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Last night i was blessed to achieved another goal i set for myself. i was honored to be inducted into the phi theta kappa honor society. while i continue to bust my a*s to meet assignment deadlines, study as diligently as i can for tests, and aim to be the best version of myself...i’ll admit that many days i fall short...i mean completely miss the mark...although i am working daily to evolve and improve upon the woman i am becoming...and y’all it’s a process! there are many sleepless nights, many days of self doubt, a few tears, and feelings of discouragement...i’ve even questioned the process too. but please know that i am truly thankful for my support system of family and friends that are continuously uplifting me through this sleepless and humbling journey. i love you all. i thank each of you from the bottom of my heart...because without you, there is no me. -charla 💋 #humbled #wce #wcw #motivationwednesday #blessed #faith #phithetakappa #honorsociety #spilledink #intelligenceissexy #healthandwellness #fitnessscience #wellnesscoach #wellnessdirector #blackgirlmagic. #classof2019 #distinction #goals #inspire #motivate #womanonthemove #womanonamission #adultstudent #studentlife #seconddegree #encourage #youcandoit #smartandsexy #trusttheprocess #intelligence

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‘excuse me please! can i have 2 mins of your time?’ - i’m standing precariously on a stool in the middle of a saturated market place called instagram. people are selling their products. they are peddling their wares and some people are using their voice to ‘influence’ - i’m here, i don’t fit into any of those categories but i do have something to say. - i’m here to tell you that #transawarenessweek matters to me! it’s not a fad for me! it’s our reality. it’s not a popularity contest. it’s not about followers, it’s about creating love and understanding! please double tap and comment to share that 🌈🧜🏻‍♂️❤️

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🎵 this is karol, and her experience with music 🎶!
🎵 let me translate a little bit what she’s saying in spanish. - some months ago she went to the doctor and they told her she had a pre-cancer condition. “i had the option of going to my house and cry or start something new that could motivate me. that’s when i decided to have piano lessons” -
she continues saying it has helped her so much, giving hope, happiness, the sparkle of music.... and she is cured of her condition!! all thanks to god first and music in second place!
🎵 i remember the day she came. the classes were supposed to be for her niece only. however she decided to start her lessons also ! not once, but twice a week and minutes later was buying her piano!!!
🎵 thank you @karito.ulloa.9 for sharing your story!!!

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Day 61. have not forgotten about practice but have not made the videos, so i’m picking up where i left off with morning bach practice before work #100daysofpractice #adultstudent

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#transawarenessweek - if i could wave a wand and change the world for him, and other transgender children/people i would. why do so many people fail to accept/ acknowledge/ understand that people who happen to be transgender, are just regular people? if they tell you their male, that’s what they are! if they tell you they are female, that’s what they are! if they tell you they don’t want to identify as a gender, accept that! boxes with gender expectations need to be removed.. humans don’t need labels, they need love ❤️

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When i start my practices i start always heating my fingers with scales. my teacher has given me the scale of g mayor up to 6 position to practice changes and start getting agility in my fingers. i practice them in "arcades"(i don't know if is the right word in english) of 2, 3, 4 and 8 notes trying to use the whole bow. the descent is more difficult for me. i have to concentrate on the bow and at the same time in tuning and it costs me a lot.😕 #violin #violín #violino #strings #stringsmusician #adultstudent #classicalmusic #violinist #violinsolo #stringplayer #musicchallenge #violinat40 #practicediaries #365daysofpractice #scales #musician #art

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Debaran semakin kencang... #adultstudent

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Last lecture tonight, ati exam thursday, and the final exam next tuesday! i still have clinical until the 8th of december but i’m excited to get another semester under my belt! one more year

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I need to keep this in my head for everything that's going on my life not just slimmgworld 😘😘😘 #swmum #adultstudent #mumlife #houseworkisabitch

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It’s the little things that make the late night studying worth it 😂😂😂😂😫😫😫 #adultstudent #contractlaw #lawofcontract #cilexlawyers #cilex #needmorecoffee #londonlife #adulting #workstudyliftrepeat

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