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💜💚💙 love your work @agnieszka_lorek and the models are awesome too 💟 #agnieszkalorek

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この人の世界観がゴールズすぎるから毎回投稿見んの楽しい #agnieszkalorek

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"escucha la sabiduría de tu cuerpo, que se expresa por señales de comodidad e incomodidad. cuando elijas cierta conducta, pregunta a tu cuerpo que siente al respecto. si tu cuerpo envía una señal de inquietud física o emocional, ten cuidado. si tu cuerpo envía una señal de comodidad y anhelo, procede." 📷 #agnieszkalorek #territoriolector #citas #autores #bibliofilia

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Ah, i have been too busy to post in here, and now i'm so much behind! 🙈 i have a lot of new material to show you guys! :d 🙌❤️ here's first a little video i put together of my snap videos from my amazing poland adventure this weekend! @agnieszka_lorek invited me to shoot with her in the magical woods of poland together with beautiful @forest_spirit_art and a lot of fantastic animals! ❤️ it was the most amazing experience and we shot so many different looks! sadly, i didn't have time to take snaps of it all, but you'll see the finished pictures soon enough. 😘 a huge thank you to all our amazing sponsors: @agnieszkaosipa, @royalblack_couture, @gosiamotas, @fairycave, @draftedeminence, @howlingmoonuk and @rogueandwolf. also, the biggest thanks and hugs to the best sweetheart ever, @forest_spirit_art, and her family for welcoming me into their beautiful home. ❤️ last but not least, thank you so so much @agnieszka_lorek for inviting me into your world of magic! you are truly an amazing person and i'm so grateful to have met you. ❤️❤️❤️

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Под вдохновением #agnieszkalorek С начала года думала что делать с этой моей фотой, решила обработать так #саранск

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✨cloud castle✨ . . "there are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds." -g.k. chesterton- . . -15/06/2017- . . #digitalcollage #digitalcollageart #digitalwork #collage #collageartist #surrealart #instaart #portraitart #fancygoth_edit #theguideartists #woman #magdaandruszkiewicz by #agnieszkalorek #cloudcastle #clouds #norules #architecture

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#agnieszkalorek #photography #redhaired #flame #snowwhite #skin sleeps below #oaktree #wanderingdew creeping thru her toes as she lie so #sound not even the #cow upon yonder can be heard (soft sounds of #paradise

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