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Quando il sogno più grande che hai diventa realtà 💙👪🤰🏼🍼 #20weekspregnant #lamiagoiaimmensa

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Today was our 20 week ultrasound. baby is perfect in every way ❤️ we will finally be announcing the gender on monday! so turn your post notifications on, you won’t want to miss it! in the meantime leave your guesses below 😘 #20weekspregnant

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Nobody puts baby in a corner. #20weekspregnant | photo courtesy of @kaitjoseph

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Dear baby zan

hello my child. mama definitely look chubby. welcome to our week20 together. we're half way there. aches and pains may also be surfacing right now with my 34" inches waist... 😨😭 what i know for sure it's going to worth it. stay strong. love you more than i can say my baby zan. #20weekspregnant

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Today was our 20 week ultrasound. baby is perfect in every way ❤️ we will finally be announcing the gender on monday! so turn your post notifications on, you won’t want to miss it! in the meantime leave your guesses below 😘 #20weekspregnant -
regrann from @jaclynhuber -

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Upsss 🙈 someone is coming 👶🏽 #newfamilymember #babyontheway #20weekspregnant #ochbabybaby #futureparents z @cli5hy 😎

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#babybirdgoodson is a boy and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 💙 @citizenhd and i had our 20-week ultrasound/anatomy scan on friday and finding out the gender of our baby was at the top of our list. i wish i could be one of those people who waited until the baby’s birth to find out the gender (like my mom did with me), but i am such a planner and really wanted to have clear vision of what to expect — lots of pink or lots of blue! 👶🏼 however, we’re ecstatic to finally know that a baby boy will be joining our crew this fall and just know he’s going to be adorable and super handy later in life (just like his dad, haha). 🛠 head on over to the blog to find out how we found out and how we told our families and friends! ✨ also, a huge thank you is in order to the amazing folks at @parkhaus.az for letting us use their amazing space to celebrate our baby boy! 🎉 link in bio! #genderreveal #20weekspregnant #thebump #delightfuldesertliving #babyboyontheway

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Pro-tip: don’t make your pregnant wife lol or she will pip (pee in pants). and then you end up at the store buying pantiliners.

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Half-baked! #20weekspregnant

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Semakin hari semakin melebar.
#happy #pregnant #20weekspregnant #welovemybaby

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Tfw the hardest part of circus split is passing your leg through over your baby bump! 😂 thanks for the spot, @mrstxuniversal2018!! #lyra #lyrahoop #pregnantaerialist #20weekspregnant

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Qtime... @villacempakaratu
#liburlebaran2018#mudik#smi #babyzen25months#20weekspregnant

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June is icp (intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy) awareness month, icp is a medical condition where women experience a very sever itching during pregnancy. pregnancybeyond have teamed up with icp care to raise awareness of this liver disorder that develops during pregnancy in which bile flow is impaired within the liver itself. this condition has been shown to pose a serious risk to the unborn baby. .

in today’s post, one mom advises on the importance of early detection, diagnosis and intervention. .

tap on link in bio and insta-story @pregnancy_beyond for full story :
to find out how to show support, ensure you’re following @icpcare , like their facebook page at facebook.com/icpcare and visit their website www.icpcare.org. .
#icp #icpawareness #pregnancybeyond @pregnancy_beyond

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It amazes me to think just how different all three of my pregnancies have been.
when i was pregnant with my first baby, i was pretty naive and thought a fit pregnancy was something that would just happen to me. well let me tell ya! i wasn't that lucky! 😜 i gained over 75 pounds and felt horrible most of the time. i simply had no motivation to exercise or eat healthy. i mean growing a human is hard enough, right?! i ended up with preeclampsia and am forever grateful that everything turned out okay for me and little henry.
with pregnancy number 2 everything was completely different! the difference in the way i felt was simply amazing. i was so blessed to have been able to stay so active through it all. the biggest thing i was missing with my first pregnancy was the accountability and community that kept me motivated and inspired every single day. and a huge game changer for me was everything i learned regarding fitness and nutrition before i got pregnant that second time around.
enter baby caroline — my third pregnancy. i’ll tell ya what — having two back to back pregnancies is tough! i certainly wasn’t in the best shape of my life when i got pregnant at 8 months postpartum. but i’m still showing up everyday — getting my workouts in, sticking to my nutrition as best i can, and i still have an amazing group of ladies keeping me accountable through it all. i’m still doing my body good (and baby too!) and i’m feeling good and getting a good report from my doctor. and for me, that’s what’s important!
it’s not about weight. its about having a safe and healthy pregnancy. it's about having the energy to chase around my two toddlers. it's about feeling comfortable in my own skin. it's about not having to be rushed to the hospital every week because of sky rocketing blood pressure. it's about feeling good. physically, mentally and emotionally. it’s about a healthy baby and a healthy mama.
it's amazing what can happen when you find something that works, and a community of support to keep you accountable and inspired to work on you.
are you looking for that kind of support? reach out, girlfriend! i’m happy to help! ❤️

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Little baby nose and little baby toes #20weekspregnant #veganpregnancy

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Baby zion, we love you💙 #20weekspregnant #genderreveal

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Day 1 of whole30 round 2 🤜🏻success! i did a little @myfitnesspal breakdown out of curiosity and came out with the following:
118g c
100g f
53g p
1562 calories
i ate more ‘snacks’ than i probably should of (larabar 👆🏻and👆🏻an rx bar) but that’s ok. i’ll limit it going further!
for anyone who thinks that the @whole30approved program is restrictive, you couldn’t be more wrong! you can eat a lot of food .. it’s just good / smart food!
@tracycoffey @rxbar @larabar
note: i didn’t eat all my breakfast so i reheated it to have with the larabar. i also didn’t eat the 1/2 banana / blueberries. i ate about 2/3 of my supper but was too full to finish so the mfp breakdown is a little lower than what i’ve listed!
#whole30 #whole30recipes #whole30approved #nutrition #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #paleo #realfood #wholefood #cleanfood #greenfood #betterchoices #vegetables #fruit #healthyliving #fitfam #eattofuel #foodasmedicine #foodasfuel #foodforthought #foodmatters #easymeals #wellness #babysteps #20weekspregnant #nutrition #nutritious

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🌸🤰🏼🌸 #20weekspregnant

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J’ai de la misère à imaginer que déjà la moitié de cette belle aventure est dernière nous! il me semble que c’était hier que j’apprenais que tu te faisais une place dans nos vie! je sens de plus en plus tes petits coup de pieds, tu gigotes quand tu entends de la musique ou le bruit de la moto à papa et tu grossis de plus en plus, car j’ai enfin un p’tit baby bump! même si tout ça est encore un peu irréel, j’ai vraiment hâte de faire ta connaissance et j’espère que la suite sera aussi douce et paisible!
bébé milot a 20 semaines aujourd’hui ❤️
#momtobe #babyiscoming #bebedautomne #20semaines #20weekspregnant

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Lebaran hari ke-4
mudik tipis ke prambon
with khimar penirus muka, shabira khimar 😂😂😂
cucok buat bumil2 yang makin melebar kemanamana..
@atelier.angelina @angellafransisca
#idulfitri1439h #lebaran2018 #20weekspregnant #mudik #prambon #lebaranber3 #alhamdulillah

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We are so thrilled to announce that baby huber #3 is a girl! a dream come true! #girlmom #growingbabyhuber #20weekspregnant
•dress from @shoppinkblush

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🎀💙 so excited to find out if this little b***s is a boy or girl 💙🎀 #20weekspregnant #boyorgirl #fursisterlove

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Got to see the little peanut today! 😍🥜 #babymink #teamgreen #20weekspregnant #halfwaythere 💚💚💚

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Just got home from a magical week with this guy...already missing being alone together and unplugged. but, glad to be back with our sweet natalie-we took her out for ice cream when we were all reunited, and as you will see if you swipe left, got back into #momlife real fast 😂😂 #10thanniversaryvacay #lovehimsomuch #20weekspregnant #20weekspregnantwithbaby2

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My older two are at the movies with their dad who's probably sleeping. #nightshiftproblems so i took the opportunity to get in a workout and drop the youngest off in kid zone.
i modified toes to bar with kb swings. i was able to do farmers carry unbroken, no stopping. 22lb kb farmer carry, 26lb on other stuff.
finished with db and bb accessory work.
#20weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #4thandfinal

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Halfway through this wild ride! .
#novemberbaby #babyontheway #thebump #pregnant #20weekspregnant #babygirl

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A few things we learned about this child today:

1. he’s still a boy! yay!
2. he’s stubborn he wouldn’t cooperate and show his face until last minute no matter how much we begged him to. (he didn’t get it from me 🙄😂)
3. he’s an acrobat and somehow manages to like being in a position where he has his legs over his face and hugs them
4. he’s perfectly healthy 💚

we can’t wait to meet him. he’s so active already i can only imagine once he’s running around what kind of trouble he’ll get into with isaiah and nae nae. 🤦🏾‍♀️ #itsaboy #hesperfect #babyboy #20weekspregnant #khalilkainoamenezchoeum #familyof5comingsoon

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