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@cookiesandcups - Shelly Jaronsky | Have I ever told you I have the BEST SNICKERDOODLE RECIPE on the whole world wide web? Scratch that…the best recipe in the history of the planet? Oh, it’s fully true. Ask anyone. And yes there is one full tablespoon of vanilla in there. It’s not a typo. ❤️ Also hyperbole is my love language. Clickable recipe in profile: https://cookiesandcups.com/perfect-snickerdoodles/
 #cookiesandcups #snickerdoodles #baking #recipe #ilovebaking #thebest #f52grams #thebakefeed
Have i ever told you i have the best snickerdoodle recipe on the whole world wide web? scratch that…the best recipe in the history of the planet? oh, it’s fully true. ask anyone. and yes there is one full tablespoon of vanilla in there. it’s not a typo. ❤️ also hyperbole is my love language. clickable recipe in profile: https://cookiesandcups.com/perfect-snickerdoodles/
#cookiesandcups #snickerdoodles #baking #recipe #ilovebaking #thebest #f52grams #thebakefeed
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@vannessa1215 I must try😋😋 thanks for sharing👛👛
@autumnsky1999 Snickerdoodles are my arch nemesis of the cookie world. i used to make them perfect every time but for the last few years they are thin and flat. i'm going to have to give these a shot!
@pb_and_yas I am a huge snickerdoodle fan but unfortunately they haven't been discovered in germany yet. i will just have to bake them whenever i am craving some 😅 thank you for the recipe!!
@thewonderingtraveler My 2nd favorite cookie! (only behind oatmeal chocolate chip.) i think i'll try your recipe next weekend for the first official day of fall!🍁 oh - and i do thank you for using cream of tartar! with out it they're just regular sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon sugar (yes, a little pet peeve of mine)!😆😂
@hobo010339 I don't like these cookies. something in it revoting to my taste buds
@cookiesandcups @autumnsky1999 definitely let me know!!
@cookiesandcups @sarabahnsen haha! it’s time again!!
@cookiesandcups @lora626 it’s so crazy how expensive vanilla is!! i used to get my @nielsenmassey on amazon bc i can’t find it locally and it’s too expensive for me to buy anymore!
@holly_blossoms Seriously the best!!!
@kkrissstin Snickerdoodles are my favorite.
@thesugarllama These are real good (hence my profile picture 😆)