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Hi everyone, @andreabruce here. i had the honor of receiving the anja niedringhaus courage in photojournalism award and will be hosting the feed this week with photos from my portfolio. | looking at the street life below, reena bihari stands on the edge of the dorm roof where she lives with other factory girls for the k. mohan clothing factory in bangalore, india.
india is trying to transform itself into a manufacturing economy, and for this, it must find workers. in this case, workers have been brought here at government expense from remote villages, from a population that has never before been t****t into the economy: unmarried women. @noorimages #anjascourage #india
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@musvic @andreabruce your pictures are very powerful πŸ‘
@alpanaaras Amazing image and the work you do in so powerful. and congrats on the award. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
@ambyamby Is this positive? the post doesnt say whether its forced upon them as unmarried women it just says been t****t into the economy. any insight?
@andreabruce @ambyamby good question. like most things, it seems to be both. and it depends on whose perspective you are coming from. many are pushed to go, extra money for families and marriage. (though if they didn’t do this, they would be pushed into marriage.) but it is also teaching women from lower castes independence and breaking many traditions in indian society that some feel are negative. it is also growing the country’s workforce.