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😄💙scorpion fish 💙 seahorse💙💙

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- presents f e a t u r e s picture by 🔹@k_wicksy 🔹 . selected by @100dreams.rtm  . congrats on your feature!!!!! rules for feature always tag #100dreams follow @100dreams.rtm photos must be yours! #photography #photo #photographer#beautifuldestinations#photooftheday #nature #photoshoot #canon #travel #art #nikon #picoftheday #beautiful #travel#landscape  #instagram #instagood #photos#vsco #wanderlust#photograph #sky #picture#vscocam #explore #summer  #china  #earthpix  #visualsoflife

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. . . 😴🍼🐄 . . お出かけ用にしようと思ってたけど🏠でも使ってる🍼🐄♡ . 兄様のカールヒゲ💓が愛おしい。 #フェレット#小動物#ふわもこ部#photooftheday#ボルト#ナルト#naruto#milk#ブランケット#🍼

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Get ready for a wild ride! @daveysuicide will be taking over the ap instagram this friday, jan. 19th from the uk starting at 10 am est 💀🎶 . . #altpress #ap #daveysuicide #daveysuicidenation #madefromfiretour #instagram #instagramtakeover

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" no caption ".... " selalu ada jalan bwat mereka yang mau berusaha dan berdoa.. bismillah photo by @purna_saputra loc : jlegong, bejen, temanggung media patner follow @jatengku_ #temanggungid #temanggung #jatengku #jawatengah #indonesiaku #instagram

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🎥 fantastic ideias 😱 ❤️ by: 5-minutes crafts on facebook follow: 🔥 @ideasandtricks💡 sigam: 🔥 @ideasandtricks💡 seguir: 🌟 @ideasandtricks💡 ✨ - #amazing #creatives #instagood #videos #nice #incredible #tutoriais #instagram #yummy #cake #cool # - [ ]

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Photo of @luckyoetama by @reggyalexander an expressive portrait captures a sense of effortless style for #whpmystyle.

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Photo by @nei.cruz “i get inspired in the moment,” says photographer and art director nei cruz (@nei.cruz ), who spotted this woman’s skirt featuring rock icons in germany. “i shoot what catches my eye — like this handmade print.” 🎸❤️ follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpmystyle.

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Photo by @jameswhitlowdelano after traveling and documenting the earth for decades, two years ago james whitlow delano (@jameswhitlowdelano ) launched the collective everyday climate change (@everydayclimatechange ) and rallied a global network of photographers to share their images of the planet. his own concern for the environment stretches back almost as far as he can remember. “rivers were catching fire,” says the japan-based, american-born photographer, recalling a period in the united states where widespread industrial pollution had created disturbing scenes. “i knew that something was wrong.” in contrast to those memories, james holds optimistic on his journey. “in my lifetime — from rivers that had caught fire from so much oil being dumped into them — i’ve seen the return of fish, the return of wetland birds and so on. actually seeing nature recover. that made a huge impression on me.” to learn more, watch our story. 🌍

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Photo by @frametheweim “brego knows how to wear the latest fashion trends, don’t you think?” writes @frametheweim . #whpmystyle

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Photo by @missbipps for andrea lawrence (@missbipps ), #whpmystyle means sequined pants, pompoms and “boosting the shine factor of my wardrobe.” ✨

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Photo by @elnaz555 nature inspires elnaz mansouri’s (@elnaz555 ) style. “the colors i find on a bird’s feathers or the designs on a flower petal can motivate me to experiment with makeup and clothing,” she says. follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpmystyle.

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Photo by @365ken in ken mcfarlane’s (@365ken ) portrait work, two common threads weave through: strength and dignity. “what is often highlighted in our communities is not necessarily the only thing, the best thing or the things that we know to be true,” says the photographer, based in philadelphia. reclaiming representations of the black community is important to ken. “i believe in giving agency or utilizing our own agency in reflecting ourselves in the larger sense,” he explains. “what dr. martin luther king jr. and many others sacrificed allows me to have the mindset and the perspective that i have. my goal is really to open new windows of opportunity so that new heroes and heroines can be known.” this post is in honor of #mlkday in the united states. watch our story to see more from ken.

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Photo by @williamk out with the old, in with the new. 🌲 #theweekoninstagram

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Photo by @thatbloom “i waited. i waited a lot,” says roland kraemer (@thatbloom ), who knelt patiently in the snow to capture this moment. “i was inspired by the fact that you don’t necessarily have to travel far to take good photos. this was taken almost in my backyard.” #theweekoninstagram

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Photo by @tiagoovarjao late afternoon light, good friends and the ocean. 🙌 #theweekoninstagram

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Featured photo by @nurielmolcho weekend hashtag project: #whpmystyle the goal this weekend is to make photos and videos that showcase your personal style. our project takes inspiration from new york’s museum of modern art’s (@themuseumofmodernart ) exhibit, “items: is fashion modern?,” which features 111 items of garments and accessories that have had a strong impact on culture in the last century. paola antonelli (@paolantonelli ), senior curator of architecture and design at moma, shared these tips for getting started with your submission: think about the role fashion plays in your life — and capture it in an image. “the way we dress tells us so much about our identities and selves, as well as larger histories or stories of place and community,” says paola. “clothing can be armor, disguise or representation of true selfhood.” focus on specific items in your closet you’d like to highlight: “pick something you love, that you truly adore and feel happy in,” says paola. “find out more about its story before you take your picture. where did it come from? who might have made it? how much did it cost you? how do you take care of it? and then strike a pose.” project rules: please add the #whpmystyle hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

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