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That trip to europe was so simple. as i mentioned before we didn’t do much because again i was kinda huge with 3 babies growing and tired all time. most days where spent going to ikea or just laying around. as i look back on it there was one date night my husband and i had. we walked around the city just the two of us holding hands. now if you knew us we aren’t the romantic type but it was cute. it was just us and them in my belly. we talked about how crazy it was that we where having 3 babies. we went to a few baby stores looking at things to by for them. we actually talked about what we wanted to name our 2 baby girls and son. we had the hardest time with names. actually we named them the day after they where born. that’s how much we struggled. back to that day. it was kinda perfect us just walking around. i really loved being pregnant with them and rubbing my big belly wondering which one i am poking. it was a good day even though we totally ended up getting are car towed cause my husband parked in a no parking area. that was kinda a nice little fee and annoying trip home but it was a good day even with all that. #angelbaby #childlosssurvivor #infantloss #momlife #pregob #bellyphotography #bellyphotos #20weekspregnant #20weeks #toddlermom #toddlermomlife #mommyandme #momblog #momblogger #mommylove #momstrong #mommyhood #momandson #momandaughter #thisisus #europe #travelingmom #baby #babygirl #babyboy #babylove #babybump

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We’re half way there y’all! how, i have no clue. but, 20w 2d 💜💙💜💙

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So, we’ve been keeping a secret...... its the beginning of our new journey. husein and l are so happy and cant wait to meet this precious baby. this 20 weeks have been incredible and they’ve gone by so fast ❤️ we are so excited to finally share this journey 🙏🏻❤️ #mypregnancyjourney #20weekspregnant

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We packed my big belly up and toddler and booked our way to europe. oh the comments rolled in. “ can you travel with triplets ? is it safe? what if you have them there? can you be on a plane ? why aren’t you just relaxing?”. first off we booked this trip in february before we knew we pregnant let alone pregnant with triplets. my doctor assured me there was no reason not to travel. she wrote me a letter incase the airline had any questions of her approval. i really wasn’t worried .. i was coming up on 20 weeks and feeling great. now we spent 3 weeks out there and the baby weight was weighing on me in more ways then one. i was really exhausted the entire trip. i just laid around watching my beautiful niece and son play. i joked with my sister in law how crazy it will be with 3 almost every day. ( ugh this always hurt so much - all those conversations thinking they would be here) we talked about how we would probably not come next year to europe because of how challenging it would be. we talked about my sisters in law coming to america to help with the babies. i think one of the hardest things about this trip is how comfortable i got. i was starting to believe it was really going be okay and they where really coming. #angelbaby #childlosssurvivor #infantloss #momlife #pregob #bellyphotography #bellyphotos #20weekspregnant #20weeks #toddlermom #toddlermomlife #mommyandme #momblog #momblogger #mommylove #momstrong #mommyhood #momandson #momandaughter #thisisus #europe #travelingmom #baby #babygirl #babyboy #babylove #babybump

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Selamat pagi,selamat beraktivitas.
jangan lupa makan ya rek😂😂
#20weekspregnant #atoffice #instagood #instamoment

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💓oh hi there 👋☺️ this bump + our ‘meet bump’ artwork. so gorgeous! 💓💓 ps: find this artwork in our pregnancy category to create yours. (link to download baby pics app in our bio ☝🏼@babypicsapp ) #babypicsapp 📷. @frokenivf

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We’re having a baby boy💙💙 #20weekspregnant #genderreveal

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My 20 week bumpdate is posted on the blog! 🤰🏻 a couple weeks late, but better late than never. 😋 i’m answering all of your questions including my maternity must-haves, how my skincare routine has changed, and what i’m using to help prevent stretch marks! link in bio. 😘 | shop this look at thestyledpress.com/shop or by following me on the @liketoknow.it app! http://liketk.it/2xutu #liketkit #ltkbump #ltkfamily #ltkunder100 #ltkstyletip #ltkunder50 #ltkshoecrush

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So...it's 10% boy, because the sonographer says it's 90% a girl♀️! not a 💯% because the gender reveal was via ultrasound and baby could be playing tricks with us till the very day of birth hee. hubs is overjoyed because he said no cane then, and yays, time for me to play dolling up for #tubaobao 🤩🤩🤩🤩 #genderreveal #bumpfie #20weekspregnant #babybump #pregnancy #sgmummy #sgmum #motherhood #parenthood #firstpregnancy #firsttimemum
p.s. picture is a teaser because i happened to have this 'boy' dress. haha.
and many correct guesses - all can be gynaes already keke.

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After an exciting anatomy scan yesterday (swipe right to see if we are having a boy or girl), it was a victory to wake up early again to get in my run and a few banded leg exercises.
the treadmill feels so comfortable and controlled, but i love a good outdoor run. hopefully my schedule will allow for it soon. until then, i’ll just enjoy running while i still can.

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I use to wonder how this would feel. you know, being pregnant and all. •

at the same time, i always brushed past it, because it always felt so far away. •

i used to think having it all together meant having the cutest outfit and being "skinny." •

somewhere along the line, i started not to care what others thought and those external things. i started to care about how i truly felt on the inside. •

i think that is the best thing i could've done to prepare for pregnancy - learning to love myself. •

i've learned that people will give unsolicited opinions and that's ok. i think most of them mean well ❤ •

you'll learn to listen to your body in a new way. maybe that's with organic smoothies or maybe it's treating yourself to some ice cream. you do you, boo 💋 as long as it's done in love 💕 •

because there is something different in you now that you can't even explain. this feeling that all you want is a healthy baby, and you'll do anything you can to make it a good life. inside, you know that some how, you will. •

and in exactly two months (plus or minus a few weeks 😉), we will get to meet our baby girl 🎀💞 and this momma is just filled with so much joy. #31weekspregnant #babygirlmom #bestillmyheart

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30 years old. 20 weeks preggo. another day in the books. feeling loved all the way around. #thirtyflirtyandthriving#20weekspregnant#halfwaythere#cobbler#icecream#lunchdate#momanddaughter

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& just like that, we’re almost half way ♥️

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Ahhh!!! we got to see our little nugget today!! 😍 i'm officially #20weekspregnant and baby is the size of a big banana ! 🍌 and i realize every parent says this, but our kiddo is the freakin' cutest!! 😍👶 look at that foot!!!! 👣 halfway through my pregnancy and so ready to meet him or her already... but we have to wait four more weeks to find out which one because someone planned a reveal party too far out 🙊
seeing an actual baby in there today took it to a whole new level and i'm just so in love 💗 it feels so much more real now. god is good 🙏 #babybiltz

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В итоге, пока так и не приняла однозначного решения, но рискнула попробовать и посмотреть, как линейка чб фотографий будет здесь смотреться🙏

Ну, а на мой взгляд, фотографии Беременяшек очень гармонично смотрятся в таком варианте, как считаете?!?

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