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Photo by @piggypoo_and_crew hello, world! it’s time to meet the five rescue pups and the vietnamese potbellied pig who make up @piggypoo_and_crew . from left to right, there’s rika, slick, nya, james, bashe and chowder. “when i look at my crew, i see the reflection of who i am in them,” says their human shelby, who lives in southern california. “their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole lives rely on me and i will never ever let them down.” love #weeklyfluff? follow the hashtag to stay connected to the community.

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Video by @craftyslimecreator an old toy turned into a new passion for 16-year-old alyssa jagan (@craftyslimecreator ). after seeing lots of slime diys pop up on social media, alyssa, who lives in toronto, realized she had all the necessary supplies to make her own. “i’ve been making slime and goo with my mom ever since i was little,” she says. “slime became really pretty and visually pleasing in 2017. in the past, it didn’t look as nice, but now slime can be made in a variety of colors, scents and textures!” inspiration for new varieties comes from different parts of alyssa’s life. “i like to wander around craft stores and pick up different products to see which will work in slime. i am also inspired by other ‘slimers’ in the community,” she says. “i am currently obsessed with ‘stranger things,’ so i will probably make some ‘stranger things’-themed slimes.” watch our story to see more, and follow along on #igyearinreview as we reflect on the most memorable instagram trends of 2017.

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Photo by @sunshinebaby82 dogs will be dogs. #whpclassic

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Photo by @eduseviste every christmas, the circus comes to eduardo montesinos’ (@eduseviste ) hometown of valencia, spain. “it reminds me of when i was a boy and my father took me to the circus, and of when my father went to the circus with his father,” says eduardo. #whpclassic

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Photo by @fahmyrhamadan the bikes, the wide-open space, the sense of adventure — all this reminds fahmi (@fahmyrhamadan ) of his childhood. “this is a timeless moment,” he says. follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend's hashtag project, #whpclassic.

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Evening stroll in the historic centre of vienna 🇦🇹 📷: @nurielmolcho

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Nunca se #ríe o se #baila lo suficiente, así que, celebremos los #14años y empieza con nosotros el camino hacia los 15. #publimbo #aniversario #heineken #publimbo #puertodelacruz #tenerife #14añoscontigo #publimbo #puertodelacruz #tenerifelicidad #heineken #shisha #canarias #canaryislands #party #music #cubo #terraza #buenrollito #tenerife #tenerifeando #instagram #heinekenespaña #cocktail

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Köşeyi dönsem ölüm düz gitsem hayat gölgeler içindeyim

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Photo by @makeupisart_x while ellie costello (@makeupisart_x ) paints magical scenes on her eyelids, it feels like she plants them. “i never ever plan a look and then go and get the flowers,” explains 20-year-old ellie, who lives in london. “i always get some flowers first, then envision the look around the flowers. i find that creating as you go along always allows your creativity and imagination to run a lot more freely — i like just letting the magic happen.” ellie is part of the beauty community on instagram who made the eyelid their canvas of choice in 2017. “it is great when you can collaborate with other artists and discover new amazing talent to follow. there is always so much creativity on instagram, it is very inspiring.” watch our story to see more from ellie, and follow along on #igyearinreview as we reflect on the most memorable instagram trends of 2017. stay connected to ellie’s community by following #undiscoveredmuas on instagram.

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Santa bear is coming to town 🎅🏻🐻 . . . . . #pomoftheday #instapom #dogsofig #animalsco #cutepetclub #9gagfunoff

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Via @cnbc : this robot has done what many robots have tried and failed to do: a backflip.

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Photo by @nornea starting today, we’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected to your interests on instagram, with the ability to follow hashtags like #equestrian. for 19-year-old menea johansson djärv (@nornea ), dressing up means felt hats, capes and a unicorn horn for her beloved pony norina 🦄. as a child growing up in sweden, she was inspired by vivid fairy tales and medieval markets. “it was beyond exciting to see adults dress up and pretend they lived in a different time,” she says. now, cloaked in nature, menea creates her own #equestrian daydreams that reflect a real-life kinship with her creatures. “i want [my horses] to see me as a best friend they can trust and respect, just like i do with them. most photo shoots are spontaneous. the most challenging part is to focus on the horses and the camera at the same time. the most fun part is to feel adventurous and invincible.”

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Video by @annettelabedzki starting today, we’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected to your interests on instagram, with the ability to follow hashtags like #asmr. once canadian artist annette labedzki (@annettelabedzki ) learned there was a community of people mixing paint for sensory effects, she wasted no time. “my first video was late at night, i used wax paper, i had my pajamas on,” she says. through #asmr (autonomous sensory meridian response), annette, who has painted full time for 30 years, found new ways to be inspired by the materials she’s always worked with. “there was a point where i had mixed every color combo that i could possibly think of. and one night i thought, ‘i wonder what would happen if i poured paint into one of those molds and froze it?’ i’ve never had so much fun in my life!” whether she’s crushing frozen paint, adding glitter to a mix or creating on a miniature canvas, annette loves how sharing her videos opens up a dialogue with others. “i listen to what they write, and then i go from there.”

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Photo by @impact.brothers starting today, we’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected to your interests on instagram, with the ability to follow hashtags like #gymnastics. some twins finish each other’s sentences, marcos and alejandro ponce lópez (@impact.brothers ) finish each other’s flips. after seeing break dancers perform in their hometown 14 years ago, the duo from torre del mar, spain, dedicated their lives to becoming professional acrobats. what’s been their biggest #gymnastics accomplishment to date? “everything we have learned has been self-taught. hand to hand [where one performer, balancing on the hands of the other performer, does a handstand], was very complicated for us, since it is a very complex discipline. we have some friends who know this discipline. one day we were lucky to meet with them, and in a few hours they explained several tricks. after that, we practiced each day to achieve that movement.”

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Photo by @davidcrunelle an eye-catching play of patterns, spotted in a kyoto train station #whpclassic

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Photo by @malarcos mar alarcos (@malarcos ) plays up the historic architecture and design inside a munich theater for this #whpclassic submission.

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