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Maybe you don't know this about me, but i love and adore aprons. i wear them all the time at home and have a small collection of special ones. maybe it's because they make me feel like the hostess with the mostest. maybe it's because they make me feel like i can cook better than i can. or maybe it's just because they make me feel special, feminine and pretty when i wear them. this vintage one is one of my favorites. i couldn't help but post a picture of it from tonight πŸ’•#apron #vintageapron
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@ihearttexas4eva I have one of my grandmother's framed in my dining room. πŸ™‚
@jessicavlane I'm actually with you on this. years ago my gran gave me an old apron she'd been gifted but never wore - it's beautiful yellow gingham and feels like a great fit for me. i feel so feminine when i'm wearing it!
@mylane2 That one is adorable
@holly.jean72 It's very beautiful! i would be afraid to wear it and ruin it. 😩
@vchicas_ Where's the necklace from?
@sophiagonzalez1792 You look beautiful 😚😚😚😚😚
@debbie2678 I love apron's also..
@josea5535 Oh only apron and heals
@barbarita_hurtado @candacecbure can you tell me, please. where did you buy your apron? thank you 😘
@mindykonhorst Thanks for sharing it it's beautiful 😍
@carmen_elaine_chichichica You are so cute : )
@_olea77_ Hostest with the mostest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@karma1369 That's a gorgeous little apron!! my favorite right now is my some like it hot marilyn monroe cooks apron lol.. i so need to update and recollect my aprons now lol!!!
@mrsgoss72 How beautiful! you should share a pic of the collection sometime, i would love to see themπŸ€— @candacecbure
@teresa1470 Love aprons too!
@allyschuetzler I do too!!! i do not own any vintage ones but i have 1 from working starbucks in highschool, 1 that my mother in-law made that matched her own (my favorite, and now even more special as she passed this june on our 10th wedding anniversary... i cry just looking at it), and one new apron i got on my birthday from my aunt. i love them and hope one day to get vintage ones too. i would have to live somewhere with older history than alaska has for stuff lol somedayβ™‘ but i agree on how it just feels... feminine, pretty, dainty, or just straight up mom from a rockwell painting lol idealπŸ’ @candacecbure
@80smusiclvr22 Luv it - doesn't look like it would do a whole lot of protecting your clothing, but it's super cute!!!
@4crawford @becksclark made me think of you. your love for aprons...you still have yours?