your beautiful soul. i know how hard that can be, but it’s trying to talk to you, so give it a moment of silence to hear it. love you x

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I’m in the south!! how awesome.

i have just realised how many states i’ve walked through and i thought i’d quickly reflect my feelings about each one below, because i don’t think i’ve done so.

🌲 maine - fave 🤩💛 wild, stunning and strange. could live here.
🌲 new hampshire - jaw dropping mountains, lots of fun climbing and hiking.
🌲 vermont - close second fave 🤩 beautiful scenery and magical people. the warmest friendliest yet. could live here too.
🌲 massachusetts - nice. some beautiful trail and terrain. upper goose pond! 💛
🌲 connecticut - pretty towns, undulating trail, nice people, wealthy.
🌲new york - lovely people, deli blazing, crazy camping and endless amazing sandwiches 🥰
🌲 new jersey - fricking gorgeous. friendly people, stunning trail, awesomely maintained and super fun.
🌲 pennsylvania - ridgelines, nice people, interesting terrain, farmland and sorry... but rocks like little sharks teeth 😭...but fun boulders to make up for it!
🌲 maryland - lovely so far!!
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Made it to harpers ferry and the at conservancy hq! what a cool place and a beautiful town.

i hit the wall a little while ago as y’all know, but now i realise that’s all part of a long trail rollercoaster. so happy to be back on top form again, and rocking out on this beautiful path ✌️🥰
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Quite often, i get asked questions about hiking with a dog, how she was successful, and what hiking with arrow was like. well, thanks to nathan (and rue!) over at @adventuredogpodcast, i was able to dive deep and talk about me and arrow’s adventure.

our episode was released today, so if you’re interested at all, go give it a listen! maybe you’ll laugh a little and learn some stuff. it was such an honor to be a part of this, so i hope you enjoy! ✨ link in his bio. 😊

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I got this picture sent to me this week by one of my trail friends, airbud, showing us working our way through the oh-so-famous mahoosac notch. this was definitely the most difficult mile with a dog, as you can see me picking arrow up.

many, many times through this mile we had to assembly-line pass arrow through because she just couldn’t quite get through it alone. i had the best of friends out there with me that were always so helpful with arrow! this wasn’t my favorite day on trail, but it was a fun challenge to tackle with friends (and a cute dog 🐶). 😊🧗🏻‍♀️

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A little bit of a different view than i’ve seen recently, but, wow, nature continues to amaze me. it feels good to get out and explore new places again! who’s been to niagara!? i love it! ♥️🇨🇦 #newfavplace

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Back in ‘real life’, the only times i didn’t draw or tint my eyebrows and wear mascara were those times where my physical pain was so dire that i couldn’t muster the movement to get to the make-up. i used to associate my bare face with crumpled cheeks; swamped with tears and the agony and frustration that goes with chronic pain. what a difference a thru-hike makes. 🌲 i now associate my bare face with joy, freedom, feeling beautiful and total self acceptance.

i don’t wear much make-up, i never have. however these small rituals have been my automatic go-to for my blonde ‘barely there’ lashes and brows since i was a teenager; as normal as brushing my teeth and a marker of me feeling well. on trail, i stopped wearing make up at all except occasionally in towns, where i’d put on mascara and actually feel strange wearing it. that transition - something so small - felt so liberating, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg of the ways the trail is freeing me every day.

i have worn my pain (and my fear of it) like a suit that’s become so wedded to me over the years, that i haven’t been able to see what is me, and what’s the behaviour of someone who is trying to manage agony whilst pretending they’re ok. it’s only now that i’m beginning to accept that although i came off trail with an injury, it’s a ‘normal person’ injury and not my old faithful chronic companion; pressed on my chest and suffocating me. it’s like i had my prison door unlocked a while ago, but i’m so used to ‘feeling momentarily well’ being a big cosmic joke that i hadn’t even noticed the door is genuinely open. my hike has truly showed me that i’m pretty much free from the worst of my condition these days. it let go of me. now i just have to learn how to let go if it. what a lovely project.
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We weren’t quit ready to give any of the adk peaks a try but last saturday we walked the back roads around lake placid. the forest was so peaceful. #optoutside #nature #dayhike #explore #hikelikeawoman #allwomenalltrails #neverstopexploring #womenwhohike #hikemoreworryless

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I'm seriously surprised by the photos that made my top 9 this year. not displeased though. some of them hold memories that while good, are painful. others hold really good memories with great friends. and still others mark achievements i never thought i'd see.
2019 has been crazy in so many ways (almost dying, moving, meeting new friends, career changes, people buying my art, etc.) but i'm so thankful for every moment of it! and i'm thankful for each one of you, who shared in these moments with me 💜💜💜
i'm pretty stoked for 2020 guys ✌ #letsdothis

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Another epic shot at the summit of killington peak. sometimes things just work out.... timing is everything. today our timing was spot on as we reached the summit just before the sun set. the last hundred feet of climbing before the summit were intense - steep and icy/snowy. going up was awesome. coming back down was a little scary. but that made it all the more amazing an experience. plus, i got to experience it with my guy. .
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Do you believe in coincidence? i don't. to me, everything happens for a reason & if we are willing to listening, the universe will send us messages that help guide us along this path called life.

as my ❤ for the #iceagetrail has grown so has my desire to contribute to its preservation. two days ago, i made a donation & officially became a @iceagetrailorg member. the next day, i happened to received a mailing highlighting the successful year the iata mobile skills crew had maintaining & building trail as well as the importance of the sponsors, volunteers & funding contributions that made it all possible. then today, i learned about the launch of @outdooradvocacy, a new resource offering an abundance of info on how to & where to begin being a public lands advocate.

upon visiting the outdoor advocacy project website, i gained a boat load of knowledge on how to start getting involved & one of the first & easiest steps to take is the by participating in the #publiclandspledge.

in march 2019, the land and water conservation fund was permanently reauthorized (yay!!!), but, unfortunately, it was not fully funded. lwcf was established to protect our land, water & recreation areas, which includes the ice age trail. according to my above mentioned mailing, about 37% of the iata mobile skills crew's funding in 2019 came from federal/state/county sources.

the public lands pledge, launched by @outdooralliance, supports the lwcf & is a collection of signatures & stories expressing the value of our public lands from people all around the nation. in early 2020, these stories will be shared with lawmakers & presidential candidates in the fight to continue protecting our public lands.

this recent chain of events in my daily life was sending me a message & the message was clear: i can stand up for our public lands & so can you! this is where i especially need help from my #wisco peeps. swipe to see the public lands pledge signature map posted on the #outdooradvocacy website on 12/09/2019. there is what i would consider a huge gap in signatures from wi & this gap must be filled. please join me by signing the public lands pledge (link in bio) & help #spreadtheword!

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Shades of the mountains.

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I was getting jealous sitting in the desert for months seeing everyone get their first days on the slopes in, but it’s cool, i got 10 days in before december too 😎
itching for soon.
counting this as my final day for the 18/19 season. day 53. #earnyourturns

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‘... run wild with me.’
experience the wild in the kamchatka peninsula... remote as remote can get.

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It’s currently 28° outside (feels like 18° 🥶), it’s snowing, and i’m cozied up inside wrapped in a blanket... i can’t help but miss these sunny, warm days on trail where i stopped and took a break on this warm rock.

as much as i hated the heat, it usually made for really nice morning hiking and evenings at camp. andddd having the sun shine on your face in a pretty little opening was pure bliss. those days were the best days. 💕

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Day 5, 12/7/19, 7-8 miles
we have a cold night and wake up with damp bags. my sleeping pad and the tent floor got wet too. we couldn’t vent the tent enough with it being so cold. for a single wall three season tent it did well the other nights but for longer trips like this we’ll need to look into a true winter tent. on our way to mount hale we pass by zealand hut again and step in to see if there are any baked goods and coffee. we’re in luck! and on top of that the group of kids offers us their breakfast leftovers which are delicious! we tear ourselves away and break trail slowly towards hale. eventually the youth group catches up and we play awkward leapfrog (30 kids!). they do manage to break some trail during a short steep section which is super helpful. we don’t see them again after they stop for lunch. the cairn at hale is a small bump covered in snow but we’re happy to see it. now it’s a powdery steep downhill to the trailhead and then a slog on the road. at least that’s packed down so we can spike it. we called a friend to pick us up because we need to dry out our gear before continuing on and with monday and tuesday having rain in the forecast we’ll head home to regroup. we learned a lot during this stretch and will be back out on wednesday. huge shoutout to @hikerlouis for picking us up, you’re a true friend! 😘
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🥁drum roll🥁

my honeybee stickers are live in my etsy shop! free shipping in the conus!!! 10% of the profit from these will be donated to @thehoneybeeconservancy! "the honeybee conservancy is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works to help the bees, while increasing access to organic, sustainable food in under-served communities."

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Due to a trail closure the other day, i had to take an alternative connecting route which eventually led me to this little sneak peek of the 'forbidden trail'. taking it all in for a moment, i couldn't help but think of a particular paragraph i had read in the article "house of horrors" by francis mcandrew.

"in his book the experience of landscape (1996), the british geographer jay appleton described two physical qualities that determine whether a place is attractive or frightening to humans: ‘prospect’ and ‘refuge’. refuge means having a secure, protected place to hide where one can be sheltered from danger, while prospect refers to one’s clear, unobstructed view of the landscape. attractive places offer a lot of prospect and a lot of refuge, or what the american landscape architect randolph hester in 1979 called a ‘womb with a view’."

standing in awe of this prime example of a 'womb with a view', i knew i'd have to come back when the time is right to explore the magic of this mysteriously closed trail...

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´erika delivers an amazing experience in the 8 day coast to coast. everything is taken care of so you just need to arrive willing and able to walk, talk, think, discuss and absorb the surroundings. you'll return to a comfy home each night, for shower and fully catered dinner. you'll see an amazing part of the world that many locals don't get to see. the wild flowers, native bush and coastline will inspire you to keep walking, along with erika's enthusiasm and energy. you'll feel connected to nature and people, you'll feel fit and welcome.´
thank you liz - you know how much i enjoyed walking with you guys!

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Mountains teach us a lot. it's time we contribute our time and efforts towards making them neat and clean. everything comes down to individual efforts. let's be a responsible adventurer. wish all the travelers, hikers, mountaineers a very happy international mountain day 🌞 #doyourbit
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When you look back on your year, what do you remember most?
i’ve accomplished a lot this year. i summited a couple of 14ers, i graduated nursing school, i’ve knocked my hiking goals out of the park, i bought a car, i scored a dream job, and i paid off one of my three student loans. but when i look back at the year behind me, those aren’t the things i think about. it’s the people.
i met and hiked with @lailarachel_ and we became super close, super fast. i flew to colorado on a whim and went rafting with an amazing group of women from @womensmountaininitiative who took me in and called me one of their own despite the fact that i live 2000+ miles away. i got to hike with and spend time with @outside.intervention, who has shown me so much love and kindness since i first met her last year. i road-tripped for two weeks with at trail fam from 2016 and a college roommate— a trip that brought us so intimately close together. i got to reconnect with @wildcardhiker and @imonahike, people who became family on the #appalachiantrail. i spent thanksgiving surrounded by current and past thru-hikers, my people. i got to share a glimpse of #mymountainhome with friends i met in another walk of life (@ashbelle21 and @thechad1217 who i met showing dogs). i connected with the gorgeous women pictured here through instagram and we created delicious food and beautiful photographs together. it’s the people my friends, it always has been and always will be.
i have been curating this account in an effort to build a community, and my hope for the coming year is that i can meet more of you. let’s hike, let’s grab a beer, let’s go to the animal shelter and play with dogs, let’s sit by the river or do a 5k or take pretty pictures in a firetower. who’s in?
📍this is tsalaguwetiyi (cherokee) land
🖼 in frame: me, @frenchgirlblues , @barefootandwyld, @caitriley
📷 staged and captured by @frenchgirlblues

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On day 6 of our cape to cape we start our day in the boranup forest and spend a good portion of the morning immersed in the beauty of the karris before making our way to boranup beach and slowly walk the 7 km to the iconic hamelin bay; home to the famous eagle rays. we then make our way inland and into cosy corner to finish the day.
during our last walk the sand was firm and compact and walking the 8 kms of beach was a dream!
📷 @thomasevalentine 💛🙏🏼

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Day 4: ~7(me) -8(rich) miles
i didn’t have the best sleep since we didn’t even out the snow perfectly and my side was a little sloped. rich woke up being cold because his wet bag didn’t give him much warmth. i give him my extra warm pants and he puts more hats on and his warm mitts. he warms up and falls asleep after that. in the morning i wake up with puffy eyes and feel sluggish. we decide that rich will climb galehead while i organize the tent and pack up the gear. when rich comes back he says there were fresh bear tracks only about 15 feet away from our tent! yikes!
we start the steep climb up south twin and it goes surprisingly fast. having a broken out trail makes such a difference! along the way we have some peekaboo views towards franconia ridge and i’m hoping for a good view from the summit. alas, it’s mostly socked in when we get there. we’re excited anyways and decide to face the probably unbroken section of the twin way to guyot. we know there have been hikers going from zealand hut to the bonds so we should be good after guyot. the twin way has indeed not been travelled recently but it’s gorgeous and mostly level so we take turns breaking trail and enjoy the snowy forest. so lovely.
after guyot we hit packed out trail and it’s so easy! we’re at the summit of zealand in a jiffy and then it’s off to the hut! it’s just after dark when we get there and we’re hoping to stay so we can dry out rich’s sleeping bag. to my surprise there is no room available since there is a group of 30 high schoolers expected to show up. oh well. we’re invited to hang out and warm up and the care taker even makes mac and cheese for us. with that, and several baked goods and hot water, we’re in heaven. we fill our bottles with warm water and once the chaos of 30 kids arrives move on to find a legal campsite close to the hut. just after the 1/4 mile camping sign we set up a good level camp and settle in for the night. with @adventuresofmilesandsmiles .
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[pl] podcast "napedzani marzeniami z moim udziałem jest już dostępny na wszystkich podcastowych platformach, aplikacjach i na www :)
rozmowę przeprowadziła asia borucka z i muszę wam przyznać, że to była świetna rozmowa, o dobrym flow i z madrymi pytaniami. posłuchajcie koniecznie!

sama jestem maniakiem podcastów, więc jeśli macie jakieś do polecenia, to koniecznie piszcie w komentarzach! .
. [en] i love podcasts and recently i was a guest at one, "napedzani marzeniami" in which we covered such topics as responsible traveling, outdoor ethics and long distance adventures. it is only in polish, sorry guys!
but if you have some podcasts recommendations please write in comments as i'm always craving for a good story to listen.
picture taken on pct, on so-called frog alternate in southern california with olympus @olympus_polska .
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Welcome back to outdoor defense!

this week’s topic is distance which is one of the first tools we can use to set a physical boundary and keep ourselves safe.

if someone is sparking your intuition, you want to ask yourself “how close do i want to let this person get to me” and the answer is no closer than 2 arms lengths away. if they are closer than that and actually mean you harm, you would be within grabbing and striking range. keeping 2 arms lengths distance gives you time to react and establishes a firm boundary.

you may have to use your body to set or enforce your boundary, and using ready stance is a great way to do that. keeping your feet hip width apart, step one foot back, bring your hands in front of your face and bring your elbows towards each other. this is a strong non-verbal message that can be used anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

i am grateful that the only physical self-defense i’ve ever had to use is ready stance. it is an effective way to let someone know you mean business, you want them to back up/go away and that you are not vulnerable.
go forward in peace and power!

filming by @kday74
📍filmed on the ancestral land of the chemehuevi, serrano & western shoshone. (source: app)

#outdoordefense #trailtuesday #impactpersonalsafety @impactpersonalsafety #safetystrategies #selfdefense #personalsafety #boundaries #powerful #empowerment #hiking #equality #womensempowerment #solotravel #solohiker #blackgirlstrekkin #forceofnature #womenontheroad #outdoorwomen #womenwhohike #shecolorsnature #wecoloroutside #wildernessbadass #womenwhoexplore #sheisthewild #adventureful #allwomenalltrails #natureforall #mindthewild #mixed #igtv

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Probably one of my favorite photos from this summer. that look on her face....she's fixing to tell someone exactly what she thinks 😂🤣

comment 1 star 54 Yesterday

More pics from our hike yesterday. it was so beautiful we kept stopping to take pictures.
#optoutside #allwomenalltrails

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Day 3: ~4 miles. near galehead hut.
i wake up still tired from the day before and rich’s sleeping bag is pretty wet, mine is fine but i guess we do need to look into a double wall tent for winter camping here. we’re breaking trail to garfield pond and are excited when we finally see it. then the last climb to garfield peak starts and it takes forever. we are slowed to a crawl and are going about 1/4 mile an hour. we sink in and have very little purchase going up the steep inclines. rich goes first and if i can, i try to push his pack a little to help with momentum. he has to turn around several times to offer me his trekking pole for me to pull myself up with. it’s so slow. we are extremely relieved to finally make it to the summit.
we have to decide what to do. do we keep going? rich is worried about me going down the steeps after garfield tentsite. i’m thinking we did that last year so i can do it again. we know that after galehead most of the trail will be broken and we could go out at north twin or galehead if we want to exit early. i don’t want to exit here yet but leave it up to rich since he’s been doing most of the trail breaking so far. we decide to push on and get water at garfield tent site. the down hill is fast and easy. luckily the steep sections after the tent site are okay to descend as well. with the help of trees on the side we make it down safely. we are elated when we reach the junction with the galehead river trail and find the broken out trail. this is so much easier! we find a spot to set up camp and rich plans to summit galehead. i’m exhausted and disappointed because i wanted to hike it with him but i’m just too tired. he says he can wait til morning so we can go together. 😊 what a beast of a day!
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When we moved to nyc from australia one of my biggest worries was the snow and cold. i’ve really tried to embrace the winter months. last weekend we actually went on a snowy night walk along some forest roads. i had a blast and am looking at giving snow hiking/shoeing a chance this year. #optoutside #nature #nighthike #explore #hikelikeawoman #allwomenalltrails #neverstopexploring #womenwhohike #hikemoreworryless #lakeplacid

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‘i’ve just completed this trip with edgewalkers, guided by the ever-creative and vivacious erika.

erika’s passion for the region and it’s cape to cape walk is contagious, and provided a positive motivator at all times, including when minds or bodies risked flagging.

each day was led at a pace that allowed for properly taking in the rugged beauty of the coastline - it’s flora, fauna and geology - and for a balance of solitude and collective conversation.

erika’s local knowledge of and connections within the margaret river region are a valuable bonus. daily catch-ups with our friendly prevelly coffee maker, most excellent support driver cy, and the delightful nicole from conscious catering delivering successive evening feasts, all added to the experience.

left feeling physically and emotionally energised, and privileged to have experienced this part of australia with a group of like-minded people.’ thank you for such kind and encouraging words 😊🙏🏼

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Cascade lake
moran state park
62/100. 62/52

we took the trail head near the house today and let it lead us up to cascade lake. we went back later in the day to watch the sunset. same lake, different light. either way she’s just beautiful.

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#sharetheshitnotjustthesummits -when it’s well below freezing all d**n day so you and the fam seek shelter in a trailhead bathroom 🥶 @jenkam55
i tapped out mid-day this day and got a shuttle into town, (bonus is i slackpacked my friends so they could fly down the trail) i believe in listening to your body, and mine was at its cold/safety limit, and i have no shame about it. ⛄️honor yourself, there’s no glory in getting sick or injured just for miles you can do another day 💃🏻
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An evening acclimatization trail run on washoe, shoshone, and paiute land.
as my semester is finally coming to close and i can see the light at the end of these incredibly draining past few months, i’m making time to work out some bigger long-term plans i’ve been thinking about for a while.
my life for the past year has revolved around mental endurance. how many more weeks can i maintain this schedule? how much grading? how little down time? and so on... i’m ready to start testing my physical endurance instead. how many hours on my feet? how many miles? how many days?
i am also trying to find the perfect goldilocks spot of sharing goals vs doing my work quietly on this one. long term goals are tough. it is easy to want to talk nonstop about it, but i think there is real value in just showing up and getting the work done first. less glamorous for sure but more honest.
so with training plan set and shoes laced up, you’ll most likely find me at the gym. ... or at work. those hours are still here to stay for a while still. there’s still a lot of balancing to be done.

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Among misty mountains.

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Crick took a picture of me crossing a crick.


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I grew up just outside of joshua tree national park and returning here always recharges my soul. the desert holds a special place in my heart.
📍the ancestral land of the chemehuevi, serrano & western shoshone. (source: app)

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“the [wo]man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” - vince lombardi
this is the quotation i submitted to be placed on my graduation slide. tonight at my pinning ceremony, my family and friends will see my smiling face and will watch me walk across the stage and accept my asn pin. it will be over in mere minutes— the moment i’ve been working toward for years.
what the audience won’t see are the nights i spent dissecting animal brains and hearts by headlamp on a picnic table at a campground because i was traveling for work while finishing my pre-reqs. the heartache i endured when i left a place i love to move to a place i hate so i could attend nursing school won’t be visually evident. the four semesters of two exams a week, the 450+ clinical hours, the 45 minute (one way) drive four times a week for 16 months, the countless hours spent studying and doing homework, and the stress of knowing that my entire future rides on this one test— these were my burdens on the way to this summit.
today, i’m standing on top of the mountain. i’ll stand still for a moment, to cherish the view from the top, and then i’ll start the work that is yet to be done.
📷 by @lailarachel_
📍this is tsalaguwetiyi (cherokee) land
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Does anybody else look at this photo and see the classic sasquatch pose? nobody? just me then i guess 😂🤣🤷🏼‍♀️
last week was crazy, but i think we're almost back to a normal schedule. my kiddo is better and back in school, the hubs is settling into his new job, and i have lots of goals for the week ahead!
things may look a little greener on here for a bit while i post some adventures from this summer that i haven't shared yet!

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Day 2, part 2:
clouds roll in and visibility decreases. we see one recent snowshoe track going down falling waters trail and another turning around at lincoln. we see no people today. there are lots of fresh bunny tracks in the woods. at lafayette the conditions are near white out and we can barely make out the next cairn. with experience, gps app, and overnight gear, we feel confident pushing on and descend towards the skookumchuck trail. snow is getting deeper and the trail is unbroken. our pace slows and i’m getting tired. we were hoping to at least make it to garfield tent site but when we find a small streamlet before garfield pond we call it good. i’m beat.
with @adventuresofmilesandsmiles .
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Day 2, ~8 miles (12/4/19). part 1: we collapse camp and rich fills my backpack with enough stuff to get us to liberty & flume and back. i have my little fanny pack with snacks. the views are amazing and we’re loving it. back at camp, we pack up and melt snow for water. the new stove works fast but also takes a lot of fuel, we probably should have taken more canisters. we hydrate and head on over to little haystack, lincoln and lafayette.
with @adventuresofmilesandsmiles .
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I am at home among the trees” -j.r.r tolkien⁣

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Sometimes the idea of redoing one of the trails in my backyard is just 😫. today though, the idea of driving made me 🤢, so we stuck close to home. this trail is where my love of hiking started, and i remember how often i would have to stop to catch my breath. today we trotted up 1800ft of gain with no stopping other than for burr to roll in the snow, and today this trail felt simply like an old friend: quiet and trustworthy and familiar. 🌲 #pibble #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #endbsl #hiking #hikingwithdogs #colorado #optoutside #allwomenalltrails #womenwhohike #girlswhohike

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Earlier this year we decided to plan a bit of a road trip. we didn’t count on the winter wonderland we encountered #optoutside #nature #dayhike #explore #hikelikeawoman #allwomenalltrails #neverstopexploring #womenwhohike #hikemoreworryless #lakeplacid

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Beautiful monday mornings..let the week begin. 3 weeks to go before we welcome the new year. how are you planning to end your year? how many memories you going to take forward? how many adventures more? how many amazing friends you made? gosh our list is bigger, how about you? share and tag #alagadventures we would love to know!
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Happy monday... !
mother and daughter teamed up on our last day of cape to cape last month... such a beautiful memory to create together.

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Why do we humans get so attached to stuff?
one of the most emotionally draining things i’ve done in my adult life is going through everything i owned in preparation for selling my house before my first thru-hike attempt. i gave away and threw away so much stuff. it was a difficult thing to do, but i felt much lighter afterward, more free. even so, i still had a lot of stuff left, and it has gotten dispersed between my childhood home and my mom’s house where i now live. there’s stuff in my old barn that i haven’t laid eyes on in 4 years or more. books i’ve forgotten i’ve ever read, pots and pans that haven’t been used, odds and ends that once meant something but really don’t anymore. why haven’t i been able to part with it?
i spent all day today rummaging through all this stuff, trying to sort the garbage (stuff mice have eaten) from the worthwhile (stuff someone could use) and rehome it. i made a lot of progress, but it was, again, seriously emotionally draining. i’m exhausted from fighting those inner voices that tell me to keep this stuff “just in case.” the backpacker in me knows better. the person in me who lived in a 16ft camper knows better. but that little voice persists anyway.
how do you feel about accumulating “stuff?” are you good at letting it go, or do you find it difficult to part with old things, even if they are no longer of use to you?
📍this is tsalaguwetiyi (cherokee) land
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Went to a new state park for us , pedernales falls. it has a spectacular water/rock formation along the river. had a nice hike as well.
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Trip day 1: we hoist our big packs with about 4 days worth of food up the liberty springs trail and set up camp. we’re getting used to the pack weight and i’m moving slowly but steadily up the steep climb. we only need micro spikes since there is not much snow and the trail is packed down well. we find a nice spot to set up and have a good night’s sleep. #gossamergear #takelessdomore #nuunlife #hshive #allwomenalltrails #withguthook #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #lightheartgear #hikingwmnf #hikenh #nh48 #whitemountains #hikethewhites #nhwomenshikinggroup #appalachiantrail

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Even though he steps on my hair, steals all the covers, eats the trash, and chewed up my brand new trekking pole, i can’t express how much i love this giant dinosaur. ❤️ #pibble #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #endbsl #hiking #hikingwithdogs #colorado #optoutside #allwomenalltrails #womenwhohike #girlswhohike

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I was blessed to spend two long weekends in nov hiking the at section in shenandoah np. we were treated to amazing colors as well as a n***d forest that allowed us to fully enjoy the country side that surrounded us. this has been one of my favorite sections of the at so far. #optoutside #nature #hike #explore #hikelikeawoman #allwomenalltrails #neverstopexploring #womenwhohike #hikemoreworryless #sectionhike #at #appalachiantrail #hikeva #shenandoah

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Hike #45: lady macdonald over canmore., solo. in my top 5 of faves. #52hikesin52weeks #mountladymacdonald #canmore #strongwomen #hiking #allwomenalltrails

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Hike #44: prairie mtn, solo, sun to snow in two hours. #52hikesin52weeks #prairiemountain #strongwomen #albertahikes #allwomenalltrails

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