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@ -  | Every bookshop needs stairs like these beauties at @theironbridgebookshop . 😍 We spent a great afternoon there today with the lovely owner Meg & the ever-brilliant @contraryreader . Our book haul included:
🔹Maigret's First Case - Georges Simenon
🔹Call for the Dead - John le Carre
🔹Scream Street: Skull of the Skeleton - Tommy Donbavand
🔹A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch - Jill Murphy
🔹Mary Poppins - P.L.Travers
🔹The Mystery of the Whispering Caves - Helen Moss
🔹North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
🔹The Ballad of the Sad Cafe - Carson McCullers
🔹The Common Reader - Virginia Woolf
🔹The Well of Lost Plots - Jasper Fforde
🔹Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Do you spot any favourites on our list?
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Every bookshop needs stairs like these beauties at @theironbridgebookshop . 😍 we spent a great afternoon there today with the lovely owner meg & the ever-brilliant @contraryreader . our book haul included:
🔹maigret's first case - georges simenon
🔹call for the dead - john le carre
🔹scream street: skull of the skeleton - tommy donbavand
🔹a bad spell for the worst witch - jill murphy
🔹mary poppins - p.l.travers
🔹the mystery of the whispering caves - helen moss
🔹north and south - elizabeth gaskell
🔹the ballad of the sad cafe - carson mccullers
🔹the common reader - virginia woolf
🔹the well of lost plots - jasper fforde
🔹northanger abbey - jane austen
do you spot any favourites on our list?
#bookshop #bookstairs #bookstore #allthebooks #bookishfeature #booksonbooks #happyplacefound #colorblocking #unitedbookstagram #lovebooks #mybookfeatures #bookishthings #bibliophilelife #bookstagramcommunity #bookstoresofinstagram #guardianbooks #culturetrip #ironbridge #visitshropshire #visitengland🇬🇧
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@thingsthatkeepmeupatnight Should i be ashamed to admit that i didn't know mary poppins was a book? 😅 wonderful photo and post, as usual. i hope you lot are doing well 😊
@thesistersread I love those stairs!! what a fun day. i love northanger abbey and north and south! great haul. -s
@islafineart The worst witch books are wonderful - because of these books i spent a large amount of my childhood wanting to go to witch school.
@nancymoon I i would have to make sure i’m reading all of the steps otherwise i would fall ha ha. adorable spot.
@triciay777 Love this display x
@susankmann Ooh those are lovely xx
@silviamaggiphoto Ohh that’s beautiful! i’d love to paint the home stairs like that ✨
@forget_me_not_originals This is so high on my list to visit!!! it looks gorgeous and meg @theironbridgebookshop has been such a superstar getting rupert bear books for my dad ❤️💛 x
@copperandeucalyptus Those steps are amazing mel 😍 what a great wee spot!!! ❤️
@thebrunetteandbooks The best bookshops seem to be in england
@gisforgeorgina Stairs of dreams!! 😍✨ xx
@wispyfeatherfarm Love those stairs!
@drlauravarnam They are fab! as a du maurier fan i love that peter pan features- barrie wrote the story for daphne’s cousins and her father gerald was the original captain hook in the stage play! you did well with your book haul 👏
@lorenzaceretti.illustration I’d like to have that stairs at home
@anodyesseyinbooks How wonderful to have gotten hang out with kelly!! awesome haul! you picked up several i want to read 🤓
@blackburn.amanda That’s such a great capture 👌
@minyatur1001 👍👍👍
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