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Kungar, knektar och damer.
min hand förblir tom,
mitt bord utan giv.
ett vilt kort,
draget ur sanning.
-är det värt nått min vän…
-….det är det bara du som vet…
men, skulle jag få välja åt dig,
så skulle jag behålla det.
en älva i röd kostym.
drömmarna och
själens längtan ur lust.
..blir det hjärterblod på vägar av snö.

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Mother giraffe with her one-day old calf in the maasai mara. your shot producer david y. lee writes, “let’s all go ‘awww’ together because this moment is so adorable, so sweet. this is beautiful moment of love between a mother and child. i love how the mother is tenderly touching its child. i love how this baby giraffe is staring right back at us. i love how tight you shot this frame, cropping the mom which focuses my attention on the baby. 😍

l o c a t i o n :- africa ➖

i m a g e - s o u r c e :- @russwiley

all copyrights belong to photographer.please visit owner's gallery for more such photos - contact owner for any queries

lets experience the most
unexplored region of the
earth - you can also
be a part of our journey

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Beyza bebegimizin cerceveleride pek cici oldu😍🤗kokulutas  hediyelik ve kapi süsü modellerinde fiyat ve siparis icin mesaj atınız🌸🌸
15_20 gun icinde teslim 🌸🌸
👉kapıda ödeme yoktur🚫
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İyi geceler
foto 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 @caggglar
🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸🌲🌸#nature #beautiful #korgan #beauty #light #love #green #skylovers #weather #blacksea #tbt #summer#instagood #instagram #natural #sun #water#sky #ordu #sunny #karadeniz#snow #turkey#cicek#flower

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Stasera vestito con fiocco rosso... 😉😍😘... tantu u sacciu a moriri du friddu... 😂😂😂... ma chi bella vuole apparire un poco deve soffrire... no???!!! #accussi
buona serata bella gente 👄❤👋😘 #photo #collage #ladyinred #lovered #saturday #catalunya #spain #february #winter #love #insta #instagram #friends #happy #night 🤗💓💕💖💗💞💟

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İnce minare...

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Hello, world! today’s #weeklyfluff is coco, a congo african grey parrot who’s feeling particularly co-dependent after valentine’s day. “she will follow me all around,” says coco’s human jackie persaud (@mss_jackie_j ). “once she loses [sight of] me, she will scream like a toddler and ask, ‘where you? where you? where you?’”
deep down, coco just wants your undivided attention.
photo by @mss_jackie_j

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Weekend hashtag project: #whpuptome the theme this week? you get to pick! this weekend the challenge is to come up with your very own whp theme and bring it to life through photos and videos. need some inspiration? check out this image by floral designer doan ly (@doan_ly ). here are some tips to get started:
💡 find your inspiration. think about the people or things that mean the most to you, whether it’s a childhood memory or a favorite work of art.
💡 make the rules. then break the rules. since you get to pick the theme, we’re giving you full permission to tap into your imagination, explore your interests and showcase your creativity.
💡 explain your theme. in addition to #whpuptome, include your own make-believe whp hashtag in your caption. write about your theme and its inspiration.
project rules: please add the #whpuptome hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpuptome hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpuptome hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.
featured photo by @doan_ly

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To honor the black community on instagram and celebrate #blackhistorymonth, we’re sharing another story in our series #shareblackstories. this month and beyond, follow along and share your unique perspective using the hashtag.
through the art of wearing a headwrap, paola mathe (@findingpaola ) discovered a community of women with their own vision for the future. “i want to create bold, colorful images of black women of all nationalities, backgrounds and social classes,” paola says. “images i wish my 5-year-old self could see.”
growing up in pétion-ville, haiti, paola vividly remembers the first time she wore a headwrap at the age of 7. “it made me feel beautiful for the very first time,” she says. as an adult now living in austin, texas, paola sees a headscarf as a sign of strength and confidence. “it makes me feel taller,” she says. “like i’m standing with an army of my ancestors who fought for me to be here.”
in 2014, paola founded fanm djanm (@fanmdjanm ), a company dedicated to selling headwraps and cultivating a community around them. in haitian creole it means “strong woman.” “that’s who i wanted to celebrate with my headwraps,” paola says.
see more stunning images of paola wearing her signature headscarves, right now on our story.
photo by @findingpaola

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💌 happy #valentinesday! we have a gift for you. 💌 meet shane burcaw (@shaneburcaw ) and hannah aylward (@hannahayl ) who — like any great modern love story — met with a little help from technology. 🙃 hannah made the first move; she reached out to shane after watching a documentary about his life. today, the pair lives together in minnesota where 26-year-old shane is an author and hannah, 23, is a college senior, studying sociology.
“at first, i think people are a little unsure of what to think of our relationship since i am in a wheelchair, and i rely on hannah for a lot of my day-to-day care,” says shane, who lives with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement. “i think people assume that shane needs more caregiving than he does,” adds hannah. “anything that i do to help him is just us hanging out together. and we don’t see it as girlfriend time versus caregiving time. it’s all just us being together.”
the couple is on a mission to normalize inter-abled relationships. “it shows people that having a disability isn’t a sad, depressing existence,” says hannah. “and people who are able-bodied can be in amazing relationships with people who have disabilities.”
today on our story and our igtv channel, we’re celebrating hannah and shane’s love. (p.s. grab your tissues. this one’s a tear-jerker.) ❤️

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We’re celebrating shane burcaw (@shaneburcaw ) and hannah aylward's (@hannahayl ) love for #valentinesday! each wrote a 💌 to the other.

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Love turns a house into a home. photographer christopher funk (@cfunk44 ) created this photo of a miniature house being lifted by red map pins, shaped like a heart. “i’m a huge believer of spreading positive energy into the world,” christopher says. “and love does just that.” #whp❤️
photo by @cfunk44

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Zain and trek are stealing hearts left and right. the two rescue border collies from allentown, pennsylvania, couldn’t help but be a little bit mischievous this valentine’s day. “dogs truly steal the hearts of many people,” says their human kelly bove (@kelly_bove ). luckily, there’s enough love to go around. #whp❤️
video by @kelly_bove

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The apple does not fall far from the tree. munich-based maryna amparian (@marina_lou_ ) and her daughter created a tree of love to symbolize their family bond. together, this mother and daughter team create playful images that fuse maryna’s creativity with her daughter’s locks. #whp❤️
photo by @marina_lou_

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#selflove means treating yourself with compassion and respect, like you would treat someone you love,” says claudia romano (@claudiadoodles ), who works at an education nonprofit by day… and doodles by night. “i became interested in self-care after graduating from college and feeling burnt out in my first full-time job in a new city,” says the 23-year-old who lives in nyc. “drawing and painting are a big part of how i practice self-care.”
head to today’s story to check out the story templates claudia created to help us prep for #valentinesday. “i hope people will take a minute to think about how self-love and self-care show up in their lives!” she says.
art by @claudiadoodles

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Matt smith (@mattsmith.au ) and his girlfriend emily found love in a rocky place. the couple visited arizona to take in the state’s natural beauty with their own eyes, but some things were impossible to see. “you can’t really see this love heart with the n***d eye, but when you look through the camera lens it comes to life,” says matt of his heart-shaped discovery. #whp❤️
photo by @mattsmith.au

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Canadian photographer brayden hall (@braybraywoowoo ) titled this image, “beauty and the beast.” “obviously, milk face is the beauty,” brayden says, describing the majestic reindeer he visited at a finnish sledding ranch.
whether it’s valentine’s day or not, milk face is not shy about showing affection. #whp❤️
photo by @braybraywoowoo

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