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Maybe you don't know this about me, but i love and adore aprons. i wear them all the time at home and have a small collection of special ones. maybe it's because they make me feel like the hostess with the mostest. maybe it's because they make me feel like i can cook better than i can. or maybe it's just because they make me feel special, feminine and pretty when i wear them. this vintage one is one of my favorites. i couldn't help but post a picture of it from tonight πŸ’•#apron #vintageapron
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@kinst2 I too love aprons but i never know where to look for something that isn't a standard apron. i wanted just a nice half apron and all i could find online were ones that looked like the kind they wear at restaurants. can you recommend your favorite websites? thanks. btw, this one your wearing is gorgeous.
@e.j_.b @amy henderson
@tjmarpaung1998_3576 You look fabulous candace πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
@hunnybunny1128 I love them too!! i collect them from family and thrift stores. they always make me think of my grandma who is passed away. i tried to get one of hers after the funeral to have but my uncle horeded everything of hers and has said no. so now i just collect old ones that make me think of her in the kitchen making tortillas. ❀❀❀❀ that one is beautiful!
@shannonandmattparrott That apron is so pretty and dainty!😍
@nattycp143 I love it, so pretty. i have a handmade one that i rarely wear b/c i dont want to ruin it. i should wear it more.
@erinkrakow And pictured next to adorable in the dictionary we find...
@ninadoglover Love it πŸ’•
@ericevangeline @candacecbure - i make and sell custom aprons through my etsy page. as a fellow sister in christ, i love that you stand by your faith so publicly. i'd love to make you an apron - my treat!
@lavillani I love them too.
@tlc0614 Adorable
@michelle.december Looks so cuteπŸ’•
@the_mustard_dandelion I'm the same way! i love aprons and think they're so feminine and sexy. and who doesn't want to feel like that? ;) i have a collection of a few new and mostly vintage. that one is gorgeous!
@theawesomeauntie Love it, (my friend loves aprons also)!
@sheryl_kelso_gibson Oh @candacecbure ,that is a beautiful apron & so are you,inside & out!
@lewis.kim I like it. maybe you can make some and try to make a come back in style. i dont see any anymore except the ugly apron they use now days. some dont use it at all
@lordideleo22 Candace, i too have a love for the aprons. my mom used to wear them. so they remind me of her and since shes no longer here. when i do wear one it makes it more homie for me.
@rosameliz Beautiful 😊
@linlachapelle I love them too and the more feminine ones the better! i love going into antique stores in finding different ones especially lacy ones