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Hey! make sure you watch my recent video & stay tuned.

comment 0 star 2,633 4 weeks ago

Jessie j has the voice of an angel... saw her show tonight in nyc... been a fan since her very first show in nyc at don hill’s almost 10 years ago... #yasssssssqueen

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Must have!! #repost @barbie (@get_repost) ・・・ we're excited to partner with @hellokitty on this charming collab! inspired by hello kitty's signature red bow, the doll is a vision in red. pre-order yours now, link in bio, and see more in stories! #hellokittyxbarbie

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Extraordinary exclusives. just for you. 😉✨❤️ shop holiday 🎁 now at coverfx.com. link in bio. #timetoreflect #coverfx #dropinglamout

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“that was a good one to get us a big win at home and get back on track.” #crowmg

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Go blue. 💙 @allthingsmean

comment 87 star 5,697 4 weeks ago

Oh boy! i’m really really really starting to love the bohemian style! i love it in clothes and i love it in home decor! i mean look at this!!! my friend alycia @goldenbirchmama couldn’t have decorated this space any more perfect than it already is! all i can say is oh my goodness! this post is just the beginning! head over to her feed to see more! you won’t want to miss a single shot her her gorgeous home! . #bohemianstyle #familyroom #familyroomdecor #familyroomdesign #livingroom #livingroomdecor #livingroomdesign #instadesign #interiordesign

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comment 3 star 1,572 4 weeks ago

I ran workout 3/5 of my #reverselinearfullbodymicros system tonight using my #acworkout (all cables workout) and here’s my photo proof. how about you #jymarmy ??!!

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comment 3 star 212 4 weeks ago

نحتفل بك والوطن يترنّما .. باسمك الغالي ليوم الاتحاد #يوم_العلم 🇦🇪

comment 81 star 2,044 4 weeks ago

..., que vaina

comment 26 star 299 4 weeks ago

#artist @uon.visuals music: @themidnightofficial - nocturnal - want to be featured? tag your art with #benderacid or send us on dm ✌️️ - no copyright infringement intended❗️ dm/email us to fix/removal ✅ - - #psychedelic #psychedelics #psychedelicart #shrooms #mushrooms #dmt #acid #lsd #marijuana #maryjane #420 #trippy #thirdeye #illusion #imagination #fantasy #spiritual #spirituality #meditation #hippie #universe #galaxy #space #stars #goodvibes #art

comment 2 star 391 4 weeks ago

The best buckets by jimmy buckets in nola 🔥

comment 2 star 135 4 weeks ago

The rumors are true - we’re hiring!! three different positions, three different skill sets and entry levels. you wanna work at ban.do? tap the link in our profile to 👀 our new positions. (ps-pink letter board coming to bando.com soon!)

comment 58 star 3,132 4 weeks ago

An amazing photo of a truly amazing physique. this is classic! #thisisbodybuilding!!! #repost @therealfrankzane ・・・ are you in the southern ca area? this sun nov. 5th frank zane is teaching an exciting seminar in laguna beach, ca called "the zane way to your best body." only 5 spots remain!! get your tickets now! www.frankzane.com/seminars/ it doesn't matter what age you are, if you are currently in shape-- or out of shape--, a competitor or just someone who enjoys working out...all you need are goals to build a better body and get your best physique ever. there will also be chances to connect and get your photo taken with me as a keepsake of your experience. you'll learn how to: - lose f*t & gain muscle. - use weight training to reach your physical potential. - eat properly and use food supplements to make rapid progress. - develop excellent cardio-vascular fitness through aerobic exercises. - learn deep relaxation & mind control through body awareness techniques. during this powerful day, i’ll be teaching you how to implement my l.e.a.r.n. bodybuilding equation to create the body you have always desired. the zane team will demonstrate some exercises and workouts that you can put in action as soon as you get home. following this workshop, you'll have the opportunity for a meet and greet with me to get your photo with me and we'll also be holding a book signing at 4 pm. for more details and to buy tickets www.frankzane.com/seminars/ i look forward to seeing you there! fz #weightraining #weightlifting #zaneexperience #frankzane #bodybuilding #abs #lagunabeach #laguna #lagunaniguel #lagunahills #frankzane #zaneexperience #91daywonderbody #91daywonderabs #zanegalleryofaestheticmuscle

comment 1 star 299 4 weeks ago

#ก้าวแรก เมื่อวานนี้ แค่เริ่มก็สนุก ตื่นเต้น มีความสุข :) สำหรับคนที่อยากจะออกวิ่ง #ก้าว ไปพร้อมกับพวกเรา ไม่ว่าคุณจะอยู่ที่ไหน อย่าลืมถ่ายรูปสถิติบนนาฬิกา garmin ของคุณลง instagram พร้อม #ก้าวคนละก้าว และ tag ig @garmin_thailand ในภาพเพื่อง่ายต่อการนับจำนวนกิโล โดยทุกก้าวของคุณจะสามารถเปลี่ยนเป็นเงินบริจาคสมทบทุนเข้า11โรงพยาบาล กิโลเมตรละ 1 บาท! วิ่งเยอะ ก็ยิ่งช่วยบริจาคได้เยอะ! :) มาร่วมวิ่งเป็นกำลังใจ และออกกำลังกายไปพร้อมๆกันนะ 💙 #ก้าวคนละก้าว #ก้าวคนละก้าวเพื่อ11โรงพยาบาลทั่วประเทศ #ก้าวนี้เพื่อหมอพยาบาลและเจ้าหน้าที่โรงพยาบาลทุกคน cr : pptv

comment 32 star 8,127 4 weeks ago

Follow @vomos for more incredible homes! - the spa complex is designed by ato design and is located in #almaty #kazakhstan visuals by roman sinitsa

comment 21 star 3,827 4 weeks ago

With my partner in crime at the global gift gala!! @paumtzurita 👯❤️ #gggcdmx17 #fuerzamexico wearing @brandtrista #zuriallier

comment 76 star 14,319 4 weeks ago

Maja salvador, joseph marco, pooh, and wendell ramos now in canada for one wild night

comment 0 star 529 4 weeks ago

My weekend starts on thursdays!!!

comment 10 star 1,104 4 weeks ago

Shining cells j&d cosmetics #🇻🇳 #vietnam #skincare

comment 26 star 1,643 4 weeks ago

Early call. lights out. sweet dreams!

comment 7 star 486 4 weeks ago

Manipulation can destroy you. up until 3 months ago i wasn’t living out of free will. i wasn’t living for myself. i was living for somebody else, under somebody else’s demands and desires. this year, for the first time, @edc_orlando is going to be more than just the festival under the electric sky. it’s going to be the first time i genuinely enjoy my favorite festival ever... for myself. i can’t wait to immerse myself with good company, beautiful people, and great music— the way i’ve never done it before! i feel so free, and excited would be an understatement. catch you all in 8 days. 💃🏽: @vansecoo 🎥: @agustinseco track id: jump n’ shout - @basement_jaxx ( eric hagleton remix ) 💧 on a lighter note🙈 check out these ridiculously dope @vibedration packs. use code elenacruz for a discount!!! link in bio!!

comment 101 star 2,566 4 weeks ago

When two alphas meet up 👊 diego sanchez vs clay guida @ufc

comment 5 star 337 4 weeks ago

Please support my neice

comment 0 star 28 4 weeks ago

الحق عليا اني طاوعتك .. كدااااااب تقولها لمين 😁🙈 #singer #haidymoussa #haidymoussa #haidymoussaofficial #عبد_الحليم_حافظ❤️ #طرب #song #egypt #lovers #videos

comment 67 star 1,063 4 weeks ago

Riding high in the saddle.⠀ ⠀ image by @tbhphoto⠀ #deusdustproject

comment 1 star 1,222 4 weeks ago
comment 0 star 411 4 weeks ago

A dudes favorite line is "u seeing things u bugging " yea i'll be seeing some things with the pants u bought me 🤣🤣🤣 #courtsidewithabadbitch 🏀🏀

comment 24 star 600 4 weeks ago

💥créanme que he escuchado muchas veces : no tendré hijos, no vale la pena tener familia, no nací para eso... yo les juro que al final del ruido del día, mirarlos, escucharlos, olerlos y contemplarlos te devuelve la vida y todo ... es como si derepente tuvieras unas mil razones para darlo todo y para seguir. . . . somos felices con este regalito en casa 😍❤ #midulcitodecoco . . .

comment 0 star 44 4 weeks ago

➡️rate this 1-100 👕shop one from link in bio get 30 s/o 🚗 : @@@b3ast_wrx

comment 0 star 778 4 weeks ago

@jestham_onlineshop sebutkan panggilan untuk teman kamu yang gendut😂 yaa siapa sih yang mau ndut ? apalagi kalau ndut nya dari lahir ,memang susah turun berat badan karena memang pada dasarnya suda keterunan dengan tinggi badan 152cm gadis ini memiliki berat 69kg mengalami obesitas karena faktor keturunan genetik ,mencoba diet dari a-z gagal sampai harus masuk rs karena mengalami masalah asam lambung sampai akhirnya dia menyerah tapi bullyan yang setiap hari dia dengar "dasar gendut" "makan tempat" membuat hatinya begitu sedih dan ingin mengubah keadaan, sampai akhirnya gadis ini bertemu teh diet etham dan alhasil dalam 3bulan berat badannya dari 69kg turun menjadi 56kg dan tidak sampai disana perjuangannya dia mencoba memasarkan teh diet etham karena gadis ini mempunya niat agar yang obesitas mempunyai solusi seperti dirinya tak disangka,teh diet etham begitu laku dipasaran sampai akhirnya review di ig @jestham_onlineshop juga ribuan 🤗 stop bully 👋🏻😊 . . . diiklankan oleh @dreamers_project

comment 407 star 2,130 4 weeks ago

@jacksonsnider #chubbies‬

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comment 5 star 1,095 4 weeks ago

He's back 😂😂😂

comment 284 star 6,226 4 weeks ago

Be the first one to take they kids to the disney world for the "magic kingdom" 😂 be the first one talking bout "black girl magic" 😂... but when somebody try to school you on symbology and how your psyche works you be like 👎🏾👎🏾 nope 🙅🏽 if your seeing this you're meant to see it. take it with a grain a salt. you are your own master. not me. #apparently #powerofcreation #nofear #heartchakra

comment 286 star 4,130 4 weeks ago

Life has it's ups and downs - it's called squats 😜 @kristinsundberg in the aim'n stripe tights in grey 😍 it's 20% off and more now! click the link in bio to shop #stylerunner #stylesquad ends tomorrow 12pm aest

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