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Today was a tough day. one of the days that makes you question why you bother trying to bring the family abroad. one of those days that comes so close to breaking you, but you hold it together because you don’t have a choice. you can’t get off that plane and the only way home is to get onboard, tired kids in tow, and deal with the meltdowns that ensue. // they are both now soundly sleeping and we’ll need our rest because tomorrow we go do it all again, with three times more time in the air than we had today. but we’ll get there, step by step. i need to refill my patience tank big-time and get some sleep into me so that i’m better equipped to deal with whatever comes our way. // and when i look back on this day on gozo, hiking (safely) along the these cliffs, admiring the impossibly blue water from above, and watching paul work his magic (see him there?), i know it’s worth the harder travel days. i acknowledge we choose to do this and i know people right now going through hard situations they didn’t choose. i also know this is the toughest age for flying (19 months); it’s just a phase we’re in. i’m grateful for all the adventures we’ve had - even these more formative ones that show us what we’re made of. 📸 photo (because it turned out way nicer than mine did 😉) by @paulzizkaphoto.

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Exciting news!! tomorrow is a free entrance day at the national parks of the us!! will you visit one of them? tag us with #trekarooing and we will share it tomorrow. we love our nps! link in profile to all our helpful info on visiting the parks with kids. #repost @lukiezone. and thanks to @mommasmosaic for reminding me of these free days!

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Thanks to everybody who wrote to me yesterday after my post went up. 💖 we’re feeling pretty discouraged in that we can’t seem to bounce back. it’s been weeks since i had a workday and i’ve lost all of them this week due to sickness. i know that we are so blessed and i’m trying to look on the brighter side. 💫 i don’t like being in coping mode for this long, but sometimes it’s just about acknowledging where you’re at, being kind to yourself, and doing your best. i know i’ve brought a lot of this upon myself so i appreciate the extra empathy! 😘 #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents

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We'd been talking about doing a family bikepacking trip for over a year, and #biketravelweekend finally gave us an excuse to make it happen. why did we wait so long?!! unencumbered by all the c**p we take along when car camping, we managed with the bare essentials just fine. we camped at a reservoir where we swam, played go fish, and sunbathed on the dock. i'm hooked guys. when's the next trip?!

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We all grow at a different rate. i call my husband the #reluctanttraveler because everywhere we go, he carries a shield (i also call him captain america) and it takes days, sometimes weeks or multiple exposures to let his guard down. i assume regularly that he’s not happy or not enjoying our lifestyle to which he reminds me that he is happy, he just shows it in a quieter, less woohoo-i’m-so-stoked kinda way. we have been together for 24 years (married 20) and nothing has challenged our marriage more than traveling. the number of times we are forced to make decisions, take risks, act bravely, and trust strangers is insane. accumulating experiences is an understatement. if you knew my husband, he has changed so much. we just do it at different rates. and part of my learning has been a matter of just trying to understand and accept that. my entire book the road less traveled (which you can get free when you join our email list, link in bio) is really about my learning curve in understanding that not everyone's learning curves are the same. 
we land in the us in less than a week with no diffinitive plan on where our life goes next (anyone wanna hire me😉) and as you can imagine, i ask my husband hourly “what do you want to do next?” except it comes out as “what’s your purpose?” “where do you see yourself in a year?” “ what will make you excited to jump outta bed?” his reply: you. somehow i’m still not flattered because decisions need to be made, steps need to be taken, and goals need to be outlined. ya see, i wanna turn down every dirt road and see where it goes. sometimes i hit a pothole and think, why can’t i just let my husband drive and keep us on paved roads?!! but he reminds me regularly that he likes that i drive him down dirt roads, he just likes having his seatbelt on while we do. and then i remember that i hate driving straight freeways on cruise control and i’m lucky to have someone who will do that for me. because that person who changes and grows at a different rate, is the same person who will take the steering wheel on the roads you don’t want to drive. a rainforest wouldn't exist if we were all emergents.

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One last national parks post for today. this one comes from an amazing place - even more special in the snow. have you been to bryce canyon? check our link in profile for tips on visiting the nps with your family! . . . . . repost from @roamingthenortheast another memory of last year’s mlk weekend, the snowy navajo loop trail in bryce canyon was both beautiful and a lot of fun. i remember the kids doing snow angels on the (uphill) side of the trail as we slowly picked our way along.
bryce canyon is stunning at every time of the year, but the combination of the red rock hoodoos (yes, that’s an actual word) and the white snow was fun to see. it did make the relatively easy hike a bit more treacherous, but it wasn’t too bad.
looking back west #latergram

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My fav @paulzizkaphoto from lake o'hara. mama and daughter time by the lake. #outdoorfamilies #bonding #myyoho #canadianrockies #adventurousparents #backcountrybliss

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Whos lining up!!! for amazing friendships , heartwarming connections and life-transforming connections. join us for a very unique retreat that combines yoga/ surf for the parent and numerous exciting outdoor activities for the kids.
experience joy and fun for everyone. .

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For all the kind words these past few weeks and also for the birthday wishes - thank you. 🙏🏻⁣

the process of overcoming this period of burnout has got me thinking about how i use social media. it’s been both healing and helpful to share my story but i don’t want to bog people down with the minute details. but it’s incredible how quickly the pendulum can swing from feeling total despair to feeling hopeful and levelheaded again. i share the high points and low points but you all know there’s all that “stuff” in between. ⁣

one thing that i haven’t shared is how important it’s been to enrol my older child into my own process of dealing with daily hardships, without trying to reverse the roles too much on her. at the age of six she’s been able to help keep me accountable without playing the role of parent to me – this is an important distinction. she has an incredible amount of empathy and understanding when i stop to explain to her where i’m at and how i’m trying to deal with things. i have taken time to praise and reward her for being so patient both with me and lea as we work through our new challenges.⁣

i don’t think i’ll be able to save her from burnout in her adult life but i hope i’m giving her some tools to help identify it more quickly. plus, having an ally in the household and paul is away is particularly important. ⁣

thank you for following, listening and supporting in this virtual space. 💕 #adventurousparents #creativeentrepreneur #womenonbusiness

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This too shall pass.⁣

today i bumped into a good friend (🙌🏻 @kymberleyhill ) who told me how much she's holding on to advice i gave her when she was expecting her baby. it turns out it was the exact advice i needed to hear. funny how life throws our own wisdom back at us sometimes...⁣

the advice was that everything will come to an end – the bad and the good. we need to appreciate the good things because they will inevitably change, shift, and evolve. so will the tougher parts of life. some things get easier, better and more fulfilling; others become harder, more challenging or draining. the key is to take each day, each phase, sometimes even each hour, as they come. ⁣

i feel like i've been through the meat grinder lately, but today the sky is a brilliant blue, i've got time with my own thoughts, my internal space is calm, and seeing this friend was exactly what i needed to help me remember that this more challenging phase i'm in right now will one day be behind me. ⁣

and if it continues to be challenging, i'll be the one that changes and i'll be better equipped to deal with it. ⁣

photo: @paulzizkaphoto // #worklifebalance #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #morainelake #mompreneur #womeninbusiness

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Wow! the community is growing fast!! just passed 500 members!

hello, fellow parents!! i wanted to share this group info with you:

this community is for fun-loving, proactive, and positive parents to support and encourage each other, brainstorm, share tools and tactics, stay healthy, and better manage stress and time. 🙂

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Life is weird sometimes.
what started as dming on instagram has turned into a friendship i greatly value. a friendship that understands the struggles of the industry, full of helping each other pick the best image to post on instagram and endless chats about clothes, dogs and life.
yesterday i got to photograph my friend as she goes through the next chapter of her life, becoming a mom. lauren + wes are going to be the most incredible parents to their little guy, filling his life with love and endless adventure.
and i’ll be here ready to add to that love and fill his closet with every pair of baby @vans i can get my hands on.
#lookslikefilm #lookslikefilmkids #lifestylephotographer #raisegoodhumans #boholifestyle #kinfolkhome #bohohomedecor #bohonursery #maternityfashion #chicagophotographer #letthembelittle #adventurousparents #midwestphotographer #chicago

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My parents paragliding !!! that's some motivation right there.. well beyond their late 60's and early 60' respectively.
these two continue to amaze me with their enthu and fitness levels..stay blessed both of you !!! lots of love !!! glad to have one of the most adventurous parents !! #parentsbelike #epic #adventurousparents #onecanneverbetooold #foreveryoung

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The day we came to mexico, we left banff at 1:30am. @paulzizkaphoto had arrived at 10pm the night before after a photo gig in nunavik (his image here) and went straight back to the airport after some photo editing and repacking. three days after we get back home, he’s off to iceland with @offbeat_photo. the next month it’s back to easter island. in may, it’s bhutan. ⁣

we were talking last night about the importance of taking things one day at a time, and in the past few years i’ve clung to this pretty tightly. my to do lists look like: what do i 100% need to get done today. my meal planning sheet is practical and includes items like freezer and microwave 😮 meals. my ongoing mantra continues to be “finished is better than perfect.” ⁣

but at times i wonder if i’m shortchanging myself because i forget to give my kids vitamins, have weeks where i don’t get to the gym (usually due to an eczema flare), or scrape by in coping mode for way too long. ⁣

this is why we’re making a change and thanks for all your insights yesterday. i’m still struggling with the idea of daycare but i’m looking forward to everyone thriving more instead of surviving. more laughter, less sarcasm. more lightness, less burden. more joy, appreciation and love. 💕 ⁣

#freelancingfamily #adventurousparents

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Phew! i have just booked all of our backcountry and camping trips for the summer. 🥾🏕 we are opting not to take the littlest one this year, knowing that sleep and mobility will be an issue. no reason why we can't divide and conquer though!
i've got one backcountry trip into laughing falls booked for me and maya, one for hidden lake for paul and maya, bow hut for me, maya and some visiting family and then finishing off the summer with camping at two jack lakeside, where i can come visit with the baby but bring her home for sleep. 🙌🏻 it was getting to be slim pickings with bookings, but at least we're flexible! can't wait to go trekking with this girl.
#adventurousparents #freelancingfamily #backcountrybanff #backcountrycamping #bringonsummer #outdoorfamilies #canadianoutdoorfamilies

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Reliving memories of our ski trip into baffin island's auyuittuq national park back in 2011 as i work on my book this morning. what a wild trip! i've never been so cold 🥶, scared😲, and happy 😁 all at the same time.

photos by paul zizka. #memoirwriting #adventurousparents #freelancingfamily #auyuittuq #baffinisland #skitouring #nunavut

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These two. 💕 we’re going through lots of changes here with daycare starting in february. are we already near the two-year mark since léa joined our little family?? i recently read that it takes two years for a mother to reintegrate herself into life, post-baby, and i wholeheartedly agree. i mean, we’re never really the same but around 24 months i know i start to reclaim my “self” in the picture. life is full of amazing opportunities, and i feel so blessed to be mom to these two and also pursuing projects i love. #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #motherhood

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Plus le mois de janvier s’avance… plus la hauteur de la neige augmente. alors que la poudre s’accumule, le temps est parfait pour mettre votre bonnet de luge et de vous rapprocher de la poudre! à chamonix et dans les environs, il y a de nombreux endroits où vous pourrez emmener votre famille ou vos amis pour faire de la luge et profiter du merveilleux hiver.

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My newsletter goes out tomorrow and it'll be the first place i make an exciting announcement about an upcoming project inspired by moments like these. 😁 if you’d like to join the list you can do that here at the link in my profile:

about the photo: 🌅 sunset off the beaches of maupiti, french polynesia (2014). our nights were sleepless, but it was one of the most magical places i’ve ever been – the freshest fish, the bluest water and white sand beaches where maya learned to walk.

#adventurousparents #freelancingfamily #travel #maupiti #parentingabroad #zizkasabroad

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This new year, is another year full of amazing opportunities as parents to show this dude the world. ⁣
you are our masterpiece kosi❤️ ⁣
#parenting #joysofparenting #proudparents #adventurousparents

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Ten photos is hardly enough to summarize a year, but these ten stood out to me in my few minutes or scrolling my favourites as we close in on the end of 2019. 💕 1. cartwheel on gozo (to add to the cartwheels collection). 2. hiking near xlendi. 3. hiking in connemara np, ireland. 4. sleeping baby (lots of cuddles with this one this year). 5. volume 4, canadian rockies annual. 6. that face! enchanted forest near revelstoke bc. 7. family trip into assiniboine lodge. 8. balancing work and parenting. eek. 9. rano raraku, rapa nui. 10. the view from our new home. 💜 // thanks for taking the time to stop on my photos, give them a heart and also for your kind comments and messages. it’s been a wonderful year and a challenging one. i can sense that 2020 is going to be another year of transition, especially as the kids grow up and i begin to rediscover “myself” - the old, the new, the changing. happy new year, everyone. 🥳 #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #zizkasabroad #happynewyear #2019reflections #cartwheelsaroundtheworld

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Nine years ago i married this awesome human, fourteen years ago we first fell in love. 💕 i can’t find a recent photo of just the two of us but i think this one from our family backcountry trip last summer also perfectly summarizes our journey the past few years. i wouldn’t want to be raising these two girls and facing a life of adventure, unknowns, and possibility with anyone else. we’ve faced our share of challenges but we’re still laughing at the end of it. 2020 is set to be an amazing year and i can’t wait to explore it with you. xoxo
#freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #happyanniversary

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One of the most amazing things about life for me is how often it lets us start again. refocus. reframe. reprioritize. change what’s not working. 💫

that last thing is something i’ve committed to for 2020 as a basic rule. when i can sense i feel like i’m swimming upstream with something, complaining about the same thing over and over, dreading certain situations, i can make a concerted effort to change them for the better. at least, change what’s in my control. because life is too short to keep slogging through anything. 🙌🏻 it’s also the year of kindness. again, so basic. but i need to have more kindness for myself, even if it means putting myself first more. i think by doing so, the right opportunities to give of myself will also present themselves. i’ll have a better sense of where to put my energy and thought. i can put an end to this “scattered” feeling by knowing my heart is in the right place. i can be a better person for those around me. 💜

what kind of reflections are you having for 2020?

photo: hiking at keem bay, achill island, ireland. @paulzizkaphoto #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #2020 #lifechanges

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📸 👀 how do you get your kiddos to look at the camera in a photo?
add googly eyes!! 😂 it works!

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Thanks to everybody who wrote to me yesterday after my post went up. 💖 we’re feeling pretty discouraged in that we can’t seem to bounce back. it’s been weeks since i had a workday and i’ve lost all of them this week due to sickness. i know that we are so blessed and i’m trying to look on the brighter side. 💫 i don’t like being in coping mode for this long, but sometimes it’s just about acknowledging where you’re at, being kind to yourself, and doing your best. i know i’ve brought a lot of this upon myself so i appreciate the extra empathy! 😘 #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents

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our arrival home has been the biggest tease. we have our own familiar bed to crawl into but a baby on jetlag (and now sick) has made it tough to spend more than three hours in it at a time. christmas is around the corner and we’re scrambling to get ready. the work that piled up while we were away still awaits. i can’t shake the sickness i’ve had since malta.
i’ll cherish the baby cuddles but not all the reasons why. the only thing keeping us going right now is our parental teamwork, the kindness of friends who helped stock our kitchen, and being reacquainted with our breville espresso maker (like 5 times a day). 👌🏻 we discussed this morning that it’s time to reconsider travelling within 1-2 hours of our time zone, at least until lea is older. it’s just too cruel a re-entry after such an amazing trip. we still want the kids to see the world, just not with an 8 hour time difference.
oh and an all-inclusive right now sounds pretty darn awesome. 🏖

we’re surviving, still smiling but send us alllllll the energy and healing powers. 🙌🏻 photo @paulzizkaphoto
#adventurousparents #freelancingfamily #zizkasabroad #travelwithkids #babiesonjetlag

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Travel hasn’t changed me over the years so much as brought me back to my essence. or maybe that is change. whatever happens, i find that the byproduct of leaving life behind back home is finding clarity. you bear witness to the thoughts that actually cross your mind, to the things you miss (and don’t), and what your life looks like from the outside in. all i know is that i can’t get perspective when i’m in it. i don’t need to fly halfway around the world to find it (a trip into the backcountry does the trick too) but it’s a benefit of travel that we get to see the world and ourselves. 💜

standing on the shore of st. paul’s bay on our last night in malta i had ten minutes to myself to think about the conclusions i’d come to. two things came up: 1. simplify 💞 2. write more. 🖊 these are both solutions to the things that irk me - that i don’t have time for the things i love the most. i feel bogged down by life and work logistics, endless lists and tasks. i can’t avoid the admin as it comes with the job of co-running businesses and a household. but there is always f*t that can be trimmed away if we take a few moments to look at things rather than just robotically live them.
forty five hours of travel and we’ve finally landed on native soil and our little home in banff. the challenge for me now is to keep my new perspective front-of-mind. to not get washed away in the deluge of the every day. to be like these stones, shaped over time, polished smooth by life’s experiences and never going back to the way things were. 🌅

#freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #travel #lifelessons

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Today was a tough day. one of the days that makes you question why you bother trying to bring the family abroad. one of those days that comes so close to breaking you, but you hold it together because you don’t have a choice. you can’t get off that plane and the only way home is to get onboard, tired kids in tow, and deal with the meltdowns that ensue. // they are both now soundly sleeping and we’ll need our rest because tomorrow we go do it all again, with three times more time in the air than we had today. but we’ll get there, step by step. i need to refill my patience tank big-time and get some sleep into me so that i’m better equipped to deal with whatever comes our way. // and when i look back on this day on gozo, hiking (safely) along the these cliffs, admiring the impossibly blue water from above, and watching paul work his magic (see him there?), i know it’s worth the harder travel days. i acknowledge we choose to do this and i know people right now going through hard situations they didn’t choose. i also know this is the toughest age for flying (19 months); it’s just a phase we’re in. i’m grateful for all the adventures we’ve had - even these more formative ones that show us what we’re made of. 📸 photo (because it turned out way nicer than mine did 😉) by @paulzizkaphoto.

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I didn’t instantly fall in love with malta, but as i’ve gotten to know it better, it’s stolen a piece of my heart. 🇲🇹 it’s a country of contrasts that defies description. it is full of surprises. it feels chaotic one moment then utterly peaceful the next. it’s a reminder that life can be many things at once and somehow keep working. and that’s good news because that’s what my life has looked like for a long time now. not easily defined or categorized, full of contradiction and disjointed parts. but it works for me. maybe that’s why i’ve grown to like malta... 🙂

#freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #gozo #wiedilmielah #malta

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This kid. 💜 i often need to remind myself she’s only six. in her moments of feeling overwhelmed, fidgety or needing extra attention, i can be impatient. and then i also remember that adults go through the same highs and lows; we just mask them more (or we try to). 🙄 but her “down” moments on this trip have been rare. this image is perfectly representative of the way she tackles life and all the adventures her crazy parents throw her way. “let’s hike here!” “let’s go look at that arch by the sea!” “let’s walk into valletta and face crowded, busy streets and explore this ancient city!” tonight it was, “let’s go watch the sunset by the water!” 🌅 the answer is almost always “yes”. as we make our way to these places we often talk about paw patrol and school back home, and answer a million questions (today’s was “why aren’t there more statues of women?”). 🤷🏼‍♀️ we try to balance those with bringing her into the present moment. but she often is, in her own way. she can talk about a project back home then start building a home for ants she sees along the trail. 🐜 i continue to learn that it’s all about balance, in the end. and i’m so proud to say she inspires me. 😍
#freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #outdoorfamilies #gozo #kidswhohike #takemeoutside #canadianoutdoorfamilies

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A day filled with surprises on the island of gozo, starting with a ferry ride before a cliff-side hike, lunch in the town of xlendi, naps for the kids in the car and ice cream at dwejra bay (where this photo was taken). we loved gozo so much we made the spontaneous decision to book two nights here and come back for more exploring tomorrow! 🌅 #adventurousparents #freelancingfamily

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It’s so vital to take time (even 30 seconds) to unwind in our busy days. when we stressed we make bad choices. you know what i’m talking about.
i created these 30 second vacations while hiking in maine earlier this month for you.
p.s. if you are a parent, come join our adventurous parents group on facebook!
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It’s difficult to summarize valletta in a single photo. as a history buff, i found myself rushing through some of the world’s oldest freestanding structures. not by choice, of course, but we needed to weigh in the fact that we are likely only coming to valletta once on this trip and we had lots to see with two kids in tow. this was europe’s first planned city and walking the streets blasts you back 500 years. every wall is oozing with stories, every road a course through a layered history. a big highlight for me was seeing caravaggio’s masterpiece, “the beheading of saint john,” during my self-guided tour of st. john’s co-cathedral with maya. she was so enthralled by his workmanship, it stopped her in her tracks too. i may never be back to this fine city, but it will stay with me. 💜#freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #valletta #visitmalta #caravaggio

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Għajn tuffieħa bay. today we got away from the concrete jungle of bugibba and explored the opposite coast. 🏖 🥾 beach time, hiking, seaside air blowing in our faces... it’s always a bit of hard work with kids involved but we all had a great time. 😊 headache persisted.👎🏻 gelato/sorbet to finish the afternoon. 👍🏻 #adventurousparents #freelancingfamily #malta #hikingfamily #outdoorfamilies #visitmalta

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Respond to your children with love in their worst moments , their broken moments , their selfish moments ,their frustrated moments , their inconvenient moments because it is in their most unlovable human moments that they most need to feel loved. ❤️ .
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a wise mother does not unnecessarily interfere with her child’s life. .
your children have their own process- their own thoughts , feelings and reactions - which must be allowed to unfold.
if your childhood was painful, you may get over involved with your children’s lives and smother them.
or you may find yourself forcing them to think and feel the way you do , to adopt all your values and live the life you wish you had. .
if you do not trust your children’s process , your children will not trust anyone or anything.
your confidence in them builds their confidence in themselves. .
assist your children in such a way that they think “we did it ourselves “. .
this is an excerpt from the book, the tao of motherhood. .
this is no always easy. often i find myself wanting to jump in and stop her from swinging to high or interfere in her playing to include something else ‘l’ think is necessary ( but not ) , but if i can hold myself back and and watch ,honestly the magic 💫 that unfolds is beautiful and always so much better , because it was her ‘all her ‘.🌟
#raiseawildchild #curiouslittleexplorers #outdoorplay #samudrasouls #samudramamas #samudradads #adventurousparents #exploringfamilies #surfretreat #yogaretreat #redifiningmotherhood #roadschooling #adventuremamas #parentswhowander #havekidswilltravel #tinybigadventures #raiseawildchild #familyadventures #familygoals #womensretreat #coedretreat #youngwidow #widowlife #costarica #travellingmama

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Landing in malta has been a shock to the senses and quite disorienting as our time in ireland floats into our memories. i didn’t know what to expect here so everything is a surprise or brings up a question. i‘ve met a few locals but also lots of people on work visas, from glasgow, scotland, to a remote village in nepal. st. paul’s bay is affluent in parts, chaos on the roads, beautiful when you look upon the sea and full of garbage when you glance down alleyways or along the gutter. we’ve eaten some amazing seafood and also enjoyed some italian restaurants (they are everywhere, being so close to italy). perhaps with one more day we’ll feel more acquainted. it doesn’t help that i’ve been plagued with a wickedly sore throat, neck, ears, and head, which will hopefully subside as the days pass. tomorrow the exploring begins. 😊 #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #malta #travelwithkids #travellingfamily

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I feel you, baby. if i could fall asleep in that position, i’d probably be better rested. (fyi, the @boba comes with a sweet hood we clipped just after this shot which props the kid’s head up 👍🏻). someone asked me how my “vacation” was going and this is where i clarify and call it a “trip,” a “journey”, an “adventure” cause it isn’t all that relaxing. but it’s a vacation from the ordinary and the only things i’m missing from home are normal sleep patterns, my bed, and childcare. and maybe easier-to-grab food options (i eat df/gf). but goodness, this trip has been good to us. perhaps it’s all the irish luck, and maybe a bit of hard-earned experience but it’s been smooth overall. we’re exhausted as parents, so we’ll work at finding a bit more balance on malta, where we’re in an apartment at a resort with a pool 🙌🏻 (parents know what that means 😂) and perhaps some handy amenities. bring on the warmer temps, culture shock and some of the world’s oldest structures, we’re coming! ✈️ #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents photo: @paulzizkaphoto

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Some of our favourite stops in ireland were the ones we stumbled upon. i saw the ross errilly friary on google maps on our way to achill island. it looked enormous and worth at least a drive by. we made our way down a one-way road over a kilometre long and when we got to the abbey we realized just how special it is. according to wiki: “it is a national monument of ireland and among the best-preserved medieval monastic sites in the country.” not only that but we had the entire place to explore by ourselves. if walls could talk.... #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #ireland

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I love watching these two together. 💜 my needing to divert some extra attention to the littlest one the past 18 months has meant paul and maya have strengthened their already strong (and very unique) bond even more. often i need to hike ahead while the toddler is happy or sleeping, but these two are never too far behind. like father, like daughter - she’s an awesome hiker! 🥾 so grateful for our hikes here in ireland, an unexpected extension to hiking season while i hear the temperatures back at home are plummeting. 🥶 a day of repacking ahead and then we fly to malta. 🇲🇹 #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents

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The cliffs of moher - rugged and beautiful and also the most popular tourist attraction in ireland. but we may only come to ireland once in our lives. ☘️ i was reminded of how lucky we are in canada to have such incredible natural spaces, from the cliffs off newfoundland to the rocky mountains. we’re a little bit spoiled, i realized, because my first reaction when i saw the cliffs was, “wow, they’re breathtaking, but a tad underwhelming.” 🤷🏼‍♀️ as in they had charged an entry fee or €8 per adult to see them. but hiking away from the visitor experience area offered a fresh perspective, some mud under our feet, and a vantage point of people surfing the waves below. they aren’t really underwhelming, but 5 hours in the car with two kids gives you a different filter for what’s “worth it” sometimes. still, i’m glad we went. 😄 and it made me really appreciate connemara and achill island. #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #zizkasabroad #cliffsofmoher #somuchdriving

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You can tell how many layers she’s wearing by the number of hoods that appear. 😂 a blustery but awesome day at achill island (more photos to come!) packing for this trip was certainly tricky and it’s all about the layering. we each have light down jackets as well as rain gear. and for the baby an extra fleece onesie. 👍🏻 malta items are still in the suitcase: rompers, shorts, t-shirts and dresses for the warmer times with cardigans and tights for cooler temps. looking toward up feeling the temps rise a bit before heading back to winter!
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Canyon overlook to finish out day 2 in zion. •
also, j’s rei jacket has seen better days. but it has been on many adventures. •

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I’ll remember this evening for a long time - not only the calmness, the fading light, the silence, the solitude, but also the knowledge that it’s a rarity to have them all at once. life at home can be frenetic, and though i don’t wish for it to be that way, it’s how it is with life’s work, passions and parenthood. we actually keep things quite “slow” by way of not over-scheduling. the wilderness doesn’t see enough of me, though, and when i do get out there it’s often with kids in tow, wanting snacks and conversation. on this fine evening in connemara national park, the baby was asleep on my back, the rest of the family was half a kilometre behind me and i was otherwise alone on the trail with the setting sun. i stood still a few times to take it in, to remember the feeling. i relished in it, wondered how i could translate it into life back home. maybe i can’t. it’s part of the choice to have kids but sometimes i don’t think i’m cut out for the crazier times. it certainly doesn’t bring out the best in me, while i watch other mothers float through as if they don’t hear or mind it. it’s my current life’s work to see the joy in the ongoing requests and chatter, even though i’m six years into motherhood. any other parents relate? for now i remind myself that they are only young for so long, that i can’t get these years back. when i’m feeling overwhelmed, i need to lean into my partner to help me regain a semblance of balance. and occasionally i’ll escape on the trail, to the quiet of the wild, the only sound the beating of my heart. #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents

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For now my meditation practice is 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, but what i have found most important , i practice when i feel like i’m flooding , struggling to get a grip on what’s going on around me , i used to react and now i respond , i excuse myself , walk away , choose a crystal sit and breathe , breath in and breath out , slowly things change , the pressure in my chest eases , my lips ,
tongue and back of the throat loosen , my body feels calm , i say things that i am grateful for , i pray for guidance and inner strength .it’s a practice ... .
@aolanow ❤️
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This picture speaks a thousand words..... in nature , children learn to take risks , regulate emotions , overcome fears , make new friends and create imaginary worlds. it’s important that adults allow children both the time and the space to play outdoors on a daily basis. it’s important that we give them the trust they deserve and the freedoms they need to try out new theories and play schemes.
#samudrasouls #samudramamas #samudradads #adventurousparents #exploringfamilies #surfretreat #yogaretreat #redifiningmotherhood #roadschooling #adventuremamas #parentswhowander #havekidswilltravel #tinybigadventures #raiseawildchild #familyadventures #familygoals #womensretreat #coedretreat #youngwidow #widowlife #costarica #travellingmama #outdoorplay

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To be honest, we were worried about this trip to zion, and considered cancelling it.
with an infant who needs a lot of sleep, we were worried we would not be able to enjoy ourselves enough to make the trip worthwhile.
but, kids, we are learning, are adaptable as their parents. as long as she has cuddles, milk, and sleep, this girl will spend all day outside and will nap anywhere she feels secure.
#hikeitbaby #babycantravel #nationalparkgeek #zionnationalpark #angelslanding #adventurousparents #hikingfamily #travelbaby #themountainsarecalling #optoutside #visitutah #zion #havebabywilltravel

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I often wonder what’s going through her head when the only words coming out of her mouth are “no”, “mommy”, “yeah!,” and “de l’eau” (water)... but often all in the same sentence. 🤔
one thing i have learned from travelling with a baby is that they respond to the immediate; whatever is in front of them becomes their fixation, fear, or joy. i wonder if she thinks about home, or questions whether or not she’ll return, and at the same time i get the sense that she’s just adjusting to a new routine as if it’s life as usual - except for it’s tricky because the routine changes every day.
i’ve always believed that kids are adaptable, but only so much. we all need bearings in our lives - and i just lean into the idea that her family gives her familiar waypoints while the world around her shifts and changes. that i can be a lighthouse across choppy waters, always ready with a hug, a smile, and those cheesy puffs she loves so much. 🥰 when i see her uninhibited joy at a cow in a field or the twinkle lights of christmas decorations, or her quiet gaze as we hike along, i’m assured that she’s doing just fine. 💜
#freelancingfamily #adventurousparents

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A day of spontaneity, scenic driving and hiking to the summit of diamond hill in connemara national park, and to think it all kicked off with a visit to a doctor named dr. mary mcgarry. she made everything alright just by calling lea “little pet” and “little pudding.” i swear i could have gone home happy just meeting that lady!
#adventurousparents #freelancingfamily

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Reality check: our time in ireland so far has been about 50% castles, frolicking, and leprechaun hunting and 50% tears and struggles - mostly from the youngest one.
we’ve dealt with jet lag and exhaustion, baby v***t and what looks like double pink eye, inexplicable bouts of crying and parties til 2am. it’s reminding us a lot of travelling with mistaya through polynesia, back when she was a baby.
we still ask, “why do we put ourselves through this?” 🤷🏻‍♀️ but we’re better at managing it, working as a team, taking our turns in the trenches, so to speak, and squeezing in some explorations. you learn to enjoy it above the crying. you have to.
and in her moments of quiet and joy, we’re reminded that these experiences and changes aren’t damaging to our kids; they build resilience. because life at home is more predictable and comfortable. but we all know the length of our lives isn’t like that. we have ebbs and flows, times where the path is smooth and times where it’s rough.
travel and adventure teaches resourcefulness and trust in the people around us. it teaches us to be creative, adaptable, and fluid. it teaches us to face one obstacle at a time. it teaches us to be like a tree, firmly rooted in what we know, but ready to sway with the wind. 🌳
#adventurousparents #freelancingfamily

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Find the man and raven amidst the castle and tree. 🏰 today made me think about ages past, of the voices that used to echo through that structure, the people who tended the nearby farm, the ones who dug out the tiny harbour to dock their boats along the river corrib. menlo castle will go down in the memory books.
#freelancingfamily #galwaycounty #adventurousparents #travellingfamily #irelandtravel

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Officially in a fairytale, with endless rain ☔️ in the forecast. but that’s ireland in november... with a cyclone thrown in, just for fun. 🇮🇪 #freelancingfamily #adventurousparents #zizkasabroad #irelandtravel #galway

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Last night, when i walked in from work, my son wanted to build a “dinosaur lego zoo” and started with this jeep.
start em young!! olllllllo — feeling proud.

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This weekend i learned something about the world. you don’t have to be invited to a birthday party to go to chuck e. cheese. you can just go. like whenever you want. this differs from what i believed to be true for 30+ years... #parentstoldmebirthdaysonly #smartparents #illkeepthistraditiongoing #chuckecheese #kidsbirthday #stressavoidance #noquartersneeded #everyhingissticky #sundayfunday #lehighvalley #lehighvalleyrocks #goingtothemall #theforceisstrongwiththisdad #presentfrommywife #adventurousparents #adventurousparenting

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“hi kelsey! just wanted to thank you for the crib and the cute gift bag 🤗💓 super sweet!! and what a tight spot for that setup 😱 you really work wonders!! all 4 of my children will be sleeping in that room so it’s perfect!! i will definitely have time to leave you a wonderful review!! 👍🏼😃😍”. i love seeing my clients happy! even if it’s a tight squeeze. we’re here to help! #austintravel #austinfamily #vacationrentals #travelingwithkids #travelingwithbaby #newbornbaby #babylife #newparents #adventurousparents #babyquip #babyquipaustin #babiesofinstagram #babytraveler #babyonthego #familytravel #familyvacation #family #travelkids #momlife #babieswhoexplore #havebabywilltravel #havekidswilltravel #austinmom #austinfamy #atxmom #atxfamily #austinkids #atxkids #mompreneur #momsofinstagram

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Join us !! dec 2020 nosara costa rica for a unique experience.

relax into yourself with your daily yoga 🧘‍♀️ practice or surf 🏄‍♀️ session , knowing your child is safe learning , playing and laughing with other kids .
come together for dinners and share lifes adventures , travels , obstacles.
what the best thing about sharing delicious meals together with like minded new friends ?
#samudrasouls #samudramamas #samudradads #adventurousparents #exploringfamilies #surfretreat #yogaretreat #redifiningmotherhood #roadschooling #adventuremamas #parentswhowander #havekidswilltravel #tinybigadventures #raiseawildchild #familyadventures #familygoals #womensretreat #coedretreat #youngwidow #widowlife #costarica #travellingmama#everywheremagazine

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Let your rituals hold you up .. even when they feel routine or mundane , these are the times when your rituals are doing what they do best ....gluing it all together with grace ❤️🌸🙏
#samudrasouls #samudramamas #samudradads #adventurousparents #exploringfamilies #surfretreat #yogaretreat #redifiningmotherhood #roadschooling #adventuremamas #parentswhowander #havekidswilltravel #tinybigadventures #raiseawildchild #familyadventures #familygoals #womensretreat #coedretreat #youngwidow #widowlife #costarica #travellingmama #yogamums

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A wise mother knows : it’s her state of consciousness that matters.. .

when i had my daughter 2 years ago , i felt guilty when i left her to do something for myself , i was becoming very very tired , i urged myself to go grab my board and jump in the water , the silence i felt after the dive under that first wave , a sense of quite , peace and gratefulness lapped over me , i caught a few lefts and was so excited to come home , i was full of the oceans electric energy , in doing this ,i really understood just how important a mother’s state of consciousness matters and in taking some time to myself , i found it gives me the strength to carry the rest of my days with gratitude and mindfulness. 🏄‍♀️ ❤️ .

where do you go to find your peace of mind and strength? .
#samudrasouls #samudramamas #samudradads #adventurousparents #exploringfamilies #surfretreat #yogaretreat #redifiningmotherhood #roadschooling #adventuremamas #parentswhowander #havekidswilltravel #tinybigadventures #raiseawildchild #familyadventures #familygoals #womensretreat #coedretreat #youngwidow #widowlife #costarica #travellingmama#everywheremagazine

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