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#dubai #worldstallestbuilding #burjkhalifa #offwegoagain #wanderlust
B u r j k h a l i f a
#dubai #worldstallestbuilding #burjkhalifa #offwegoagain #wanderlust
comment 2   star 0 August 2018
@rubyredshuz Hi! if you’re still in the area, i wonder if you could help with my project?😊 i’m trying to make a gift for my kids with notes from around the world. - beautiful, interesting places, or even local people holding the note. i have some examples on my page, if that would help. if you could, write the following message on a piece of paper- and take a picture. (dark marker shows up best)
it can be emailed to rubyredshuz@hotmail.com
thank you so so much! —————————————— ty,
my amazing little dude
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