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햇살 맛집이여찌🌞

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코로나 메로나

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Into the fog.

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Tiny kitty 😍
📽 from: @yuriyuri4mama
❤️❤️❤️double tap❤️❤️❤️

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#tsumizo写真教室 :絶景編参加の皆さんが星空や河津桜とループ橋の写真を一生懸命撮っているとき、私はこんな写真撮ってました😁
camera : nikon d750
lens : nikon af-s nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8g ed
date : 2020.2.23
#河津七滝ループ橋 #星空 #橋 #河津桜まつり #夜景 #河津町 #静岡県 #日本 #kawazu7fallsloopbridge #starrysky #bridge #kawazu #shizuoka #japan #東京カメラ部 #tokyocameraclub #instagram #hellofrom #thisweekoninstagram @viewtabi @rakutentravel @japanairlines_jal #jaldiscova #発見レポ #meandhonda #あなたに見せたい場所 #visit_tokai #楽天トラベルふゆたび #nationalparksjp 富士箱根伊豆国立公園

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코로나땜에 심심해서 정신병걸릴듯🤯

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살쪄서 셀카찍는거 까먹음 다들 코로나 조심😷

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“my eating disorder tries to tell me that i’d be safer in a smaller body, but i try to remind myself that the ‘safety’ and relief came at the cost of everything else in my life. as my body shrunk, so did my entire life.”⁣

shira rosenbluth (@theshirarose ) is uniquely positioned in her career as an eating disorder therapist, since she is in recovery for anorexia and bulimia.⁣

“it feels empowering to be able to take my years of suffering and pain and use it to try and make this world a safer place for people in larger bodies. i was a therapist in an outpatient clinic for the first three years of my career and had no intention of treating eating disorders because of my history. but every time i had a client with an eating disorder walk through my door, we were able to do amazing work and it was an area that i was so incredibly passionate about and also really good at. i knew that this was what i was meant to do. it’s the biggest privilege to be able to to be a part of someone else’s healing journey,” she says.⁣

“reaching out for support and allowing someone else in can be really scary. my clients are some of the bravest people i know, and i wouldn’t change what i do for the world.” ❤️⁣

this post recognizes @neda awareness week in the us. #nedawareness

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Lucia perešová’s (@geminiblush ) face may be her canvas, but it’s certainly not blank. “you have to work around the 3d shape of your face and mix your products according to your skin type, which feels a little like alchemy,” says the 21-year-old student and makeup artist from slovakia. “seeing the face i’m so familiar with transform into something completely unrecognizable is a very surreal experience.”⁣

lucia doesn’t limit her art to just her skin. “i really like incorporating pupils into my looks; i feel like it gives them this almost otherworldly look that's very fun to wear around,” she says. 👀 #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @geminiblush

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#hellofrom a rainy morning at the usa shrine in oita prefecture, japan.⁣

photo by @age_cox

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On today’s #weeklyfluff we’re making a splash with harper (@chubbychocolateharper ), a goofy chocolate english labrador retriever who lives on a lake and has a passion for water aerobics. 🐶💦⁣

video by @chubbychocolateharper

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We’re getting carnival-ready with singer preta gil (@pretagil ) in rio de janeiro. ⭐⁣

preta is hosting her annual bloco — or street party — for carnival, and chose to wear a colorful crochet dress that paid homage to her ancestors and her grandmothers.⁣

watch our story to see her get ready for her bloco performance. 💃💓⁣

photo of @pretagil by @euthiagobruno

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At one point belgian singer-songwriter angèle (@angele_vl ) hated the sound of her own voice, and now she’s a number one artist in both france and belgium. 🎤🌟⁣ ⁣
after posting videos that received an outpouring of praise from strangers, she now performs for sold-out crowds around the world. angèle’s songs speak to important issues — like women’s rights and climate change — empowering people to speak up and speak out. ✊❤️️✨ ⁣ ⁣
learn more about the rising star on our latest episode of #threeminuteautobiography. check it out right now on our igtv.

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While preparing for her tour, we caught up with singer-songwriter angèle (@angele_vl ) to hear her life story in just three minutes.⁣

see what life is like from rehearsals to performance in our latest episode of #threeminuteautobiography.

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For professional scooter rider vincent kudrna (@vincentkudrna ), scootering is liberating. “i don’t have any coaches telling me what to do or where i need to be. what i do on a scooter is truly all up to me,” says the san diego native. “i really connected with scootering because it combines all the best aspects of other action sports. you can grind like a skateboarder with the deck, do tail whips and bar spins like a bmx biker, and you can spin and move quickly like a rollerblader,” he says. #thisweekoninstagram⁣

video by @vincentkudrna

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Meet 21-year-old photographer and director myles loftin (@mylesloftin ), an advocate for sharing stories of underrepresented communities and stories. “probably more often than not i would say that i felt like an outsider in spaces. and i guess maybe that’s why i’m so passionate about making sure that people feel seen, because i know what it feels like to not be seen and to not feel comfortable in a space,” says the parsons school of design student.⁣

“i #shareblackstories through my photography, making sure to highlight the black community as much as i can,” says myles. “also just through me existing. i am a black story walking.”⁣

this black history month, we’ve partnered with @bet to #shareblackstories and support #advocates doing amazing work on instagram and beyond. new episodes drop every tuesday in february. 🖤⁣

photo by @mylesloftin

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“i feel like being a black man in america, there are a lot of expectations that are put on you. expectations about the way you should act in public, the way you should express your sexuality, the way you should dress — and it can often be a lot of pressure,” says 21-year-old photographer, director and student myles loftin. ⁣

“but i also think that being a black man in america means that there’s a lot of possibility. at least right now i’m seeing a lot of possibility for myself and for the members of my community to exist freely. and i feel like we’re really taking advantage of that right now in a really positive way.”⁣

this black history month we’ve partnered with @bet to #shareblackstories and support #advocates doing amazing work on instagram and beyond. to learn more about myles, watch our latest episode.

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As a young motocross racer, adam jones (@adamjones760 ) practiced for his professional freestyle career long before he knew it would be his path.⁣

“my favorite part of racing used to be doing the biggest jumps i could on all the tracks,” says the eight-time x games medalist, who is known for his signature backflip combinations. “i’ve always loved being in the air.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo of @adamjones760 by @justin_brunnerphotography

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