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Urban dna

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Split personality - 72x48 inch painting on canvas. link in bio.

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Seeing parallels | 1 // hi folks, this week's posts are all themed around the power of parallels and the visual pleasure that comes from seeing double. hong kong's penchant for repetitive architecture is fertile ground for this theme, and in particular, our celebrated public housing estates always give me inspiration.  today's shot comes from yu chui court in sha tin district.  this is a typical "court"-style public housing estate from the first post-handover decade (those who read my captions may recall that "court" means a housing estate where the government has sold the flats to means-tested applicants at a price well below market, while "estate" means it is for rent only). the only remarkable (but unfortunate) thing about yu chui court is that it was caught in a short-piling scandal, rendering two of its blocks considered unsafe for occupation as the foundations may not be secure enough.  this resulted in the blocks being demolished, and the remaining residents benefited from an additional garden that was not in the original plans.
what makes yu chui court an interesting subject to photograph - and it is one of those iconic locations discovered long before the advent of aerial photography - is the line of six blocks built adjacent to the nearby highway.  these blocks are specially designed with no apartments facing the highway side (due to noise concerns), so what you're left with is the "insides" of the block facing out, creating an unusual visual effect.  there are a couple of estates from this era with an identical design, but yu chui court (along with another court over at ma on shan) would be the best representation of this design. i chose this shot because between these two blocks, there is another that is perfectly nestled in the narrow gap between, giving the shot a bit of extra depth.
i thought this shot would be a worthy entry to the #ppcopycat challenge! @passionpassport

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A city burning under the golden sky, october 2018.

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