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Photo by @ensi_gh in northern iran, the background of an abandoned factory inspired architect ensi qadimi (@ensi_gh ) to see something more. “the rusty metal plates resembled a jigsaw puzzle to me,” she says. “i felt like the girl could be part of completing the puzzle.” follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpinspired.

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Today we’re introducing two new tools to help you hold on to your favorite moments from instagram stories and share them in new ways that help you express yourself. stories highlights is a new part of your profile where you can show more of who you are through stories you’ve shared. and to help you build highlights, your stories will now automatically save into a private stories archive so you can easily relive them. now you can group stories into highlights and feature them on your profile. to create a highlight, tap the “new” circle, choose stories from your archive, select a cover and give it a name. your highlight will appear as a circle on your profile that can be played as a stand-alone story. moving forward, your stories will automatically save to your stories archive. to see yours, tap the archive icon on your profile, then tap on any story to watch it. from there, you can add it to your current story, share it as a post or add it to a highlight on your profile. only you can see your archived stories, and you can turn off auto-archiving at any time in your profile settings. to learn more about stories highlights and stories archive, check out help.instagram.com. today’s updates are available as part of instagram version 25 on ios and android. video by @yelldesign

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Photo by @ted.ns fall and fog for #whpinspired 🍁

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Photo by @mcheblak no need to look farther than your bookshelf. #whpinspired

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Photo by @lorimhawk lori hawkins (@lorimhawk ) stands in awe of this swimmer emerging from the cold atlantic waters, hands joyfully raised. follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpinspired.

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Photo by @ashleylewofficial how does ballerina and high school freshman ashley lew (@ashleylewofficial ) get through days that can start at 5:45 and keep her going well past dinnertime? “when i dance, i just forget about the world around me, honestly,” says ashley, who spent last year studying full time at the princess grace academy in monaco. “telling my story through my dancing is really important to me. one of the biggest challenges is not giving up.” despite the sacrifices she’s made, ashley’s passion for dance introduced her to a community that shares her enthusiasm. “so many people, we connected on instagram, and then we get to actually meet each other. i just think it’s so cool. and it keeps me going toward my dream because it encourages me, makes me feel good about what i’m doing.” learn more about ashley on our story.

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Photo by @paulnicklen after 17 years with national geographic, wildlife conservation photographer and cinematographer paul nicklen (@paulnicklen ) felt compelled to start something new. “i wanted to see immediate impact through photography,” explains paul, who co-founded sealegacy (@sea_legacy ), a collective of visual storytellers who document the biggest issues facing our oceans today. “my goal is to use my camera to connect people to the species of animals that need our help.” on #wildlifeconservationday, paul offers this message: “i want people to understand that animals are all part of a complex ecosystem. you cannot dismiss an insect while pouring your love and attention into panda bears and baby white harp seals. we need to realize that entire ecosystems are connected, from the very top to the very bottom.” starting today, when people search for a hashtag associated with harmful behavior to animals or the environment, they will see a content advisory screen. we are committed to fostering a safer, kinder world both on instagram and beyond.

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Photo by @cosydesign you never know who you’ll catch in — or on! — the train. 🚄 #theweekoninstagram

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Photo by @soterografando no birds or planes in this ponta de humaitá sky. 😎 #theweekoninstagram

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Photo by @marioschmitt74 “kathmandu is really something else 🐒,” writes mario schmitt in his caption for this image. “once i found a good composition for the photo, the monkeys photobombed my shot,” says the photographer from würzburg, germany, currently on a spiritual journey through nepal. “it was actually pretty cool.” #theweekoninstagram

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For self-proclaimed #boomerang queen elaine welteroth (@elainewelteroth ), women helping women has played a role in her career from the very beginning. a decade ago, elaine reached out to the then editor-in-chief of ebony magazine for an informational phone call. “that call was the singular tipping point for the life i’m living today,” says elaine, who has spent the past five years at teen vogue (@teenvogue ), most recently as the magazine’s youngest editor-in-chief. “she hired me on the spot and whisked me off to start my professional life in magazines in new york city.” today, elaine is a mentor to young women both in person and on social media. “showing up in my career every day as my full authentic self is key,” she says. “i share certain parts of my life that young girls can relate to because it is important for them to see themselves in women who are placed in positions of power, without having to sacrifice or hide or disguise certain parts of who they are. i think that’s an important message for young girls who are still figuring out their own identity and dreams.” this weekend, elaine is at the first-ever #teenvoguesummit in los angeles, inspiring and enabling young women to achieve their career goals. watch our instagram story now for some tips from elaine on how to live your own dreams.

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#boomerang by @the_sunkissed_kitchen dizzying breakfast bowls (almost) too pretty to eat star in our #boomerangoftheweek. “i am slightly obsessed with color,” says ami shoesmith (@the_sunkissed_kitchen ), who works as a park ranger in sydney, australia. “i love combining bright colors together and trying to make food look more like artwork than something you’d eat — much to the bemusement of my friends.” add #boomerangoftheweek to your next boomerang. it might show up here on @instagram.

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Featured photo by @ineshka__ weekend hashtag project: #whpinspired the goal this weekend is to make photographs and videos of the people, places and things that inspire you. show your muse. whether it’s the fashionable friend who pushes you to try new styles or your grandfather, whose handwritten cookbook houses all your family’s favorite recipes, show us who (or what) has inspired you to step up your game or try something new. take us there. a striking sunrise makes an early morning hike worth the wake-up time. a new exhibit at a museum can push you to revisit your love of painting. share the locations that motivate you to step outside your comfort zone. honor the inspired work. have a piece of art or new hobby with a story? show us what you’ve created, and tell us what encouraged you in your caption. project rules: please add the #whpinspired hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

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Photo by @elizabethpawle before she took on the title of fiber artist, elizabeth pawle (@elizabethpawle ) was an interior design magazine journalist. “i had to give that up when i was expecting my first baby six years ago,” says the small business owner who lives in suffolk, england. “i’ve always loved making things and working with textiles, so i fell back into that when my son was tiny as a means of keeping my brain busy!” over the years, she experimented with painting and illustration, but she’s always drawn back to working with textiles. “there’s something soothing about working with yarn, about making it behave in unexpected ways and turning scraps of wool and thread into something beautiful,” says the mother of two. “i never grow tired of losing myself in the textures and colors of one of my huge tapestries. it’s a bit like meditation.” tune in to our story to see more of elizabeth’s work.

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Photo by @salavat.fidai this #myinstagramlogo may be tiny, but after three failed attempts, freelance artist salavat fidai’s (@salavat.fidai ) fourth sculpture of our app’s logo felt like a huge success. “i now cannot imagine my life without instagram!” says salavat, who lives in ufa, russia. “i like to see how instagram changes and how it gets better and better.” we’re inspired by the ways community members make instagram’s look come to life. follow along on #myinstagramlogo and add your own ideas.

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Photo by @radianthuman_ christina lonsdale (@radianthuman_ ) wants to film your vibrational frequency — better known as your vibes. four years ago, the visual artist based in portland, oregon, started radiant human: a touring aura photography project. with a dome studio and a custom-built camera attached to magnetic plates, which subjects rest their hands on, christina translates vibrational frequency into colors on instant photos. “we all want to know more about ourselves, because ultimately that’s what makes us happy,” says christina. “that’s really where a lot of the magic of this project comes from – people knowing something new about themselves, that they have a special color, that they’re creating something special, every day, all the time. they’re radiating it.” watch our story now to see christina’s aura portrait process.

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Video by @lucas_the_lop hello, world! it’s time for today’s #weeklyfluff. meet lucas (@lucas_the_lop ), an english lop rabbit who hails from new york. this tall and confident fellow can be a bit of a drama king, but as long as there’s a nearby snack — ideally, blueberries — it looks like he’s happy to hang out and pose for the camera. follow @lucas_the_lop to stay in the loop on all of lucas’s fun.

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Art by @sabeenu for the fifth year in a row, #love is the top instagram hashtag. “there can never be an excess of love. we always need more,” says paper typographer sabeena karnik (@sabeenu ) from mumbai, india. “it is the most powerful feeling which can be expressed in so many ways: the smallest act of kindness, a caring word, a hug, a smile, a kiss.” with this piece of art, sabeena’s intent is to spread the word — and the feeling. “the tiny parts of the heart represent small acts of love which is all we need to make the world a better place,” she explains. “if we give love, we will always receive abundance of it in return.” ❤️💞 watch our story to see sabeena at work, and follow along on #igyearinreview as we reflect on the most memorable instagram trends of 2017.

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Photo by @damonbeckford damon beckford (@damonbeckford ) slept at the reinebringen trailhead in order to summit in time for this sunrise view. “this short but strenuous hike is popular with the local norwegians and visitors too,” says damon. “when i reached the top, i couldn’t believe my eyes. the landscape looked so magical.” #whplikealocal

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Photo by @paticas having recently relocated to lisbon, paula martí (@paticas ) notices the city’s details as she strolls through its narrow streets. “since i just moved here three months ago,” says paula, “i am at the point where i feel both like an outsider and a local.” #whplikealocal

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