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On the day of her latest album release, “reputation,” taylor swift (@taylorswift ) spent some time in new york city with her cats, meredith and olivia, and rehearsed for her upcoming performance on “saturday night live.” tune in to our story, or, as taylor says, “come hang with me at snl rehearsals and check in with the kitty committee!” 😻

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Photo by @marioromero186 becoming an elite commando wasn’t an especially realistic goal for mario romero (@marioromero186 ). the new jersey native had 20/400 vision, an arrhythmia of the heart and weighed 135 pounds (61 kilograms) — but he was undaunted. “i refused to give up,” he recalls. “i trained even harder.” ultimately, the then small-but-determined recruit survived the grueling training it takes to become a us navy seal, then served three deployments in iraq and afghanistan. after nine years in the military, the now 34-year-old embarked on a new pursuit: a mathematics degree at columbia university in new york city. now, he has a new goal of one day working at nasa. “it all started with books,” he says, remembering the historical images of world war ii that inspired him to enlist. “if i could contribute towards a greater good, i was going to.” watch our story to see more of mario’s life, then and now, in honor of #veteransday in the united states. this holiday is observed on november 11.

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Photo by @johngreenwritesbooks author john green (@johngreenwritesbooks ) has been writing stories since he was a kid — but knows there’s still room to grow. “writing isn’t something i feel good at — it’s something i want to get better at,” says john. “i really enjoy the process of trying to find a better way to communicate thoughts and feelings and experiences using scratches on a page. it’s a source of real joy for me.” john’s most recent novel, “turtles all the way down,” tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who struggles with mental illness. “part of what has made my own mental illness challenging for me has been that i often feel extremely alone in it and isolated by it,” says john. “i hope the story helps people who are struggling with intrusive thoughts or anxiety disorders feel less alone in that.” this fall, john and his younger brother hank (@hankgreen ) performed in cities across the united states for the “turtles all the way down” book tour. watch our story to catch up with them in the san francisco bay area. 🐢

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Photo illustration by @_chakmkit thanks to the magic of post-production, chak kit (@_chakmkit ) and his wife were able to take photos of their shiba inu, tachi, at different points along this spiral structure and combine them into one image. “i like the expressions of my doggy the most,” says chak. “he is really cute.” 🌀🐶 #whppetproject

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Photo by @yamtails pumpkin, rocky, yam and carbon posed together just long enough for jordan tharp (@yamtails ) to capture the moment. “it shows the personality of my dogs and cats so well,” she says. “i pride myself on having such a cohesive pack of animals.” follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whppetproject.

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“sirenas” (@sirenas_ ) translates to mermaids in spanish, making it the perfect name for this crew of synchronized swimmers and underwater acrobats. “we believe it is a figure that represents us,” says member giovanna bueno. “we certainly intend to make the myth of mermaids a reality with all our sweetness, charm and beautiful movements.” the sirenas have performed and practiced together for 10 years in rio de janeiro. “our harmony goes far beyond the pool,” says giovanna. “we are true sisters!” dive into today’s story to see more. 💦

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Video by @canarinocippo 🐎 > 🚎 for this little birdie. #whppetproject

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Photo by @illustre_inconnu a french bulldog with a view. 🌊 #whppetproject

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Photo by @freyaeverafter_ a small + a medium + a large pup, all in a row for #whppetproject. follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project.

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