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🚨start your transformation and gain confidence. 👇how to join👇 📲click the link in my bio @ryan_spiteri or visit ryanspiteri.com . for more info leave your email below without ".com . ✅100% custom ✅males & females ✅flexible dieting ✅carb cycling ✅choose your favourite foods ✅no meal timing ✅24/7 support ✅perfectly calculated for you ✅includes macros & calories ✅cater for all intolerances ✅money back guaranteed if you do not see results . 🚨get started 📲click the link 🔗 in my bio @ryan_spiteri or visit ryanspiteri.com

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Rio! post your photos from the #rockinrio show tonight using #gnrinrio and we'll like our favorites...

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เอิ้อยบัวผันชุดนี้ เพิ่นงามเด้อ 👍👍👍👍 โปรดติดตามในรายการหมอลำฝั่งเพชร @morlamfangpetch_official

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❤️ @perfumebyshia white wine + lindt while waiting ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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. صباح الخير ع الحلويينن ♥️♥️✨ .

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Support your uh... i got distracted 😩🤤

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@maas_events حبيت ادعم هالمشروع الانه يستاهل .. وجزء من رعايته تروح للاعمال الخيرة روحو اطلبو من عندهم واللي ما بيطلب بعطيه بكوعي عل راسه 💪 @maas_events @maas_events

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By fos | rayén vegano, a vegan restaurant in spain

comment 43 star 8,955 3 hours ago

Very proud and honored to have played 100 games for bangkok united 🙏🏻 happy to do it with a win and a goal aswell 😊hoping for many more with this amazing club ❤️ #proud #thankful #hardworkanddedication #keepgoing #bufc

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เสียงร้องสดไม่ต่างจากในเพลงเรย เสียงใสมาก ;-; ชื่อเพลง autumn morning via itspalmm

comment 9 star 3,170 3 hours ago

So apparently this is the new hot thing. @igoliveapp is super easy to see my live streams! makes it easy for artists too! cool! bout to open up a live stream from the hot tub now! testing testing 123... username is mizzhogan. see ya there! (thank you @sissemarie for showing me this!!! )

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Koenigsegg regera new ig webinar! learn 9 ways you can make 💰 today! ➖ watch the free webinar to get 🐺 @wolf_millionaire updated new 35 page ig guide! ➖ link in bio-> 🔥 www.wolfmillionaire.com ;🔥 ➖ photo by @upscale_exotics

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Talking under pink skies💗 a behind the scenes look at the process of taking this photo is included in my ibook, link in bio!

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Great close to the weekend in dallas #hfetour

comment 141 star 16,975 3 hours ago

We gone do wat we been doing 😈💰

comment 62 star 3,117 3 hours ago

My sixth book, lust for life is now available for pre-order. order your copy from the link in my bio. • sylvestermcnutt.net or amazon.com • scream at me in the comments if this is how you trust.

comment 12 star 2,272 3 hours ago

❤️seattle - october 15 ❤️ lala will bring her signature styles and techniques your way. info and tickets in store at www.lalasupdos.com - link in our bio ❤️ #lalasupdos #updos #upstyles #brides #bridalhair #bridalstyles #bridalworkshop #weddinghair #seattle

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Daffodil maxi gown on mika ❤❤❤ @apartment8clothingsingapore #apartment8clothing #fromsgwithlove •••••••••••••••••••••• for orders and inquiries, viber 09988550708 or email us at hello@apartment8clothing.com or visit us at our main store branch at # 33 b scout borromeo, brgy. south triangle, q.c. #apartment8clothing #apartment8 #apartment8ootd #ootd #fashion #style #romantique @apartment8official #apartment8happyroommate // waze pin 📍: apartment 8 clothing design house

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Credit:@dounazoe زندگی را باید در ترنم امید دید و در عطر دل انگیز مهربانی جستجو کرد با همصدا شدن در امید و مهربانی میتوان به فردا رسید سلام🌹صبحتون پراز زیبایی 🌹

comment 3 star 502 3 hours ago

Пранки над друзьями для школы

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@callmeasiwanator congratulations you won today's final signed bow and signed book giveaway !!!!! 🎉🎀🎉😘😘 please dm me !!!! such a fun day giving away so many signed books and bows!!! who is going to win tomorrow ????? can't wait to see !!! post your picture with your book preorder and #jojosguide #jojosguide #jojosguide

comment 101 star 10,484 3 hours ago

Festival vibes!

comment 41 star 31,946 3 hours ago

Arvida byström(@arvidabystrom),一位藝術家、攝影師、model和網絡先鋒。 以「girly」美學攝影聞名,解讀女性氣質和性別標準。 arvida與她的 #superstar bold

comment 0 star 143 3 hours ago

This generation has made it seem like a man being loyal to his woman is a luxury when it should be a standard

comment 26 star 4,075 3 hours ago

Pool party! 🏊🏻🤽‍♂️

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comment 0 star 5,369 3 hours ago

#imsingerkazakhstan уже сегодня в эфире😉

comment 6 star 1,532 3 hours ago

Iniciando #lagranpachanga desde outlook, washington #tourayeryhoy #seeeguroquesi #iuuu

comment 4 star 985 3 hours ago

Hoy gran estreno oficial del tema "otro dia mas" 🎶🎹 del artista @guanacoelunico lo puedes encontrar ya disponible en tu tienda digital preferida #itunes #music #pandora #youtube #googleplay #souncloud #deezer 🔥🎛🎚 instagram: @guanacoelunico @fokuzbeat @bryan_lamentedelequipo @willgenaro @lisseth_santillana

comment 2 star 45 3 hours ago

Mereka yg terlibat di film jomblo. bekerja, berteman, berkarya. nantikan 5 oktober

comment 19 star 3,694 3 hours ago

🌟💫✨✨✨ club femme nu 🏝 10pm-1:45am 💸💸💸 cash me on stage

comment 13 star 542 3 hours ago

おはようございます☀ elf.j なに してるの?

comment 3,312 star 76,226 3 hours ago

In the heart of the vatican ⛪️🗝 taken on my vlog camera 😅❤️

comment 108 star 42,687 3 hours ago

" เอาที่พวกมึงสบายใจ!! "

comment 57 star 6,568 3 hours ago

@roughneck1991 is back to surabaya! dengan koleksi yang baru baru dan promo besar besaran! tempat : surabaya town square (depan gravity, bawah xxi) . waktu : 25 september -1 oktober 2017 . promo : 1. semua jaket dan hoodie 300rb dapet dua 2. semua kemeja 200rb dapet dua 3. dan masih banyak promo lainnya! . nah buat kalian yang di surabaya tunggu apalagi? dateng bersama temen-temen, sahabat, keluarga kalian dan nikmatin promo dari kami, sebelum kehabisan! . #roughneckfieldtour #roughneck1991 #surabaya

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The first one, was a good one. | #lgrw #thisiswhere

comment 3 star 2,637 3 hours ago

Casual ..🙂 wait ..tell her how turnt up my daddy gone be🙌🔥

comment 21 star 4,257 3 hours ago

Solid saturday night. #sfgiants

comment 31 star 9,644 3 hours ago