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“for me, being a warrior now means being a champion,” says golden state warrior stephen curry (@stephencurry30 ). “it’s holding yourself to a high standard, expecting greatness out of yourself, being prepared, disciplined.” the three-time nba (@nba ) champion and two-time mvp grew up in charlotte, north carolina, but the san francisco bay area has been home since the start of his professional basketball career. “this is the place that kind of shaped me in that respect,” says stephen of the bay area. “i hope to obviously play here for the rest of my career, but once it’s all said and done, retire, hopefully a lot of more years, i’ll probably still stay out here. because just the people are so cool, there’s so much to do, good food, you can travel all over the bay, get a different vibe. there are so many different pockets that show you so much love.”
to celebrate the tip off of this year’s basketball season, we’re at home and on the court with stephen. see more on today’s story and our igtv channel.
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