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4 years ago, i was struggling. unhappy, unhealthy, the only thing that pulled me through was these 3 smiling faces.
now i’m able to provide them with all they could dream.
when i hit 💎 in my business, it will change their lives! ♥️❤️♥️ all for my boys ❤️♥️❤️ #singlemomsrock #noshameinmysidehustle #hardwork #allforthem

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Fucking love it... 😂😂👏 #backyardgoals #fornow #kidsloveit #allforthem

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My boys eat like men ❤
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I wanted to kinda introduce myself, which is hard without putting names, ages, and locations, but i'll try :) maybe one day you roll over and wonder who it is that you married. you cant figure out where that charming, caring, loving, and loyal partner you fell in love with disappeared to, leaving in their place someone who is never, ever wrong. someone who has slowly, so slowly that you didnt even notice until it was too late, slowly whittled down your self esteem. you realize that, seemingly overnight, you now believe you're a horrible person, a terrible mother, one who cant do anything right. and in some dark corner of your mind, a little voice is scream-whispering that you aren't any of those things. begging you to remember that glowing, fiercely independent, loving person who's one goal in life was to be an amazing mother. but you think, well, that voice is wrong. how can it be right, when the person who you love so much, tells you something completely different?
thats what its like living, co-parenting, and being married to a narcissist. its constantly being in a fight or flight response, constantly walking on eggshells. begging your precious babies to just be a little quieter, or that, yes, you know its hard not to look at the tv when its literally right in front of your little faces, but please dont because if your daddy catches you, he'll ask you questions that your little heart cant answer, so he'll punish you. and when mommy steps in, he turns on her.
its living with the silent treatment for weeks on end. driving yourself crazy trying to pinpoint where you did something wrong. its apologizing...over and over...but never getting an apology back. its being cheated on, because, after all, you let yourself go, youre too depressed, the list goes on.
its a different kind of abuse, because, in our case, there's not many bruises. but you look at your sweet babies faces, the fear that flits across sometimes, and youre suddenly in a war that you never thought youd be in... #divorcinganarcissist #thisbeautifulmayhem #shemakesit #allforthem #survivingnarcissistabuse #ipreview @preview.app #divorce #survivor

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The best part of my life is my 2 lil munchkins 👶🏻👧🏻 #bestjob
why i do what i’m doing now ❤️ is for their future 🙌🏼 #goals #dreams #allforthem

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~ "i know that being seen as a role model means taking responsibility for all my actions. i am human, and of course, sometimes i make mistakes. but i promise that when i fall, i get back up."
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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#latergram ..i snapped this photo at 3:35pm in the middle of my longest work day of the week. feeling #momguilt to the extreme. .
i stopped home in the middle of work craziness to see these two munchkins, knowing i wasn't able to put them to bedtime tonight (or any monday). .
so thankful for all the support and love from my family to help raise them while i manage working and single mom life. shout out to @deniseda and @kalidamato for always helping me 💜

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Man do i love not being in school. 🤗enjoying my kiddos for my birthday before work and vacation. ❤️🙏🏼 #myloves #mylife #mywhy #unconditionallove #allforthem #missioninspiredmomma

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Beautiful way to start the shift #nurselife💊💉 #allforthem #strongwomen

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I am a mother. and everything that i do is for them, because they are everything to me❤️ #addystartedballet #seniorrugbyhasmenervous #noahlovesjujitsu #acroisperfectforluka
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What makes you insanely proud? everything i do is for them and our future adventures!!!
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Trying something new :) celebrating our special day with the fam bam... missing mommy and jerick and daddy in heaven. baby reese's day out!!! #allforu #allforthem

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Raspberries are the besssssst! actually, she hates them...but we’re all equally excited about the freedom to roam a beautiful raspberry field for the night.
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