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Photo by @ali_lapetina
when she moved to detroit for college, documentary photographer ali lapetina (@ali_lapetina ) connected to her new home through her camera. “i soon realized that it was the doorway to interact with residents in various neighborhoods,” she says. “it became my mission to collaborate with them and share their stories.”
from that mission came women of banglatown (@womenofbanglatown ), a nonprofit organization and community space for women and girls in banglatown, a neighborhood on the border of northern detroit and the city of hamtramck and an enclave of bengali and yemeni immigrants. “through free art classes and income-generating activities, conversations are sparked about what it means to navigate this world as a multicultural woman living in the us,” says ali. “seeing these women grow and transition as they embark on significant moments in their lives reminds me — and i hope my followers — that we are all humans, just evolving and growing into ourselves.”
watch our story to meet ali and some of the women and girls of banglatown.
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@maks_kisko Круть ✌🏼😁👍🏼
@perfavoreleggi7 @andrew9592 finito il weekend con lei mi sbloccherai ? vergognati
@jaclynreneewellness @shelleybelli me in the pic with the girls i volunteer for! see me?
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