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I've partnered with @bandaidbrand to encourage you to #stickwithit this summer when it comes to healthy eating. try this delicious, easy to prepare #strawberry #watermelon smoothie that's only 58calories. when you fill your body with quality nutrients you feel great, you look great & you have the energy to function at your best! stay committed & consistent with daily healthy eating! #stickwithit and your body will love you for it! be good to your body and your body will be good to you! #healthyeating #strawberrywatermelonsmoothie #smoothie

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First win today with this stud muffin, bound to be in the 1.35 open @blenheimequisports ! 🥇👑 #bigbaycity

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شطاف ماء سهل الاستخدام يصلح لرحلات البر والسفر بسعة ماء ٢.٥٠٠ لتر للطلب والاستفسار 99099264 وايضاً متوفر في افرع لاكشيت الرئيسه حولي- الفحيحيل -الجهراء

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Tucker hat red diamond lançamento oficial hj em nosso site com 15% de desconto até o próximo domingo!!! ♥️ #truckerhat #caps #boanoite #bone #bones #academia #amazing #fitfam #fitwear #slimfit #instagood #inspire #instalike #instafamous 💪🏼 www.fitclothingline.com.br

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#magicwhisperer #šaptačmagije

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الشرح ⤵️ - - - بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على نبيه العظيم محمد واله الطاهرين . . . في ظلال النص --- يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ طُوبَى لِمَنْ شَغَلَه عَيْبُه عَنْ عُيُوبِ النَّاسِ - وطُوبَى لِمَنْ لَزِمَ بَيْتَه وأَكَلَ قُوتَه واشْتَغَلَ بِطَاعَةِ رَبِّه وبَكَى عَلَى خَطِيئَتِه فَكَانَ مِنْ نَفْسِه فِي شُغُلٍ والنَّاسُ مِنْه فِي رَاحَةٍ . - - - 1ـ الاشتغال بالعيب يمنع عن الاشتغال بعيوب الناس لان المشتغل بعيوبه ليس لدية الوقت الكافي للاشتغال بعيوب الناس وكذلك هي دعوة للعودة الى الذات - - - 2ـ بقية السياق والمفردات يستفاد منهما خلق اجتماعي يتحتم على من يؤمنون بالاسلام وتشريعاته ان يتخذونه سلوكاً وطريقاً حيث لزوم البيت فيه إشارة للابتعاد عن مواطن الفسق وتخلية هذه الاماكن وهجرها وتعظيم البيت ودوره في نشوء الاسرة المؤمنة - - - 3ـ حصيلة الاشتغال النفسي والحركي وعدم مخالطة الناس بكثرة، تكون نتيجتها راحة الناس منه وعدم ايذائهم، فيكون اعتزاله فائدته بضربين: . . . أـ اصلاح نفسه وتكاملها ب ـ راحة الناس وعدم الاندكاك وحصول ما تحمد عقباه . . . ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــ 1ـ نهج البلاغة: شرح الشيخ محمد عبده، ص282، مؤسسة التاريخ العربي . . . وأفلح من صلـى على محمـد وآل محمـد

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➿here we go again ➿ ❄️🚘❄️ #huntgram

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Whoa 😍 follow @learn for awesome facts and science videos! ⚛️ •• @learn 🙏 @learn @learn 🙏 @learn @learn 🙏 @learn @learn 🙏 @learn

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Acabou de sair video novo! ✨ eu e minhas amigas testamos a máscara coreana da @oceanefemme e foi muito showwwww. essa máscara é uma máscara super diferente e gostosinha de fazer! o link do video ta na bio e quero que vocês postem uma foto com ela hahah marca a #botaacaranamascara e #mascarafacialoceane pra eu ver as fotos de vocês bem divas 💃🏻 #publi

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❤️🌶come build a wall of c*m around my vagina! on cam now! link in bio, b****s ❤️🌶

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"it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." - laura ingalls wilder 🐮 #country #farmlife #regram @evergreenlyphotography

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We asked some of the 2017 draft prospects who the most famous person in their phone was. watch to see who they said. @slamonline #flslamdraftsuite

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Summer vibes. where is your favorite summer ride spot? 🍊 ⛰#ktm #readytorace

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Estamos ansiosas para assistir #ocirculo , filme que entra em cartaz hoje e traz @emmawatson como funcionária de uma misteriosa organização de internet #🍿 #emmawatson #marieclairecultura #marieclaireindica

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[|] sound [|]

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Gold bullets 💕🌈so many gorgeous colors! grab 3 for $20 under the gifts💋 tab 💸 #slayallday #gerardcosmetics @beautyamorie

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This look right here. we don't even have the words! 🔥🔥🔥 (📷: @tarajiphenson)

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I don't care if it's silly, i will always believe in fairy tales and happy endings. 💖 • me @linakrystle • shot by @dblaze___ 📸 #krystlelina #goafterwhatyouwant

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Coffee, jeans n yeezy

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We're getting up close and personal with our #wahlcutoftheday from wahl educator @dapeoplesbarber. think you've got what it takes to join the team? enter in the wahl online barber battle at www.wahlbarberbattle.com #wahl #wahlpro #weat #fade #haircut #americasbeautyshow #barber #wahlbarberbattle

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"you cannot say black lives matter and then k**l yourselves..." - stevie wonder. #thebreakfastclub #watchrevolt

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Tag a friend who loves hot dudes and dogs as much as we do 😍🐶

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Dropped early! grab the air jordan 5 retro "red suede" for retail + shipping. click the link in our profile bio to cop a pair.

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Ella 😂

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Vidcon day 1👌🏼 #instagramlounge #vidcon2k17

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Kittensssssss (and our schedule!)

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Tag bae 😂😂😂😂

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I would be furious omg

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This is so me, the calm app is a must have. 🙌🏼

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Started the day in markham meeting with @generalmotors' ceo mary barra, to talk about creating more jobs in canada & empowering women in business. 🇨🇦 début de journée à markham pour rencontrer mary barra, pdg de @generalmotors, et parler de création d’emplois au canada et d’aide aux femmes d’affaires.

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The people are dancing! 🙌 @taaokross @pachaofficial @fmifofficial

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